5 Methods For Milking The Male G-Spot

5 Methods for Milking The Male G-Spot

Do men have a G-Spot? You know, the sexual kind of trigger button that when hit properly, can bring them a taste of heaven.

menAccording to many, there is no such thing as male g-spot, so men should stop pretending and acting like something more than the penis deserves attention.

On the other hand, some say that men have it, too, hidden in there somewhere. In fact, it goes by the name, prostate, and it can do a lot of wonderful things for men.

Prostate massaging, also called prostate milking, is done for either sexual stimulation or medical reasons.

Tantric philosophy also considers the man’s sacred spot as an emotional sex center that is capable of releasing emotional and physical stress, especially when done in the right way.

Are you wondering how prostate milking works? Still not sure how to do it right? Then here are five methods to hit your g-spot the right way.

1. Preparation Is Key

first few minutesDo you often go in the battlefield unprepared? Of course not, right? Otherwise, you will kill yourself during the first few minutes of combat and wasted all your time training for something.

The same goes with milking the g-spot, or in any intimate activities. You need to prepare to make sure you will simply enjoy the experience.

To start, make sure the receiver is clean. Prostate massage means inserting a finger or other object into the anus. Therefore, make sure you release those toxins inside first before anything else, since prostate milking can make you feel the need to poop. Plus, you don’t want to go to the bathroom to do a number two while in the middle of something, right? You can make use of store-bought enema if you need an extra push.

Aside from this, the giver should wear latex surgical gloves to protect the delicate anal membranes from rough skin and sharp fingernails. In this case, having a water-based lube on hand can be the giver’s best friend. The good thing about using gloves is that it can work well and easily glide with it compared to exposed skin.

You can also take a hot shower or give each other a massage to help you relax. This helps you take your mind off things and reduce any anxiety, if any. After all, not everyone can do this so it’s really taking a step further.

2. Fingers vs. Probes

FingersMilking the male g-spot requires something inserted into the rectum, at least four to five inches long. There are two available means to milk the male G-spot – using fingers or an anal probe.

Between the two, fingers are common because for one, they are accessible and readily available and two, they are free. All you have to worry about is how to lubricate so they can easily go inside the anus.

Plus, you need to make they are flexible enough to insert deep enough. At the same time, don’t forget to cut your nails and wash your hands in case you’re using this option.

On the other hand, you can also use a probe to facilitate the process. Probes have rounded tips and smooth surfaces such as drumsticks, dildos or specialized massage probes for prostate. The good thing about commercial massage probes is that they match the inside form of the anus to make prostate massage easier. They also come with a mechanism that massages the muscles in the perineum area to help them relax.

When you use a probe, make sure to clean it thoroughly with hot water and a disinfectant that is not irritating to the skin. Cleanliness is very important at this point, so don’t underestimate this.

3. Prostate Milking Position: Face To Face

Now that you’ve established the instrument you will use for milking your g-spot and have prepared enough for the process, it’s now time for some action.

There are many ways on how you can milk the g-spot. However, certain positions will make it easier for the giver to facilitate the process and make it more pleasurable for you. The basic and most effective position to do this is by facing each other.

Here is the step-by-step procedure on how to do prostate massage in this position:

1. After taking your clothes off, find a comfortable seating position. For more comfort, put pillows behind your back, allowing you to recline by about 45 to 65 degrees. On the other hand, the giver should be in a position where she can have access to your genitals without blocking the view.

2. Next, your girl should massage your area down there, starting from the abdomen then down to, well, you know where. She can also give you head to set the mood and help you relax more. Make sure to maintain eye contact at this stage and show how much you are having fun.

3. Once you’re aroused, it’s time to do the actual prostate milking. Your girl should slip on the glove and lubricate your anus. Do not rush the lubrication process since it is impossible for you to get wet down there. Start with circular motions to stroke the anal opening. Never, ever poke the anus.

4. As soon as the nervous rosebud is relaxed, the giver should work its way inside as gentle as possible. With the help of lubrication, the giver must insert her finger inside the anus once it is ready.

Still, this doesn’t mean the giver can already do anything she wants. Just let the anal sphincters get used to the foreign object first before moving the finger in and out.

5. Look for, then massage the prostate. Once the finger is deep inside the anus, the giver should crook its finger upward until she spots the roundish to oblong protrusion inside, which is about two inches long.

6. The giver should apply pressure on the g-spot to produce different sensations. At this point, the giver can also give you a hand job for increased sensation and pleasure or you can even do this on your own. The giver can also rhythmically move the finger in and out to stimulate the nerve endings surrounding the anus. Milking the prostate at this stage is also possible so, don’t be surprised when there is gentle flow of semen.

If your partner is not comfortable using her finger, then using a probe can also help. Of course, the best thing about this position is that there is greater intimacy. You can look at each other’s eyes and the giver can easily tell if you are having fun or not.

4. Prostate Milking Position: Facing Away From The Giver

bedAnother way of doing this is by facing away from the giver. There may be no eye contact involved but this position is perfect of the giver, thanks to the view you are giving her.

The procedure is still the same. However, the difference lies on the position. Instead of sitting down comfortably with your back elevated, this time, you have to kneel with your knees apart, your buttocks elevated and your elbows on top of a firm surface.

You can do this in the bed or even in cushioned floor mat so it is much more stable.

On the other hand, the giver kneels or sits behind you for easy access and perfect view of your behind. At the same time, this will be easier for her to stimulate and provide pleasure on your manhood. Once you are both in position, do all the steps mentioned above.

Yes, it’s still a win-win situation.

5. Relax And Enjoy

Prostate milking is a delicate process that requires extra care and caution. However, once you and your partner are able to master the techniques, this can be an easy and pleasurable one.

Relax And EnjoyIn the meantime, just relax and enjoy the whole process. It may seem weird and uncomfortable at first, since something foreign is inside your anus.

However, once your partner is able to hit the right spots, you will surely enjoy the experience and ask for more.

The important thing to do is to relax. Let go of your inhibitions and think of this as a pleasurable and rewarding experience. If you are too tensed up down there, your muscles will tend to become tense as well, making it difficult for your partner’s finger to go in and work on that g-spot. Hence, it is important to employ relaxation techniques before you start with the process to help relax your muscles, too.

At the same time, take it slow. Your butt will send signals that it’s not yet ready for some action. Take it easy and more importantly, don’t force it.

Milking the male g-spot has a lot of benefits. It makes your anal center more sensitive since the anus and genital area are connected via sensitive nerve endings, and hits your hidden penis, which can bring a lot of pleasure and sensation.

You are also on mental and psychological high because of the pleasure you receive and well, the ejaculation is really something you will never forget.

So, are you ready to milk your g-spot? Just follow these simple tricks and you will surely ask for it every time.

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