5 Key Questions Men Are Afraid to Ask About Adult Toys  


Sex toys are gaining in popularity. Much to the chagrin of tantric lovers everywhere, sex toys open up doors that couples never even knew existed. In fact, sex toys can be preferable for solo acts, as well.

womenWhile sex toys are more and more common, they certainly are nothing new. In fact, women have reportedly been experimenting with them for decades,
even though the old school of thought was that women should be rather coy about their sex toy experiences.

However, gradually women are now speaking out about their sex toy knowledge, and men are pretty thrilled to listen.

In a recent study, the findings show that men are just as excited, if not more, about sex toys as women are. With this newborn enthusiasm comes myriads of questions; however, fear not. We are here to answer all of your commonly asked sex toy questions, guys.

Common Questions Men Have But Won’t Ask About Sex Toys

In case you tend to be a little bashful or don’t know where to ask, here is a list of common questions that men have but are afraid to ask in regards to sex toys:

1. Will Sex Toys Replace Me?

questionThis has to be the most concerning question for men everywhere.

Naturally, the first thought when you hear about your woman masturbating is that you are no longer needed, right? Many men assume that her exploring with sex toys means that she does not want you to partake.

However, you need to stop listening to your ego and listen to what women have to say, instead. It should be music to your ears to hear that your woman is tinkering with sex toys, but instead of feeling like second best, get in on the fun.

That’s right. We guarantee that your partner would love to include you in on the experimentation. The second that you hear about your partner is testing out some adult toys, you should be asking when you can get in on the fun.

If you have never tried it, then we are certain that you will have a blast in the bedroom with your partner, sex toys and all.

2. Is There Something Wrong With Me?

self-consciousIf you are not the kind of guy that lets his ego get in the way, then you might be a little more on the self-conscious side.

Anyone who tends to be a little self-conscious will more than likely wonder if there is something wrong with them sexually.

This is a bit of an extension to the first question. Since some men might assume that their woman no longer needs or wants them, they might then consider the thought that they were doing something wrong in the bedroom. It’s more than being replaced with the vibrator. This is the thought that you did something to deserve getting swapped with an adult toy.

Just because your female cohort is deciding to use adult toys, it does not mean that you have done anything wrong. Perhaps she wants to play around with making herself orgasm, or maybe she is gearing to go at times when you are unavailable. Do you know the best way to figure out why she is using sex toys? Just ask her.

It’s true. Communication truly is valuable. And,we are certain that you will get a clear answer. If she is letting you play with her, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about. On the other hand, if she is not letting you in the bedroom and tucking the vibrator in at night instead, then you might have a real problem on your hands.

3. Can I Use a Vibrator, Too?

So, once she lets you get in on the fun, you might be curious as to how this vibrator, or other sex toys for that matter, can work for you, too.

In fact, they absolutely can. Not clear of the physics? Prepare to let us rock your world.

Chances are that her vibrator is shaped like a penis, and that should not avert you from using it, if you would like to experiment a bit. There are plenty of ways for you to receive some enjoyment out of her toys. For example, you can run the vibrations along the head of your penis alone.

You should pay attention to the area just under the head, as this tends to be pretty sensitive. You can also run the vibrator along the shaft of your penis, and even explore down below the penis as well. If you have an open enough mind, just remember that the male G spot is located within the anus – just another fun fact for you.

The best part is that some adult toy companies create vibrators just for men. No longer are sex toys thought of as only female pleasure accouterments. No, sex toys are now for men and women alike and, you might want to take a look at some online offerings. You might like to know more about male sex toys, and that’s okay.

4. Are There Such Things As Male Sex Toys?

Sex ToysThe thought of using your woman’s vibrator to find some sexual stimulus might be a little too much for you.

But, what if we told you that there are vibrators created for men only? There are vibrators designed in the shape of a ring that you can slip over your penis.

In fact, you can even wear these during sex to pleasure both of you simultaneously.

Okay, so maybe a vibrator is not what you are looking for. There are plenty of other categories of male sex toys, though. There are toys designed to help you masturbate, and there are even toys to help make your penis larger.

Certainly, there is a toy for everyone, and remember that there is no type of person who uses sex toys. Sex toys are designed to stimulate nerves, and after all, we all have them.

5. How Can I Get My Woman To Use One?

So, chances are that by now you are completely sold on sex toys in the bedroom. You might have stumbled upon this article sporadically, and now you are wondering if your partner uses pleasurable toys or not.

Our advice is to just bring it up in casual conversation. What’s the worst that can happen? There are two possibilities.

Either she will be elated and want to get started right away, or she will shun you forever and possibly inflict some form of bodily harm on you. There is, of course, an in between option, as well.

Some women might want to try, but they will feel a little embarrassed or bashful about it. You know your partner best. If you are with a woman who tends to be rather introverted and shy in the bedroom, then help her become more confident.

All women can benefit from the act of self-pleasure and using sex toys. In case she needs some coercion, here is our list of reasons why she should go out and buy sex toys:

  • Flying Solo: Sex toys are the perfect opportunity to release a little steam if your partner isn’t ready. Let her know that she can start in the privacy of her own room or bathtub.
    Sex toys are a great way to have a little fun on your own. This is especially beneficial if you two have quite conflicting schedules.

Think of it as a bit of sex homework, if you will. The two of you come up with things for her to try, and she plays while you are away.

  • You Learn More About Your Body:Vibrators with clitoral stimulation can be particularly helpful for a woman who has difficulty reaching an orgasm. Since every woman’s body is different, and since you can’t determine exactly how she is feeling, she is really the only person who can help herself.

Playing around with a vibrator helps a woman learn where her particular hot spots are within and around the vagina. There is the deep G spot, the sensitive inner vaginal walls, and of course the clitoris.

Most women require some clitoral stimulation to reach an orgasm, and perhaps your partner needs an exact combination of a few different things.

Once she learns her own methods and techniques, she can then share them with you. This is beneficial because it keeps you from feeling discouraged if you cannot help her reach her climax.

  • It Can Spice Up Your Sex Lives: Can you imagine the new uncharted territory you and your partner can explore with a sex toy in the bedroom? Vibrators are not the only option, as there are plenty others, as well. If she is never really looked at any, then visit an online store together and peruse.
  • Help Her Relax: She might feel a little shy or tense abou
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