4 Exciting Benefits Of Exercise For Your Man Parts

Sex is good, definitely. It gives you a different kind of pleasure plus, it comes with a lot of health benefits, too. However, having sex means using a lot of tiny muscles that you don’t normally use during the day, unless you are a gigolo or a wrestler or sex is an everyday activity for you.

Of course, having sex is fun and the thought of humping and grinding and spilling out those juices are one of the best things in the world.

Sure, you love getting some action, but the question is, are you physically fit to sustain the momentum in bed? Don’t you ever worry about pulling something, or getting fatigued during the heat of the moment?

And this is where exercise comes in. If you have been MIA in the gym lately, then these four reasons will definitely put you back in action – health-wise and physical-wise. Believe it or not, it can do wonders in your man parts, too.

1. Exercise Lowers The Risk Of Erectile Dysfunction.

Sorry guys. As much as you want to put your man down there into good use, there will always be a time when getting it up is just so hard, you would rather kill yourself, because it’s easier. And no, you can’t blame old age, because even guys in 20’s can experience a non-cooperative penis. The truth is you can blame it on many other factors, such as obesity, medical issues, low T levels and even the lack of exercise.

Not to burst your bubble here but yes, regular exercise can increase your chances of consistently being able to get it up.

ExerciseEven the doctors from Harvard School of Public Health agree that exercise helps open up the arteries in your body to keep your heart healthy and happy.

At the same time, working out can increase your blood flow down there, which is very important, because your manhood can’t stand up strong and firm without the much-needed blood pulsing into it.

But this doesn’t mean you should spend the rest of your day lifting weights and running on the treadmill. That’s just plain crazy, because you have a life, too, unless you’re a couch potato or a son of a rich billionaire who doesn’t need to work. Moderate levels of exercise like a 30-minute walk every day, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator can lower your risk of ED. Even something as simple as Kegel exercises, which you can do while watching television, can already do wonders for you down there.

Aside from this, don’t you think it’s about time to lose that bulging belly, so you can finally see your guy down there? You probably miss seeing him, right?

2. Exercise Can Improve Your Semen Quality, Which Can Be Useful For Baby Making.

Most of your kind are afraid of kids. It can be hard to imagine yourself changing diapers, or washing a baby’s butt full of poop, or waking up in the middle of the night with a child crying incessantly for reasons you can’t understand, after all.

Sure, it’s a woman thing to take care of babies and men are genetically programmed to provide for the family, but don’t you think you have to do your part, too? And that includes contributing more than just your sperm.

have your own familySpeaking of sperm, you will come to a point where you’ll want to settle down and have your own family. It doesn’t matter whether your long-time girlfriend is pressuring you to walk down the aisle, or you just feel there is a need because you realized that all your friends are no longer available for a late night drink, mainly because they have finally started families of their own.

When it comes to kids, you’re going to need the highest quality sperm to make one. And no, don’t rely too much on the sex position, because the health and count of your sperm is also a main factor to get that bun in the oven. Based on a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, men who worked out at least 15 hours a week have a higher sperm count than those who chose to slack around.

So, if you are the type of guy who would consider lifting a remote control or putting food in your mouth as a form of exercise, then you have lesser chances of getting a woman pregnant, not to mention a lower sperm count compared to those who exercise.

Sure, that’s fine until you’re 30. But once you’re nearing the 40’s mark and you find yourself alone and living in your sister’s basement with no little rascal running around as the proud product of your “hard work,” you might regret not working out and choosing a remote control over running.

3. Exercise Can Improve The Symptoms Of BPH Or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia.

Have you heard of BPH or benign prostatic hyperplasia? If not, then don’t worry. So do 95 percent of all the men on this planet. Before your brain cells pop out thinking what the heck BPH is, in simple terms, it is enlarged prostate. If you are diagnosed with this type of illness, it will also mean more bonding time with the toilet due to frequent urination or having a weak stream.

BPH or benign prostatic hyperplasiaBut that’s not all. BPH and sex also hate each other, you might experience low sex drive, difficulty in keeping your guy up and worse, not enjoying sex.

Still, don’t worry. Running everyday for twenty minutes or riding your bike that’s been sitting on your basement for ten years can make boatload of difference.

Based on a study published in the Journal of Urology, men who spend more time getting physically active can cut their risks of urinary tract symptoms by 50 percent.

Apparently, there is no one-size-fits all type of exercise for an enlarged prostate. Rather, experts suggest getting thirty minutes of solid exercise each day, excluding lifting a remote control and feeding yourself, which can improve symptoms of BPH.

If you are a workout newbie and spent most of your life sitting down and munching on a bag of Doritos every day, get up and break up your activity into ten or fifteen minute segments. Believe it or not, exercise won’t kill you, so get up and get moving. Plus, you have to use your man down there or you’ll lose it – and you surely don’t want that.

4. Exercise Can Make You Fit For The Bedroom, For You And Your Partner’s Pleasure.

This is the most exciting part. For sure you are tired of hearing about semen quality, erectile dysfunction, benign prostatic hyperplasia and whatever penis-related maladies exist.

But hey, at least you are learning something new, right? And aside from addressing these issues, one of the best benefits of working out is keeping you fit and healthy for the bedroom.

For sure your partner will love you for who you are, love handles included. She won’t tell you bluntly but deep down, she wishes that you are as hot as Ryan Reynolds or David Beckham or at least somewhere in that zone. Keep this in mind: women are still concerned with physical appearance in as much as they care about love, trust, security and all those relationship factors needed to keep you two going. So, stop fooling yourself that your girl accepts you for who you are.  

And it’s not just about the muscle factor that makes you hot in the eyes of women. It’s also about yourself and your health. If you don’t exercise regularly and say no to crunches most of the time, you will feel soreness in your lower abdominals and hip flexors after humping. Even if you do it the missionary position, you might feel soreness in your chest muscles. This means you might not be able to keep up with your girl, especially when she wants to go on another round.

Apparently, exercise is not just about lasting longer in bed. It’s also about helping you feel more confident about yourself and keeping you energized in and out of the bedroom, which can also improve your sex life.

If you feel good about yourself and how your partner sees you physically, you are more relaxed and less distracted, hence better sex – and a better relationship, too.

So what can you do? Stop making excuses and work out more. And don’t just focus on one form of training alone. If you can, combine strength, cardio and flexibility training for a well-rounded exercise regimen. This will give you that abs to die for and big, strong muscles that will surely make a girl swoon. Plus, it means better endurance and stamina in bed too. After all, nobody wants panting and huffing and puffing after just one round of sex.

But if you are looking for additional ways to super-charge your sex drive, try adding a natural supplement like ProSolution pills to your daily routine. It is an all natural, doctor recommended male enhancement supplement that gives you more than just extra blood in your penis. It also prepares you physically and mentally to give you a superior sexual performance, while making sure that you have bigger and longer lasting erections and impressive stamina in bed.

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