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Apr 22

Secrets on How to Last Longer in Bed for Men Finally Revealed

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Most men are conscious about two things: sexual performance and penis size. You may not admit it, but secretly, you typed “how to last longer in bed for men,” so you can last longer and make your partner happy. After all, a recent survey shows that the average sex session, sans foreplay only lasts 7.3 minutes, and you both want it to last far longer.

women want longerIn case you are wondering how long does the average male last in bed, it’s three to seven minutes. This could be an issue since women want longer than that. Is there a way to fix this situation? The answer is yes.

Stick around and read until the end,because here are 16 how to last longer in bed for men tips and ways to avoid coming up short when time matters most.You’re welcome.

1. Let’s Talk About Men, Sex and Numbers

Fine, you have not yet moved on from the 7.3 minutes of average sex session. Apparently, there are more numbers you need to know to help you understand the situation better.

Why the Numbers Don’t Lie

Here are some interesting facts on sex by the numbers:

  • pillsThe average duration of sex is 7.3 minutes, which is four minutes shorter than women’s ideal time.
  • 84 percent of men between 25 and 29 are willing to take matters in their own hands. This could be useful, especially if you want to know how to last longer in bed for men without pills.
  • Men are likely to receive oral sex from their partners than to give it, with the exception of men aged 18 to 24 years old.
  • The use of condom is higher on younger guys between 14 and 17 years old, with a steady decline of condom usage as you age.

Now that you are acquainted with numbers, below is every man’s guide to last longer in bed.

2. Increase Your Alone Time and Learn to Control Your Orgasm

How often do you masturbate? If you are not getting some alone time, then you should include “masturbation” in your list of to do’s.

Here’s why: you teach yourself to control your orgasm.

Increase Your Alone TimeWhen you masturbate, you learn the art of edging. This is where you teach yourself to get close to orgasm then stop and bring yourself back down. This way, you are able to control when you want to ejaculate and eventually help you last longer in bed.

Here’s an advice: don’t do it all the time. The problem with masturbating too much is that you might get used to a certain sensation using your own hands. There is a possibility that your man down south won’t cooperate when the need arises e.g. your partner is around ready for some action. Take it easy with your alone time. Don’t forget to lock the door.

3. Kegel Exercises for Men: Every One-Minute Man’s Best Friend in the Sex Department

You often associate Kegel exercises with women, particularly post-pregnant women. It helps them get their uterus back to its normal shape.

Did you know that this exercise could help you a lot in lasting longer inside the bedroom?

exerciseAccording to a study carried out by experts from Sapienza University of Rome, pelvic floor exercises could help you with lifelong premature ejaculation. In the said study, experts found that consistent pelvic floor exercises for 12 weeks increased ejaculation time from an average of 31.7 seconds to 146.2 seconds.

How to do Kegels the right way:

  • Locate your PC muscles, or the muscles you use to stop urination.
  • Contract these muscles for five seconds.
  • Do this 10 times per set, three times a day.

The best part is you can do the exercise anytime, anywhere, and no one will even notice.

4. Deep Breathing: A Simple but Effective Way to Control Ejaculation

YogaHave you tried Yoga or meditation techniques? There are various deep breathing exercises taught in these practices, which could home in handy inside the bedroom. The good news is you don’t have to enroll in classes just to learn this technique. All you have to do is:

  • From heavy breathing, shift to deep breathing.
  • While still in deep breathing mode, inhale for three seconds then exhale in five.
  • Do this for five minutes without breaking the pattern.

The good thing about this technique is that it helps you relax before you get into action. This will also lower your arousal arc to help you last longer. If it helps, then do deep breathing together with your partner, five minutes before you start with your sexy session.

This is just the beginning. There’s plenty of techniques on how to last longer for men sans the pills so make sure you’ll keep reading until the end.

5. Get Out of Your Own Head: Say Goodbye to Being a Two-Second Tom

stressThere are various reasons why you are always ahead of the game. It could be stress, financial issues, and relationship problems. Apart from this, there is another common issue haunting men and it is called performance anxiety.

Performance anxiety is a situation where you are constantly wondering if you are doing it right, or if your partner is having fun, or how you look without clothes, and other worries that are getting in the way of your performance.

In case performance anxiety is haunting you, here are some things you can do to help you last longer:

  • Go back to deep breathing exercises.
  • Learn to incorporate anxiety reducers such as working out or reconnecting with a hobby.
  • Stop and focus on how everything feels inside your body, including the feelings your body is producing for you.
  • Talk about your fears and worries with your partner to make you more secure and comfortable.
  • Take your time in sex.

6. Introduce Changes in Your Usual Sexual Techniques

Sexual TechniquesLet’s say you already the mastered the art of sex according to your own version. In fact, these techniques you established are so effective that it worked every time.

Here’s the thing: there is a possibility that your mastered technique will put you down and may not work the next time you plan to do it.

How do you remedy the situation? Change up your usual techniques and try something else. You can start with foreplay then tease her by getting inside her. After a few push and pull movements, focus on other areas of her body. This will surely blow her away.

However, don’t limit yourself to what happens inside the bedroom. By introducing changes in the routine, this means switching things up like sex in the morning or afternoon delight in case you always do it at night. Or do the deed in other areas in your house instead of the usual bedroom.

7. Stop or Squeeze When You’re on the Edge of Glory

This is the problem among men. When you are about to reach that big O, instead of pulling it out, you decide to give in and let your orgasm fill the room. That’s unfair, especially if your ladylove didn’t get hers yet. What if you found out that there are two common techniques that could help you delay ejaculation, would you go for it?

Yes, you might even find these techniques in Yahoo’s how to last longer in bed for men articles. These are called stop-and-start and the squeeze method, which work best in delaying your big O, so you could last longer. Seeing questions like how to last longer in bed for men yahoo answers and Google is all too common, so don’t feel embarrassed to want to know how, as so many guys do.

Mastering the Stop and Start Method

Here is how to use the stop and start method effectively:

  • simply stoppingOnce you are about to climax, stop the stimulation. You can do this by pulling it out in a less obvious manner if you are inside her or simply stopping if by manual stimulation.
  • In the meantime, focus on her sources of pleasure so your partner won’t notice what’s going on. You can also rub the head of your penis on her vagina to keep her aroused.
  • When the sensation died down, get back to business.
  • Do this until you are ready to let out the big O.

Using the Squeeze Method

Here’s how to use the squeeze method:

  • Stimulate yourself until you are close to ejaculation.
  • When you are about to come, squeeze the area between your shaft and glans for 30 seconds, or at least until the sensation dies down.
  • Do this again to teach your body and identify the sensation involved in this method.

In case you don’t want these techniques, read the next section and find out what else you can do to make you last longer without getting her frustrated.

8. Follow Usher’s Advice: Take Things Inside the Bedroom Nice and Slow

slow things downYou heard Usher sang it, “I just wanna take it nice and slow.”

Listen to it again and you get the picture. Instead of hammering your way in and going fast as if you are in a race, why not slow things down and take your time inside the bedroom. Even Yahoo answers from “how to last longer in bed for men” question will give you the same tip, and here’s why:

  • Leads to more connected and intimate experience, which is more pleasurable.
  • More sensual, which will surely keep your partner’s arousal level in its highest state.
  • Helps you last longer in bed.

The bottom line is to enjoy the journey that leads to your destination, which is orgasm. There is no need to rush things. Slow down and savor the moment.

This leads you to the next tip on how to last longer in bed naturally free.

9. Give Her an O Earlier Than You Do and Make Her Happy

Let me tell you something about penetration: it speeds things up for you – and this is what you are trying to avoid. Once you are able to let that big O, there is a possibility that your man down south won’t cooperate the way you want it, too.

Give Her an OHere’s what you can do: let her come early. Make her orgasm during foreplay. The good thing about this strategy is that it puts you both in a relaxed state and increases the chances of finishing together.

Here are tips to make her orgasm even without getting it in:

  • Invest at least three minutes in kissing to lower her stress levels.
  • Pay attention to other erogenous parts of her body like neck.
  • Stroke and caress her down there without taking off her underwear.
  • Don’t forget her clitoris, although take it easy on stroking it since this is a sensitive area.

10. Go for the Right Condom to Help You Last Longer in Bed

Condoms are designed for a two-fold purpose:

  • Reduces your risk of contracting sexually transmitted disease.
  • Prevents unwanted pregnancy.

However, condoms can be used for another purpose, which could help you last longer in bed.

condomsRegular condoms help minimize sensation down south. Apparently, there is another type of condom that aims to address ejaculation issues and as a result, increases your time inside the bedroom.

Say hello to condoms with benzocaine.

Benzocaine is a type of local anesthetic, which numbs the nerve endings in your skin. Once worn, it decreases your sexual sensation and brings your response to sex and arousal in a more manageable level.

Make sure you use the condom during your solo session so you have an idea how it feels and if it will work when the need arises.

Aside from condoms with benzocaine, there is another numbing agent you might want to consider, which you will find out in the next section.

11. Promescent: Desensitizing the World One Penis at a Time

Numbing creams could be a good option to prevent premature ejaculation and make you last longer in bed. The problem with this technique is that most numbing creams are not FDA-approved. This means there is a possibility that you might be doing more harm than good to your body, especially your man down south.

creamsHere comes Promescent, a FDA-approved medication to help you handle issues down there. Promescent is a topical spray with lidocaine, which you spray on your penis 10 minutes before the intended sexual activity. As a result, it desensitizes your penis so you can better manage your sensations during the act itself.

In case you are wondering, Promescent could give you up to one hour of ejaculation control, which is not bad. The best part is you don’t have to worry about desensitizing your partner too since it doesn’t have an effect on her.

12. Lay Off the Meat and Watch What You Eat

Have you always been a steak and potatoes type of guy? If yes, how is your stamina inside the bedroom? If you noticed that your stamina is losing supply every time you have sex, then you need to reconsider your food options.

According to a study published in Yale Medical Journal, vegetarians have more stamina in bed compared to meat eaters. Still, this doesn’t mean you should skip eating meat. After all, your body needs protein for energy. It’s all about choosing the right meat, specifically lean and loin portions.

Aside from lean meat, here are other food choices you should add in your diet to help you last longer in bed:

  • FruitsFruits
  • Vegetables
  • Wheat germ
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Olive oil
  • Oysters

Adding these foods in your diet not only boosts your endurance in bed but also your overall health. This could make you last longer too, and it’s a good thing.

13. Open the Kama Sutra and Reconsider Your Sex Positions

Fact: there are more than 10, 20, or even 30 sex positions you can do with your girl. These positions could give different sensations and bring out the flexibility in you and your girl.

Did you know that there are positions that could help you last longer in bed?

Most of the techniques mentioned above will surely help so you could last longer and avoid any frustrations inside the bedroom. However, how you do it could spell the difference too. Here are some sex positions you should try to prolong ejaculation:

  • Perpendicular – This is where you press the top of your shaft against her vulva at 90-degree angle. Instead of using your penis for penetration, you use it to rub against her clitoris, as if your member is a sex toy.
  • Woman on TopWoman on Top – The good thing about this position is that the woman is able to control the depth, pace, and pressure. She is also able to pay attention on how you will respond to her stimulation so she could slow down. Don’t be afraid to be honest with her so you could both enjoy the experience.
  • Spooning – The shallow entry makes sure that you won’t be over-stimulated, thereby helping a man last longer in bed. Simply lie behind your partner facing the same direction, although a bit below her so you could enter.
  • Coital Alignment Technique – This is a variation of the famous missionary position. Although this position doesn’t exactly help you last longer, it increases the chances for your partner to reach climax through direct clitoral stimulation. To do this, do the missionary position, lower yourself to maintain contact between your bodies and move forward.

In relation to sex position, below is the position you should consider skipping.

14. The Doggy Style: Speeding Things Up Inside the Bedroom

great for quickiesYou want to take over and in control. Plus, you love the view of her waist and butt that are curved perfectly. Who wouldn’t get turned on with that?

That’s the problem. If you want to last longer, then consider other positions, such as what were mentioned above. Dog style is great for quickies, which is something you don’t need especially if you want to last longer in bed.

In case you prefer this method, then check out the tip in the next section to help you delay orgasm.

15. Don’t Go Deep: Using the 7 and 9 Technique

Do you want to know the surefire way to orgasm early? Go deep. Apparently, this is not what you want. Deep thrusting leads to quick orgasm – and that is not the aim of this post.

To last longer in bed, penetrate on the lower portion of her vagina or make shallow thrusts. You can also alternate shallow and deep thrusts to make the experience more fun.

Another technique is the 7 and 9 method. In this method, count seven fast in and out strokes followed by nine slow in and out strokes. This rhythm is good for you so you could last longer and at the same time, good for her to establish a rhythm to keep her stimulated.

16. It’s All in Your Mind: Stop Thinking About That Orgasm

OrgasmMost people think that the end goal of sex is to let out that big O. Fine. Orgasm is the ultimate goal and the reason why you are doing it.

Here’s the thing: it’s not just about orgasm. Sex is also about enjoying the journey, which means stimulating each other’s body through various means. Therefore, stop thinking about orgasm and focus on the deed itself. There is pressure to experience climax, which causes you to speed things up in bed.

After all, sex is not defined by how many times you climaxed in order for it to be good or what happened during the 7.3 minutes. Once you stop thinking about orgasm, you are able to slow things down, enjoy the experience, and focus on the sensations involved in sex. You will be surprised with how much longer you can withhold ejaculation if you focus on these things instead of thinking about orgasm all the time.

Some Fascinating Final Words

No man wants to be called as “One Minute Man” or “Two Second Tom.” Pills could help, but as much as possible, you want to keep it natural to ensure your optimal health, as well. As far as how to last longer in bed for men pills can be a solution – to a degree.

In case you are having issues in the ejaculation department, these 16 techniques on how to last longer in bed for men will surely help you prolong sensation and getting off too early during the session.

Choose a technique from this list and see how it works.

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Apr 09

Discover How to Increase Sex Drive with Sex Power Food

By owner | Articles

They say you are what you eat. In fact, all of the experts will agree in saying that how and what you eat will define and has a huge impact in your sexual health.

You’ve been told that oysters are the best sex power food to keep your man up and running. Apparently, if you want to put that sizzle and spice back into your sex life, then you have to go past the oysters and consider this sex power increasing tips by eating other libido-enhancing foods. The best part is this is good for your health, too.

Are you ready to re-claim your title inside the bedroom? Here are 17 sex power foods you need to include in your boost your sex power diet:

1. A Tiny Tree That Delivers Huge Sex Powers

BroccoliYou know about the importance of leafy greens in your diet. Perhaps, your partner even told you to stock up on greens to keep you healthy. When it comes to greens, here is something you should add in your pantry: broccoli.

Broccoli is rich in vitamin C, a component that aids in blood circulation, especially in vital areas in your body. Since an erection relies heavily on proper blood flow, a serving of broccoli could help you a lot in increasing your sex drive.

Have it sautéed, mix it with veggies, eat it raw, or have it alongside your favorite meal for a big bedroom boost.

Here’s the thing: broccoli shares the spot with other leafy green when it comes to building your sex power capsule. As to what the other leafy greens are, is something you will find out in the succeeding sections.

2. Be as Strong as Popeye Inside the Bedroom

There is a reason why Olive Oil can’t let go of Popeye even if there is a stronger, bigger and more muscular man around like Bluto. Once Popeye gets his supply of spinach, Olive can’t help but get down on her knees and fall in love with him.

You may not have instant biceps and sudden strength just like Popeye, but the truth is, spinach is among the healthiest foods you can give your body. This leafy green is rich in magnesium, a mineral known to decrease inflammation in your blood vessels. This leads to better blood flow, especially down south, which triggers a strong arousal. This makes your erections and orgasms come more naturally, which leads to a more pleasurable sex.

A Quick and Easy Spinach Recipe

On medium heat, warm one tablespoon of olive oil in a large skillet.

  • Add a bag of spinach leaves, which is usually 10 ounces.
  • Let it cook for five minutes.
  • Season with salt and a bit of Parmesan cheese.
  • Serve with your favorite dish.

3. An Arousal Aid and Sex Drive Booster You Shouldn’t Miss

In case you are looking for another leafy green vegetable to add in your diet, you might like this one: arugula.

Since the first century, arugula is used not just in the kitchen but also inside the bedroom because of its aphrodisiac properties. However, that’s not what makes this leafy green extra special.

Arugula is rich in antioxidants, vitamin A and vitamin C, which block your body’s absorption of environmental contaminants that negatively affect your libido. This leads to better blood flow in important areas, thereby promoting a healthier libido.

Arugula Salad

There are many ways you can add arugula in your diet. Still, it won’t hurt if you try this simple salad recipe first.

 Lay arugula in a serving bowl.

  • Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil, juice from half of a lemon, and salt and pepper to taste.
  • Top the salad with thin slices of Parmigiano cheese.

4. A Silent Libido Booster Inside the Bedroom – Except for the Crunch

Admit it. When you think of sex power foods, the first things that come to your mind are oysters or anything spicy. Apparently, there are tons of surprising sex power foods for men, which you will learn in the succeeding sections.

One of these power foods is celery.

celeryCelery may be the last thing in your list, but believe it or not, this is an excellent source food to keep you sexually stimulated.

This is because celery contains androsterone, a type of odorless hormone your body releases through perspiration.

Here comes the best part: it turns women on.

The best way to eat celery is to eat it raw. Simply wash it in running water, cut some, and fill your tummy. You can add this in your smoothies, soups and stews, too, in case you don’t like the taste of it in its raw form.

5. This Ugly Food Will Save Your Sexy Day

Here’s a fun fact: Aztecs called avocado the name, testicles, and the tree as a testicle tree because of its physical shape. Although it does look like a man’s testicles, there is another reason why you should add this long time sex food for men in your daily diet.

Avocadoes are rich in unsaturated fats, which are good not just for your heart, but also your arteries. Once your heart is healthy, your erection capabilities and overall sex life are likewise healthy because blood keeps flowing freely in all the right areas.

That’s not all. Avocado is rich in potassium, folic acid and vitamin B6, which are all important in hormone regulation. At the same time, these components enhance your body’s sexual energy and overall sexual health.

AvocadoThere are many ways you can enjoy avocado. You can eat it as is on toast or add a few scoops in your sandwich, or make your own avocado smoothie. If you plan to use it inside the bedroom, scoop the insides of avocado using your fingers and ask your lady love to lick it. This will surely add excitement inside the bedroom.

We’re just getting started. Keep reading to learn about the other sex power foods that will surely boost not just your sex drive, but also your overall health. By feeling good overall, you’ll have much more fun in the bedroom.

6. Your Secret Weapon Against Low Libido

Avocado is one of the excellent sources of good fats without blocking your arteries and increasing your risk of heart condition. Unfortunately, avocado all day is not enough. After all, you need nutrition and energy to keep you going especially inside the bedroom.

For your protein fix that is not too hard on your heart, fatty fishes are your best choices.

Cold water fish like tuna, salmon and sardines are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Aside from keeping your heart in tiptop shape, fatty fish raises the dopamine levels in your brain, too. When there is ample supply of dopamine in your body, you feel more relaxed and connected to your partner, thereby making sex more fun and pleasurable.

Yes, dopamine also improves circulation and blood flow, which leads to a strong arousal. Now, that is an excellent sex power food. It is easy to incorporate in your diet, too. Just bake it until fork-tender or toss it on the grill for a few minutes.

7. Go Crazy and Nuts With Big Sexual Benefits

Fatty fishFatty fish are excellent sources of essential fatty acids. Apparently, it is not alone in the top sex drive spot. In case you are looking for sources of fatty acids to encourage healthy production of hormone, then nuts could be another alternative.

To enjoy this libido food, make sure to eat it raw and unsalted. It could be good tummy filler too, especially when work is slowly taking a toll in your energy or you are stuck in traffic. You can also crush almonds and other nuts and add them to your salads for an extra crunch.

8. Never Mind the Shape: A Fruit That is a Surefire Libido Booster

The joke may be on the banana because of its resemblance to a man’s penis. In fact, this is the reason why sex education classes use this fruit in teaching young men how to wear a condom.

Here’s the thing: if you look past its shape, you will realize that the banana comes with tons of benefits to keep your man down there happy. This is because this sex power food contains bromelain, a mixture of enzymes that helps increase your libido and reverse impotence.

Aside from this, this libido food is a good source of potassium and B vitamins, which boost your energy levels. This could definitely come in handy inside the bedroom.

Go ahead and eat one every morning. Make your own banana smoothie, or mix it with berries and Greek yogurt for an instant morning fix.

In case you ask, bananas are also a sex power food in Hindi.

9. A Funny Shaped Fruit With Not So Funny Sex Benefits

figsHow many times have you eaten figs in your entire life? If you haven’t considered eating this fruit at least once, then maybe you might reconsider, especially if you want to give your sexual health a boost.

What’s with figs that it deserved a spot in this list?

Figs had history of being an aphrodisiac and a fertility booster. At the same time, this fruit enhances the secretion of pheromones, which could come in handy if you want to attract women. More importantly, figs are rich in fiber that help fill you up but are not too heavy on your belly.

Try eating five figs before the action and you will see the difference down there.

10. Small But Mighty Seeds to Boost Your Sex Drive

In a world where the big, strong, and powerful men dominate, there will always be a David who could prove that small is definitely mighty – inside the bedroom. To prove that size doesn’t mean all that much, especially between the sheets, add pumpkin seeds to your daily diet. In fact, these seeds are among the top sex power food for man in Hindi and in other parts of the world, too.

You might be wondering why.

Pumpkin seedsPumpkin seeds are one of the best sources of tryptophan, a type of amino acid known to boost serotonin production in your brain. When there is enough supply of serotonin, it helps lift your moods and an effective pick me upper. It’s as if you are taking Prozac, which is a surprising sex power medicine, sans the side effects.

That’s not all. Pumpkin seeds are also a rich source of zinc, a mineral component that is vital in testosterone production.

You can sprinkle pumpkin seeds in your leafy green salads, garnish your baked salmon using these seeds for added crunch, or munch them on their own as a snack.

11. Keep Your Sex Drive Intact With a Slice of This Fruit on the Side

When it comes to summer drinks and snacks, you will surely find watermelon as part of the list. This is because this tropical fruit contains 92 percent water, which will surely keep you hydrated throughout the day.

What happened to the remaining eight percent? Believe it or not, the watermelon’s eight percent is filled with nutrients that aim to boost your sexual health.

watermelonAccording to the researchers at Texas A&M Fruit and Vegetable Improvement Center, watermelon is capable of providing natural enhancers to your body. In fact, the components this tropical fruit contains could deliver Viagra-like effects to your body by relaxing blood vessels and could increase your libido.

These components include:

  • Phytonutrients like beta carotene and lycopene, which have the ability to relax blood vessels.
  • Citrulline, also a phytonutrient that converts into arginine, which keeps your heart and circulation in tiptop shape.
  • Arginine, a type of amino acid that boosts nitric oxide that also relaxes your blood vessels.

The next time you head to the grocery or eat in a restaurant, go for watermelon. You’ll thank it later.

12. Power Up Your Day With This Protein on the Side

Let’s face it. Eggs are not the most sensual food on the list. Still, here is something you should know about eggs: they are the symbol of fertility and rebirth. At the same time, it could do a lot of wonders for your man down there. The question now is what’s with the egg?

EggsEggs are rich in vitamin B5 and B6, which help balance your hormone levels and combat stress – two components needed by your body to guarantee arousal. The surprising part is there are some men who eat raw chicken eggs before sex to maximize energy levels and ensure a cooperating libido.

Have it your way – scrambled, boiled, sunny side up, or poached. The important thing is to supply your body with this kind of sex power food first thing in the morning. If you want to add some sophistication in your eggs intake, have some caviar and a glass or two of champagne.

13. A Surefire Aphrodisiac in a Shell to Jump start Your Libido

Fine, a list of sex power improvement foods will never be complete without oysters in it. After all, it is among the most popular and most potent aphrodisiac ever known to man. However, it is important to understand what’s in oysters that make them a crowd favorite, at least in the bedroom department.

It’s all because of zinc.

This classic aphrodisiac is high in zinc, a mineral crucial in sperm and testosterone production. Zinc is also responsible for boosting growth hormones in your body, which you will need to enhance muscle growth and physical performance, both in and out of the bedroom. It also contains dopamine, a type of hormone known to lift your mood and boost your libido.

You can order a plate of oysters during your date night, or cook a batch at home if you prefer to stay indoors. In case you want to be playful with this libido-enhancing food, here’s what you can do:

  • Scrub and clean the shells to get rid of the dirt and bacteria.
  • Open the oysters and place them in a bed of ice.
  • Squeeze some fresh lemon and a bit of salt for added taste. You can also try the baked version by adding bits of garlic and a sprinkle of cheese on top.
  • Feed each other and enjoy the slippery sensation of sucking the oysters.

Believe it or not, the sensation is already enough to get you in the mood. Here is another sex power food that will surely get you in the mood.

14. A Closer Look at Your Surprising Best Friend Inside the Bedroom

Fine, the after taste and smell of garlic may require you to stock up on extra breath mints to keep your lady still turned on and excited. Don’t worry. It will be worth it.

You must be wondering why.

Garlic contains allicin, another ingredient proven to increase blood flow in your man down south. At the same time, research showed that garlic is good for the heart because of its capacity to lower your cholesterol levels and blood pressure, and reduce stickiness of the blood to keep the blood flowing normally. This favorite kitchen ingredient protects your blood vessel walls against damage, thereby minimizing blood clots.

GarlicThe effect: better blood flow, which leads to stronger arousal and a boost in your libido.

Let’s say you really can’t stand the taste and smell of garlic. That’s fine. There is a sex power capsule version available in drug stores or health food stores, so that is a good alternative. Otherwise, be generous in adding garlic in your meals.

15. This Sex Power Food Dates Back to Ancient Civilization

History showed that King Henry VIII of England used ginger to ward off the plague in the 16th century. Early accounts also revealed that ginger use dates back to early Indian and Chinese civilization.

However, ginger’s rich history is not what makes it extra special. It is the capacity to aid you down there that puts the point in the exclamation sign.

Here’s what ginger can do:

  • Aids in blood circulation.
  • Improves the health of your arteries.
  • Boosts your immune system to keep you healthy.
  • Acts as an effective libido enhancer.

If the recipe calls for it, make sure you will add ginger to your dish. You can also make a ginger tea by boiling a few slices of ginger root in two cups of water. There are ginger supplements available too, in case you are not a big fan of its taste.

Or, you can try this next sex power food.

16. This Drink Won’t Let You Down, Especially in Bed

green teaYou may often associate green tea with Chinese culture, and your girlfriend who is on a diet. At the same time, it is not the manliest drink available, so you do your best to stay away from it despite your partner’s pleading.

Let me tell you a secret about green tea: it could help you down there.

Green tea is rich in catechins, a type of compounds that not only suppresses body fat, but also speeds your liver’s capacity to turn fat into energy. Aside from this, catechins can also do the following to ensure that your man down there and your sex drive will cooperate when the situation calls for it:

  • Kills free radicals that could damage and inflame your blood vessels.
  • Increases the ability of your blood vessels to transport blood in the important sexual areas in your body.
  • Releases nitric oxide, thereby increasing the size of blood vessels for better blood flow.

This leads to better and stronger erections, and a libido that is not missing in action. Make sure to drink a cup of green tea every morning and you will see the difference.

17. A Smooth and Bittersweet Way to Increase Your Sex Drive

Good news, chocolate lovers. You now have a reason to munch on chocolate while keeping your man down there happy. It turns out that chocolate is not bad after all, at least when you go for the right kind.

cocoaChocolate, particularly dark chocolate, increases your dopamine and serotonin levels, also known as happy hormones and mood boosters. These hormones also lower your stress levels, a factor that affects not just your erection and libido but also your overall health.

That’s not all. The cocoa content is rich in antioxidants, which helps relax your blood vessels and increase blood flow in the arteries. The result: sufficient supply of blood in the right areas, particularly in your man down south.

Here’s the catch: you have to go for the dark version with at least 70 percent cocoa content. Otherwise, the milk chocolate version will only add pounds to your body – and the effects will slow you down and crush your libido.

There is no exact formula that will address your sex drive issues. However, these 17 sex power foods could help you jump start your libido and also your sex life. They will also make you healthier overall, so take a pick among these libido boosters and enjoy your journey towards a sexier, healthier you.

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