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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Top 11 Ways Modern Living is Ruining Your Sex Life

It can be an awkward subject for us to bring up in conversation, but a huge percentage of us suffer from some form of sexual trouble at some point in our lives. The majority of women will have at least a minor experience with sexual difficulty, and a decent amount of men will struggle with […]

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10 Top Tips to Becoming Her Personal Porn Star

Here’s a fact: When it comes to sex and matters between the sheets, every woman is different. While the preferences may vary from one woman to the other, one thing is for sure: they want to feel pleasure in bed. The problem now is, you are not sure what works for her and what doesn’t. […]

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10 Things Guys Can Learn From Fifty Shades of Grey

You probably have heard about a certain Christian Grey. You know, the 27-year-old, handsome, sensitive, successful, self-made billionaire who drives a helicopter to take his girlfriend, Anastasia Steele, on a date. Every woman just wants to be Ana and have a Christian Grey as their own. Ooh, sounds like a rival, right? Well, that is, […]

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