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Monthly Archives: June 2015

10 Steps for Saving Your Sexless Marriage

At some point in your marriage, you may reach a level of predictability and a routine where you unwittingly and unwillingly feel bored. Don’t chastise yourself. It’s a normal thing that long term couples sometimes go through. It does not mean you love your wife less. Please follow and like us:

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10 Essential Strategies for Ending Premature Ejaculation

Ejaculating before you get to the good part of sex; getting off before she even gets to the brink; most men know that awkward moment when they reach orgasm too early. She probably says it’s fine because she doesn’t want to humiliate you further. But she could laugh about it, and worse is she might […]

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8 Sexist Advertising Methods That Make Men Look Like Idiots

Society’s perception of men is usually strong, powerful and exactly like Samson or Achilles. After all, you’re supposed to be the stronger one on the scale, right? History dictates that men should rule, and the belief that men are dominant still lives today – or not, depending on a person’s perception. Please follow and like […]

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5 Unsettling Undertones of the X-Men Movies

You probably grew up watching X-Men and played the role of Cyclops or Wolverine during your afternoon play with your neighbors. You most likely secretly wished that your next-door neighbor is the same as Jean Grey and hoped that your father didn’t turn into Professor X, so he wouldn’t know that you are planning to […]

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Sexy Seaweed: The 8 Great Benefits of Bladderwrack

You probably have never heard of bladderwrack in your life. Interestingly, its strange name is accompanied by numerous health benefits. Bladderwrack is a type of brown seaweed that thrives along the coasts of North Sea, as well as the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. It has evolved from a traditional medicine into modern supplements. It works […]

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