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Monthly Archives: May 2015

May 26

Myth or Fact: 8 Shocking Truths about Male Menopause

By owner | Articles

The word,“menopause,” is thought to exist in women only, but studies show that men also experience hormonal changes almost similar to a woman’s menopause. Male menopause, also referred to as “andropause” by physicians is an androgen deficiency common among aging men. Androgen deficiency happens when the body has a lower level of sex hormones particularly testosterone.

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May 05

12 Toys Specially Made for Your Big Boys

By owner | Articles

Looking to heat things up in the bedroom? Some people are ashamed or embarrassed with the idea of using sex toys to enhance pleasure and experience. But everyone must know that getting pleasure from sex is more important than just for reproduction. Thus, couples or individuals are experimenting with the use of sex toys to take their sexual experience to greater levels.Continue reading

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