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Monthly Archives: April 2015

10 Porn Trends You Won’t Even Want to Try to Understand

Porn viewing has become an epidemic because of its availability. The easy access to porn videos and images on the internet has desensitized men and even women. This makes real sex not so arousing and satisfying anymore. Instead of engaging and enjoying the pleasure of real sex with a real person, many people spend much […]

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10 Causes of Dreaded LimpDick Syndrome

What’s a limp dick syndrome? It’s simply a temporary erectile dysfunction where your penis fails to cooperate as the situation requires. Yes, it happens. In a man’s lifetime, it could happen more than once.If it happens to you, there is no need to panic. Its causes are temporary, thus the effects are temporary. Please follow […]

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9 Ways You Could Be Ruining His Erections

Most women think that men are always on the go when it comes to sex, but there will be times when that thing in his pants just won’t cooperate. Yes, that happens from time to time, even with young, healthy and active men. Please follow and like us:

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