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Monthly Archives: September 2014

9 Things That Can Really Mess with Your Erections

Erection problems? Yes, every man goes through it at some point in their lives and it could be a real frustration, especially if you don’t know how to deal with it. When you were younger, around your teenage years, and perhaps up to around 25 years old, you pretty much thought that getting a hard […]

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7 Tips For Talking Openly About Erectile Dysfunction

You probably never run out of topics to talk about with your lover. From politics to religion and even nonsense issues, such as how your dog died, the conversation is endless. However, there are certain topics that are off limits, or at least embarrassing to talk about like pooping or sex. Still, is there anything […]

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6 Seductive Steps For Talking Dirty To Your Woman

Let’s face it, your sex life is one very important part of your life. Your main goals as a man during sex are to receive pleasure and to give your wife or girlfriend the best sexual experience of her life, and yes that means every single sexual encounter that you two have together. Please follow […]

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6 Momentous Myths Surrounding Erectile Dysfunction

There are lots of myths and legends about many things in this world. While some of them are true, most of these myths are only meant to scare the six year old in you and make you look like a fool – and it’s working. It’s human nature – no matter how much we don’t […]

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4 Exciting Benefits Of Exercise For Your Man Parts

Sex is good, definitely. It gives you a different kind of pleasure plus, it comes with a lot of health benefits, too. However, having sex means using a lot of tiny muscles that you don’t normally use during the day, unless you are a gigolo or a wrestler or sex is an everyday activity for […]

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