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Monthly Archives: August 2014

10 Reasons To Fire Your Left Hand

Masturbation is a favorite pastime of many guys. Why? The answer is simple. It’s free, safe (as believed by masturbators), and can be done in private with the only consent of the masturbator. What these guys don’t realize is that this favorite pastime can become an addiction. Guys spend a large portion of their day […]

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Reality Vs Fantasy: 10 Ways Porn Can Ruin Your Sex Life

Nowadays, it’s easy to get your hands on pornographic movies, as there is a great amount of explicit material floating around the Internet. With the increased availability of porn, it is no shock that porn addiction among adults and teens is on the rise. By the time one realizes they have an addiction, it is […]

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10 Things About Sex He Doesn’t Want You to Know

Some men usually avoid sex, not because they don’t want it, but because of other issues, such as premature ejaculation and erection problems. When a man starts experiencing sexual health issues, it damages his self-esteem and he cultivates a fear of failing in sex. Please follow and like us:

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10 Positions That Hit The G-Spot

When women discuss sex, they never miss a chance to talk about the popular G-spot. Although most men are clueless about the female’s G-spot, others spend hours to explore that spongy and velvety spot. If you feel as though you’ve tried every way to reach this pinnacle of pleasure and it is just not happening, […]

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