20 Simple Foods to Eat Now to Enjoy Sex Forever

20 Simple Foods to Eat Now to Enjoy Sex Forever

No man wants to admit it, but the majority of them suffer from erectile problems at some point or another. This can happen for a wide variety of reasons at any age, and it is almost unavoidable. It can come with psychological problems like depression. It can easily lead to a lack of confidence; however, if it happens to you, it’s important to realize you are not alone. It probably isn’t your fault at all.

agingA few common causes of erectile problems are stress, high blood pressure and a lack of stamina. Other common causes include aging, illness and nerve damage.

Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to remedy this problem. Today, we will take a look at some of the delicious foods you can add to your diet to have a better time in bed.

Foods To Boost Men’s Sexual Health

The main cause of erectile dysfunction is a lack of blood flowing around the genital region. Blood is what gives a man an erection, so if this blood can’t get to the penis, then arousal is simply impossible. This means you will need to eat plenty of foods, which help your blood flow quickly and smoothly.

1. Onions To Boost Your Sexual Stamina

OnionsOnions are one of the lesser-known aphrodisiacs. Not only are they tasty, but they can actually help to boost your libido and make you perform better in bed.

They contain allicin, which helps blood flow. There are so many simple ways you can make use of onions.

Healthy Tips

A surefire way to boost your sex drive is to simply eat some fried white onions on an empty stomach. The nutrients contained within onions will work on your body in miraculous ways to get you in the mood for sex. You can also enjoy onions as part of sandwiches, salads, pastas and more.

2. Ginger Is A Sexual Miracle Food

GingerGinger is genuinely a miraculous sexual superfood.

It works by boosting the body’s blood flow, allowing erections to occur much more easily as blood flows quickly and freely all around the genital region.

In the past, Eastern cultures used ginger as a cure for sexual troubles. Now, it is gaining popularity in Western societies for its medicinal benefits.

Healthy Tips

Ginger is effectively a safe and natural treatment for erectile dysfunction.You can add ginger to various dishes or take it as a tea, as well.

3. Almonds Can Get Your Blood Flowing

almondsScience has shown that almonds help people suffering with high blood pressure. This is because of the presence of a special amino acid known as arginine.

Arginine allows blood vessels to open up. This in turn allows more blood to flow through them and deliver vital nutrients and oxygen to the muscles and organs all around your body. In addition, like a lot of items on this list, almonds are full of beneficial vitamins to keep you feeling healthy overall.

Healthy Tips

You can simply eat almonds as a snack or add them to your meals.

4. Oat Straw Increases Male Sexual Performance

Oat StrawA lot of the sexual supplements you might find in health stores or online make use of oat straw because it’s an especially effective ingredient for boosting the male sex drive.

People have been using it for many years as a cure for impotency and other sexual problems. Oat straw can even boost sensitivity in the genital region, making sex extra enjoyable.

Healthy Tips

To enjoy some oat straw for yourself, make a cup of tea by pouring boiling water over some oat straw and then straining it out after a few minutes. Add some sugar or lemon for a bit of extra flavor if you need to.

5. Ginkgo Makes Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Disappear

Ginkgo biloba is a miracle food that is quite popular in Asian countries for countless years to treat all manner of ailments. Now, western countries are making use of this extract to deal with problems like ED.

GinkgoIt works by improving blood circulation around the body, making erections easy to achieve and maintain. It helps blood vessels to open up and actually makes the blood itself flow more smoothly through the use of various antioxidants.

Gingko is also effective for dealing with depression and stress, two major causes of sexual health problems. It helps to clear your mind and allows you to focus on things like making love with your partner. In addition, it has a number of bonus health benefits that will allow you to look and feel fantastic.

Healthy Tips

You can take ginkgo in tablet or capsule form, or you can make a tea from ginkgo leaves.

6. Strawberries Can Get You In The Mood For Love

Strawberries are a famous aphrodisiac.They help the blood flow freely around the body, allowing erections to occur more frequently.

Healthy Tips

Eating a few of these before you head to the bedroom will certainly help to get you in the mood for loving. A common technique is also to dip strawberries in chocolate, another famous aphrodisiac, to make them even more potent.

7. Sesame Seeds Are Excellent Aphrodisiacs

Sesame seedsSesame seeds are simple and effective when it comes to your sex drive.

They are especially rich in zinc, like various other aphrodisiacs including oysters, and will help you to get aroused more easily.

Healthy Tips

They are also much easier to eat than oysters. You can toast them, throw them in salads and add them to sandwiches. You can eat sesame seed cereal bars and more.

8. Vitamin E Is Known As The Sex Vitamin

There is a good reason that vitamin E is commonly popular as the “sex vitamin” and this is because it boosts your levels of testosterone. Testosterone is the male sex hormone.

It is responsible for many of the sexual changes in young men as they go through puberty. It also helps with confidence and libido throughout a man’s life. So, you need to have a good supply of it if you want to have a healthy sex life.

Healthy Tips

Vitamin E is present in various nuts and seeds, along with other foods like avocados and broccoli.

9. Sweet Potatoes Can Help You Get Easy Erections

Sweet potatoesSweet potatoes are a delicious alternative to regular potatoes and can also give you plenty of bedroom benefits, too.

They are easily one of the tastiest foods on this list and are super effective at lowering your blood pressure.

High blood pressure makes it harder for men to get erections, as the blood flows slowly and irregularly around the body.

Healthy Tips

Sweet potatoes are full of potassium which helps to improve your circulatory system. So, start chowing down on these delicious treats to give yourself a greater sex life.

10. Avocados Make Sex Stress-Free

AvocadosAvocados are one of the top sources of the “sex vitamin,” which is vitamin E, and they are also amazing for your sex life in other ways.

They help lower your blood pressure and boost the power of your heart with their high levels of monounsaturated fats. As your heart gets stronger and your blood flows more freely, erections become much easier to attain.

Healthy Tips

Start throwing some avocados in your meals and salads each day. You could also make guacamole to dip tortilla chips or veggies in.

11. Oysters Boost Testosterone Levels

OystersOysters aren’t for everyone, but they might be the most famous aphrodisiac out there, and with good reason.

Oysters are exceptionally rich in zinc and studies have linked zinc to good sexual health in men.

This is because zinc encourages the production of the male sex hormone testosterone, which helps with sexual desire and erections. Zinc is also beneficial for the body’s circulation.So, you definitely need a lot of it.

Healthy Tips

If you enjoy oysters, then feel free to include them in your diet, but in moderation. Some shellfish contains mercury in small amounts. They will certainly help you to enjoy a better sex life.

12. Chia Seeds Will Give Your Libido A Boost

Chia seedsChia seeds offer some incredible effects on men with low sex drives. Even if you are dealing with stress at work or had a tiring day, these little seeds can get you all fired up for a night of loving.

They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are quite beneficial for your heart and circulatory system. These seeds get your blood flowing faster all around your genital region and ease you into a sexual mood.

Healthy Tips

If you are looking for the instant goodness of chia seeds in your snacks, you can simply sprinkle a teaspoon of seeds on your fruit, or add them to your yogurt or smoothies.

13. Fish Oil Will Help You Get Aroused

Fish OilFish oils are renowned for their health-boosting benefits. This is because they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial for your heart.

Fish oils can also help you feel better and are an effective treatment for depression.They can get you in the mood for love, even when you’re feeling down. A lack of omega-3 fatty acids in your body can lead to depression and other psychological problems.

Healthy Tips

You may start by including some fish oil tablets in your daily vitamin routine. You should also eat fish two to three times a week.

14. Spinach As A Sexual Superfood

spinachWe all know spinach from the famous Popeye cartoons. The food gave the character his famous strength. It can give you a special boost in a different place, as well.

It can actually help you to have erections by opening your blood vessels and letting your blood flow into your genital region.

Healthy Tips

For best results, try boiling some spinach with a little bit of salt. Eat this with your meals a few times per week.

15. Chilies Can Spice Up Your Sex Life

chili peppersIt’s impossible to eat a chili pepper without feeling something. These super-hot foods can actually give you a bit of fire in the bedroom, too.

They contain an ingredient called capsaicin. This is what makes chili peppers hot.

It also triggers a reaction in the human brain that causes the release of various “happy chemicals” called endorphins, which make your worries disappear. These endorphins put you in a good mood and allow you to focus on a hot night with your lady.

Healthy Tips

Add chili powder to your daily foods. Your hot, spicy foods will definitely lead to hot, spicy sex.

16. Red Wine Boosts Your Sex Drive

Red WineRed wine is often associated with dates and romance. Many couples share a bottle of wine as they enjoy a passionate meal together. Well, this wine can actually give you and your partner a little libido boost, as well.

In men, red wine can actually trigger the release of testosterone, the famous sex hormone that helps men get aroused. It can also help men and women to relax, freeing their minds of any stresses or anxiety and allowing them to enjoy a night of passion.

Healthy Tips

So, when it comes to sex and red wine, the best way is opening and splitting a bottle with your other half. Have two glasses each and enjoy the romantic effects of the combination of food, wine and sex.

17. Pumpkin Seeds Make Impotency A Thing Of The Past

pumpkin seedsAs men get older, erectile problems can become more common due to a decrease in the body’s zinc levels.

Zinc is essential for a man’s overall health and sexual health, since it helps with the production of testosterone.

A man’s libido and fertility levels will decrease with a lack of zinc. Fortunately, pumpkin seeds are full of this vital element, along with various other essential minerals like calcium, potassium and niacin.

Healthy Tips

You can eat pumpkin seeds raw, straight out of the pumpkin. You can also fry them on a skillet with a bit of olive oil. You can also sprinkled them with salt and oil and bake them in a 325-degree oven for approximately 20 minutes, stirring often until golden and toasted. You can eat them as is, or use them as a delicious addition to pesto, salads and granola mix.

18. Honey Gets You Ready For Love

HoneyHoney is not only a very sweet and tasty treat; it can also improve sexual desire in both men and women.

In men, it works by boosting testosterone levels, making it easier for a man to become aroused and get an erection.

Healthy Tips

You can add honey to your tea or include it in a dessert recipe to get in a sensual mood.

19. Bananas Make Your Libido Go Wild

BananasBananas are famously rich in potassium, which is an essential mineral for male sexual health. Potassium helps with blood pressure problems and nerve issues, allowing blood to flow into the penis and giving men increased sensitivity when it comes to sex.

These things make it much easier for a man to maintain erections and enjoy prolonged sexual sessions with his partner.

Healthy Tips

Bananas are also full of other beneficial vitamins and minerals. So, be sure to eat a couple of them each day for best results.

20. Nuts Will Help With Erectile Problems

All sorts of nuts can help with sexual difficulties. This is because they are rich in healthy unsaturated fats.

Such fats make your heart stronger and help your blood to flow smoothly all around your body.

Healthy Tips

nutsAdd a few nuts to salads and desserts to enjoy the benefits today.

By including these foods in your diet, you will gradually see some improvement in your sex life. These foods alone won’t make you a miracle-worker under the covers. You also need to address other lifestyle issues like drinking and smoking. Cut down on the toxins you are putting in your body and you will soon regain your youthful libido.

Besides, if you want some faster and more effective results, try making use of herbal male enhancement pills. Such pills are all natural and have no nasty side effects. They are also effective at dealing with erectile problems. Natural supplements like those offered by www.ProSolutionPills.com along with the superfoods and healthy lifestyle will help you regain a youthful libido.

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