15 Simple Things That Could Complicate Your Relationship 

15 Simple Things That Could Complicate Your Relationship

Relationships can be wonderful, but they can also be intricate. Love is a strong force that can get you through a lot of problems. Yet, the simplest things can damage your relationship and make things between you and your partner less enjoyable than they once were.

Regardless of the strength or length of a relationship, various factors can simply get in the way and cause distress for both partners. So, today let’s take a look at 15 of these little issues, so you can try and avoid them in your daily life.

1. Dishonesty And Promise Breaking Will Ruin Your Love Life

PromiseSome people have the bizarre idea that it’s okay to break promises, especially in a relationship that has been going on for several years. People tend to think it’s not all that serious, but it really is.

Relationships are set up on trust, and the level of trust you share with your partner builds up over time. As soon as you break a promise, you destroy that trust and will have to start all over again. Not only that, but you will let your lover down and make them look at you in a different way.

Relationship Saving Tips

Always be honest and keep your promises. If you don’t think you can keep a promise, then simply don’t make it. And, if you have to break one then be frank and open about it. Tell your partner why you can’t keep this promise and ask for forgiveness.

2. Abuse Of Any Kind Will Kill A Relationship

partnerYour partner is not your property and hurting them in any way, be it emotionally or physically, will absolutely destroy your relationship.

There is nothing healthy about abusing someone and your relationship will end quickly or worsen into misery if you use this sort of behavior.

Relationship Saving Tips

If you have any abusive tendencies whatsoever that could destroy your relationship, don’t be afraid to seek counseling.

3. Being Unable To Forgive Can Make It Hard To Move On

happy and healthy marriageIt can be hard to forgive, but this is a skill you need to adopt if you want to have a happy and healthy marriage or relationship.

Even when you feel hurt and wronged, it’s significant to accept a person’s apology and try to move on.

If you hold grudges against your lover, you will begin to see them in a more negative light and you will lose some of the closeness you once shared. Don’t waste time living in anger and regret. Anyone can make mistakes including your partner. So, if they are almost certainly sorry for the things they have done, forgive and move on.

Relationship Saving Tips

Learn to forgive and forget. You might be the sort of person who harbors resentments, but you need to try and cut that behavior out of your life. Accept an apology and settle the argument. Realize that the things you obsess over are actually probably quite small and you shouldn’t let a few mistakes collapse your relationship.

4. Avoiding Communication Will Weaken Your Bonds

stopped talking altogetherIt can be easy in long-term relationships to slowly stop talking to one another. When you first meet your partner, you want to tell them everything.

However, over time, as you get used to living with your partner or seeing them regularly, you can slowly lose these habits. Before you know it the two of you will have stopped talking altogether.

This isn’t a sign of a healthy relationship. You should try and avoid this, especially when it comes to sharing your feelings. If you keep your emotions bottled up inside instead of revealing them to your lover, then the unique connection you once shared will slowly fade away.

Relationship Saving Tips

Talk to your partner, even when the subject is a difficult one. You need to express your feelings as it’s always better to get things out in the open than keeping them inside your chest.

5. Jealousy Can Make Your Trust Disappear

Jealousy is a normal part of many relationships and it can be a nice thing in small doses.

relationshipIf you get jealous when someone is being flirty with your partner, or maybe your partner gets jealous if you find a certain celebrity attractive, these are signs that the two of you love each other.

It means you are attached to your lover and don’t want to lose them.

However, jealousy can be destructive when it gets out of control. If you react in an irrational way every time your partner talks to a person of the opposite sex, then that just isn’t healthy. This behavior can quickly irritate people and it will harm a relationship over time.

Relationship Saving Tips

It’s okay to feel jealousy, but try to tone it down. If you have overly jealous tendencies, remember that your partner loves you and surely has no intentions of cheating on you.

You need to bear in mind that your partner is an individual, not your property, and they have the right to talk to other people and interact with members of the opposite sex. If you feel that your jealousy is hard to deal with, talk to your partner about it and work together to solve the problem.

6. Being Annoyed By Your Lover Will Weaken Your Connection

Some people tend to focus on the negatives more than the positives, and this is a definite way to damage a relationship.

If you spend too much time thinking about the things that bother you about your lover, then you will wind up seeing them in a negative light and lose your attraction for them. Meanwhile, your negative behavior will hurt them.

Nobody is perfect and your partner might have a couple of annoying habits, but focusing on these things isn’t healthy for your future.

Relationship Saving Tips

To solve this issue, both partners should listen to each other and cut out any annoying habits that could become a source of problems in the relationship. In addition, each partner should try to be more positive, rather than thinking only about the negative aspects.

7. Addictions Get In The Way Of Romance

When we say “addictions,” we are not just talking about drugs or alcohol.

addicted to the internetThese are obviously quite damaging addictions for a relationship, but there are plenty of others that can equally destroy lives and ruin marriages.

People can be addicted to the internet, shopping, gambling, video games, sports and more. Any obsession that goes too far can deteriorate a relationship with ease. It’s okay to have hobbies, but you have to be reasonable about the time you put into these activities.

If you are the sort of person who simply spends hours and hours on social media, for example, then this can quickly frustrate your partner, who would surely wish to spend more quality time with you. Meanwhile, addictions to things like drugs or gambling can create financial, social and health issues that can collapse lives and relationships quickly.

Relationship Saving Tips

Manage your addictions. If you find yourself addicted to something dangerous, seek counseling to help you with your problem. If you are addicted to something less physically-damaging, like online games or social media, try to cut down on the amount of time you engage in these activities. Create a schedule for yourself and spend more time with your partner.

8. Financial Troubles Wreck Lives

Financial troubles cause a huge percentage of divorces and breakups.

Money is also the root of stress and depression in millions of people every single year. It’s a great thing to have, but money can easily create numerous problems.

A lot of couples struggle with finances because they simply don’t impart their information with each other. It can be easy for a person to make a big purchase without telling their partner, but this habit can develop into something negative and damaging over time.

Relationship Saving Tips

Be open about your spending. Share your financial information with each other. You can also consider using shared accounts, so that both of you are completely aware of your money situation.

If you think your partner is hiding things from you, talk to them about it in a calm and collected manner.

9. Don’t Let Extra People Become A Part Of Your Relationship

Extra PeopleA relationship is between two people, not three or four. If you let an extra person have as much value in your life as your partner, this is a recipe for disaster.

Even if it’s someone like your best friend, problems can quickly arise by adding a third person to a relationship.

Your partner needs to come first and if they don’t, they will quickly feel annoyed, frustrated and lonely. They may end up feeling like they value you more than you value them. This means that if you spend all your free time with a parent or constantly text your best friend while you are with your lover, you could be damaging your connection.

Even your own children can get in the way of your relationship with your partner. If you seem to care obsessively more about your child than your lover, you might be painting a negative picture for your kids, and also harming your love life.

Relationship Saving Tips

In a long-term relationship, your partner needs to come first. This means you need to know when to set boundaries with friends and family and reduce the significance they have in your lives. You can still devote time with these people, but don’t overdo it.

10. Forgetting About Fun Will Deplete Your Love Life

childrenWhen two people have careers and children to worry about, it can be easy to forget about simply having fun.

If you start going through the motions in your relationship and fail to spend quality time with your lover, the two of you will quickly become bored and miserable.

Relationship Saving Tips

Even if you have a busy schedule, find some time to enjoy an activity with your partner. Don’t be afraid to break your routine and do something wild. Try new things and visit new places. Also, most importantly, share all of these things with the person you love.

11. Too Much Teasing Can Frustrate Your Partner

Teasing can be both a positive and negative thing. When you are with friends, and someone publicly makes a comment about an aspect of their partner’s character, others can take it in one of two ways.

Maybe a woman will say something like “I think my husband should quit his job and become a chef, he’s such a good cook.” and this is, quite clearly, a positive form of teasing. The statement is obviously a joke, but the wife is showing off her pride for her husband’s cooking abilities.

At the same time, a woman could equally say something like “My husband tried to cook last night, but I ended up ordering a pizza.”This is clearly much more undesirable, with the assumption being that the husband is a terrible cook. These sort of public comments with a bit of light humor can easily hurt the feelings of your partner, especially when things are going rough between the two of you.

Relationship Saving Tips

Think about what you say before you say it. Put yourself in your partner’s place and imagine the way you would feel if he or she publicly criticized you. Avoid harmful teasing.

12. Excessive Correcting Will Annoy Your Lover

Excessive Correcting

You might be the type of person who loves to show off their knowledge, and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s good to be smart and to share information with others.

Well, it can quickly appear arrogant and annoying if you constantly correct someone, especially your lover.

If your partner makes a mistake and you instantly jump on it and correct them, they can easily feel snubbed and lose a bit of confidence. This in turn might make them less likely to talk to you about certain subjects in the future.

Relationship Saving Tips

Remember that the minute things you want to correct your partner on probably don’t matter. Have some more patience and learn to talk to your lover without feeling the need to fix their errors.

13. Don’t Label Your Significant Other

Labeling happens a lot and it can be encouraging or undesirable. People might know you as “the funny guy” or “the girl who is always late.” The problem is that labels can hurt.

They are essentially a simplified form of bullying as you are effectively calling someone names every time you label them.

If you label your partner, he or she can quickly lose confidence and start to stress about the way you view them. And, it isn’t a good thing for your relationship.

Relationship Saving Tips

If you have to label, keep it constructive by saying things like “You are smart,” or “You are so funny.” Refrain from giving your partner negative ideas about themselves.

14. Ignoring Romance Will Dowse The Flames Of Love

RomanceOver time, it’s easy for couples to forget about the romantic things they used to do together. The diminution of romance in life surely affects your bond.

The connection you earlier shared will gradually break down if you don’t remember to enjoy some passionate moments together from time to time.

Relationship Saving Tips

Don’t forget about romance. Don’t become the type of person who waits until birthdays and anniversaries to show their partner that they love them. Be spontaneous and surprising. Give your partner gifts and compliments when they aren’t expecting them. And above, schedule romantic meals and fun things for you to do together.

15. Skipping Sex Will Lead To Your Lover Becoming Your Friend

A lot of couples will see their sex lives shrink as a relationship continues.

If you stop having sex, you lose that special affection you have with your lover, and they can quickly become nothing more than a friend. The pair of you will be much happier if you can maintain a healthy sex life.

Relationship Saving Tips

You should stop turning down sex and making excuses for not having it. It’s a vital part of a relationship that you simply should not ignore. A lot of men can let their sex lives disappear as they encounter performance anxiety or erectile difficulties, but don’t let these things devastate your relationship.

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Relationships take a lot of hard work and they all have their ups and downs. If you recognize some problems in your life, then don’t despair. You can save your relationship with a bit of effort and plenty of love. Look out for the signs of a dented relationship and do what you can to fix it.

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