15 Gentle Ways to Keep Your Relationship Solid as a Rock

15 Gentle Ways to Keep Your Relationship Solid as A Rock

Every relationship needs care and maintenance over time. Little problems can occur, but you and your partner should work around them together. Use the love you share to overcome any difficulty. Gradually, feelings can change and relationships can stagnate. So, you need to be proactive by making small effort each day to keep the flame of your relationship burning strong.

Here are 15 simple tips to follow if you want a relationship that will last a lifetime.

1. Don’t Forget To Tell Your Partner The Small Things

PartnerIt might sound strange, but telling your partner the most simple and mundane things can keep your connection alive.

Talk to them about the weather, or what you had for lunch or some random thought that pops into your head. All of these minute things will help to build your bond.

It’s easy for couples to forget to talk to each other as time goes by. People may not realize, but this is a surefire way for a relationship to degrade. So, don’t forget about sharing even the small, everyday things with your spouse.

2. Remember To Thank Your Lover And Appreciate One Another

Taking your lover for granted is one of the worst things you can do in a relationship. In order to maintain a happy and healthy bond, never forget to say thank you to your partner.

It always feels nice when someone thanks you for the things you do, especially when you do these things out of love. At the same time, it can feel extremely depressing when you make a special effort and your partner doesn’t even notice it.

Stay aware of the countless efforts your lover makes each day to make your life better, and thank them often.

3. Say Sorry And Mean It

relationshipApologies can be hard, but you need to embrace them and mean them in a relationship.

It’s important to accept the mistakes you make, own up to them and truthfully apologize for the damage you might have caused.

If you indulge in fake apologies or say things like “I’m sorry you don’t understand,” you will only undermine your partner’s feelings and make things much worse between the two of you. Listen to what your partner is saying, understand their point of view and give a genuine apology if you want to make things right.

4. Spice Things Up And Get Physical

It can be easy to lose track of physical intimacy as time goes by in a relationship, but it can be extremely detrimental for couples. Never underestimate the power of a touch.

Hold your lover’s hand, give him or her a kiss each time you say hello or goodbye. Offer them a massage after a rough day at work. Your other half will definitely appreciate all of these sweet things.

This in turn will cement the intimate bonds you share, preventing you from becoming more like friends than lovers.

Such simple physical acts work as signs of love.So, do them in a loving way to show your partner how much you care about them. Don’t get into the awful habit of only touching your partner when you want sex. Too many guys will only indulge in kisses and cuddles if they want something more, and this behavior can quickly annoy your partner.

Remember that not every touch needs to be sexual. You can certainly enjoy hugs and other physical connections at any time of day without the need to go further every time.

5. Schedule Some Time For The Two Of You Each Day

intimate momentsIn the modern world, men and women often have busy schedules because of work and social engagements. It can be hard to find time to spend with your partner, but you need to make the effort and break your routine to keep your relationship alive.

It’s quite easy to come home from a long day at work and slip into your daily routine, but ignoring your partner in this way can adversely affect your relationship.

Gradually, you will soon stop talking and touching each other. After some time, your relationship will be a shell of what it once was.

Even if you can only spare half an hour each day, do it. Find some time in your schedule for the two of you to talk, or enjoy an activity together. A common technique used by a lot of busy couples is to enjoy at least 10 minutes of talking and cuddling before going to bed each night. This way, you can share some intimate moments with your lover every single day.

Other couples enjoy sharing different activities like going for weekly runs together. Try joining some night classes together, or have a movie night every Friday. Find what works for you and do it.

6. Keep The Flame Alive By Trying Unique Activities

The number one thing that makes relationships degrade over time is getting into habits and going through the motions.

To spice up your relationship and keep some passion in your life, you both need to encounter new activities and exciting challenges.

At the start of a relationship, everything is new and this is what makes that period so exciting. As time goes by, you get used to your partner and fall into habits, making way for boredom.

It’s a fantastic idea to check out what’s going on in your local area and decide to do something completely new and different together. Join a dance class or arrange a trip to a place you have never visited before. Even trying a new restaurant or going cycling together can offer you a new and unique experience.

7. Reveal Your Inner Self And True Feelings

angryIn arguments and intimate conversations, many couple speaks about the “top layer” of emotions.

This means that you are reacting out of things like anger or annoyance, without really penetrating the “bottom layer,” which is the root causes of your outer emotions.

To break into this bottom layer, you need to look deep inside yourself and find out why you feel the way you do. Don’t just say you are angry or afraid, but find out why. Think about the reasons that really make you upset and share them with your partner.

This deep level of communication will allow the two of you to connect like never before. Besides, it is the best way to solve problems and find solutions to the arguments or disputes you might come across.

8. Plan Out Your Future And Live Your Dreams Together

An exciting thing for couples to do is to think about the future. This can be scary for some. Nevertheless, if you are serious about your relationship and want to spend your life with someone, then it should be an enjoyable activity.

happy life togetherTalking about your own personal dreams and ideas about the future is an effective way to connect with your partner.

By planning things like your wedding, future vacations, your home, your job or your children, you will quickly feel stronger bonds growing between you and your partner.

In addition, the two of you can learn new things about each other and build better levels of trust by communicating your innermost desires and dreams. You can also help each other make your dreams come true. This is a wonderful way to have a successful and happy life together.

9. Celebrate Your Achievements And Congratulate Each Other

When we achieve something special, the first person we want to disclose it with is usually our partners.

At the same time, when your partner feels proud of you and cheers you on, it is usually one of the best feelings you can have in a relationship.

So, don’t forget to celebrate each other’s achievements and tell your partner how delighted you are with them.

Even for minor things, it can be delightful for your lover to hear that you are proud of their strengths and skills. It will give them confidence and make them love you even more.

10. Work Together To Overcome Life’s Big Challenges

moneyLife is full of problems, and it’s impossible to avoid them. No matter who you are and how much money you have, difficulties will arrive that you didn’t expect. During such times, you need someone by your side to help you get through these hard moments.

Lovers need to be there for each other in the darkest of times and should always work together when life throws challenges their way. Jobs can be lost, illnesses can arrive, family members can die, accidents can happen, and there’s not much you can do to stop any of this.

What you can do, is support your lover through moments of hardship, and give them your love and care each day.

11. Argue The Right Way And Listen To Each Other

Every couple fights. If you are in a relationship and you never argue, it’s probably because your partner is too bored to start a discussion. He or she has given up trying to talk to you after too many difficult disputes.

When you argue, it’s essential to do it the right way in order to turn the fight into a productive experience, rather than a destructive one.

Fighting right isn’t just about staying polite and keeping calm, it’s about listening to what your partner is saying.

You need to realize that, if your partner is angry, it’s usually a sign that they love you. Why would someone get so emotional about another person if they didn’t care about them? Even if you feel attacked or criticized, your partner is ultimately doing so out of love, and it’s vital to remind yourself of this whenever a dispute arrives.

Listen to what your partner is saying. Try to put yourself in their shoes and understand their point of view. Then respond with your own feelings, but do so in a non-threatening way that doesn’t undermine your partner’s viewpoint.

12. Your Lover Should Also Be Your Best Friend

There is a certain level of trust and intimacy behind every friendship. Your best friend is the person you run to in times of need and the one you share your secrets with. Doesn’t that sound like the sort of person you lover should be, too?

Well, that’s because your lover should be your best friend. You should be able to turn to them in times of need, and confide your innermost feelings and emotions with them. This is what makes a relationship special and unbreakable.

The happiest couples trust each other implicitly and always want to share things with each other. If you learn something new and immediately want to reveal it with your partner, then that’s a good sign for your relationship. This simply means your lover always comes first. So, never be afraid to embrace your lover as a best friend, too.

13. Accept Your Differences

It can be difficult, but it’s a vital thing to do. We are not just talking about arguments here, but conversations in general.

Maybe you and your partner are discussing a hot topic in the news and you realize you have wildly different views.

You may not be able to understand why your partner has a certain principle or follows a certain belief. It might even be something completely silly like your differing tastes in music.

Regardless, you should take the time to listen to your partner’s viewpoint and simply accept it. You don’t necessarily need to understand it and you certainly don’t need to attack it. Just accept that you have different ideas and move on. Your partner doesn’t have to think exactly the same way you do.

14. Don’t Underestimate The Significance Of Trivial Things

Women always say that the small things mean the most to them. It is absolutely true.

A goodbye kiss, a cute text to say “I love you,” a gift, a note, and a foot rub goes a long way in making your relationship alive and blossoming.

All of these small things build connections between two people and make relationships exceptional. Guys should take the time out to make such tiny efforts for their partner each day. It will convey how much you love, care and appreciate your lady.

15. Never Forget To Have Some Romantic Date Nights

have kidsSex is a significant part of any relationship. If you ignore sex and make excuses not to do it, the well-being of your relationship will quickly degrade. Besides, it can also affect your own psychological health. Sex is the perfect way to express your love and share intimacy with your partner and you both should not avoid it.

Over time, sex lives can diminish, especially,when partners get jobs and have kids. At such times, it can be hard to find the time and desire to enjoy some fun under the covers; but, you need to do what you can to keep that sizzling sex burning.

You can start by talking about your fantasies, trying some new poses, and indulging in role-play.

You should schedule some time each week for the two of you to enjoy each other’s company, without being disturbed.

As men get older, they can worsen their relationships by avoiding sex due to performance anxiety or erectile issues. To solve these problems and regain your youthful libido, you may consider trying some modern male enhancement techniques.

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Relationships can be complicated, and every couple bumps into problems along the road. Follow the tips above if you want to stay happy and healthy with your partner. Above and beyond, remember to have plenty of patience and make time for your lover each and every day.

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