11 Surprising Causes for Your Erectile Dysfunction

11 Surprising Causes for Your Erectile Dysfunction

A lot of men tend not to worry about erectile dysfunction (ED), especially those who are sexually active and enjoying their relationships. However, this is a problem that can affect all men at any stage of life.

ED has a reputation for only affecting older men, but this simply isn’t true. Current estimates state that about 30 million men are affected by this problem in the U.S., and some of those men are only in their 20’s and 30’s.

Men of all ages need to be aware of the risks of ED, along with the best ways to prevent it from ever happening.

ED can crush a man’s confidence, ruin his sex life and destroy his relationship. A healthy sex life is an essential part of anyone’s life and a problem like ED can interfere with this in enormous ways.

Today, let’s take a look at 11 of the causes behind ED. With this information, you can try to avoid these issues and lower your risks of developing this problematic condition.

1. Peyronie’s Disease Can Give You Painful Erections

Peyronie’s disease isn’t a particularly well-known condition. Yet it still affects one in 100 men.

The primary symptoms of this disease are pain during erections and a visible bending in the penis.

This condition occurs because of the buildup of scar tissue throughout the penis. It means that when sufferers have an erection, the penis bends uncontrollably, which is quite painful and makes sex extremely difficult to enjoy.

Scientists are still researching the causes of the disease. Experts believe the condition may be genetic or it may develop after an injury to the penis.

In some minor cases, the problem will sort itself out over time. But, the patient should simply avoid any intense sexual activity for a little while so as not to aggravate the problem. Most of the time you will need to visit a hospital for surgery or doctors may prescribe some medication.

Either way, if you experience pain when you have an erection, then you need to see a doctor and find out what’s wrong.

2. Bowel Surgery May Lead To ED

SurgeryThere is no major link between our bowels and our genitals, but studies show that men who undergo bowel surgery are much more likely to develop ED than those who don’t.

Bowel surgery can take place for a variety of reasons, most commonly to remove cancerous tissue or tumors. Unfortunately, this process can damage the nerve cells in the area.

These nerve cells are connected to the nerves, which supply our sexual organs and allow them to feel sensitive.

It is therefore easy to see that, if these nerve cells get damaged during surgery, sensitivity in the area of the sexual organs can be lost. Besides, any messages from the brain to the penis to create an erection are lost in transit.

These problems are hard to avoid and surgery must be exceedingly delicate in order to prevent nerve damage. The symptoms can last for a few years or longer. If you are struggling with sexual problems after an operation, speak to your doctor and see what they can recommend for you.

3. Women’s Tears Can Lower Your Libido

women’s tearsYes, as bizarre as it may sound, women’s tears might actually make men less interested in sex. A study took a look at the effects of female tears on men.

One group was asked to smell women’s tears while another group was asked to smell some saline solution.

The groups were then shown images of a sexual nature and these pictures less aroused the first group. The possible explanation for this is that the smell of tears may trigger the release of a chemical in the brain which calms a man’s mood.

4.  Anabolic Steroids Will Ruin Your Sex Life

Anabolic steroidsAnabolic steroids tempt a lot of guys nowadays.Going to the gym and working out each day to build up some muscles and look great can be an extremely difficult thing to do.

Steroids offer an easy way out and allow for rapid muscle development with minimal work. They also have some quite nasty side effects that you might want to think about before getting too interested.

Steroids are popular for boosting one’s testosterone levels, which seems like a good thing for your sex life. But, if you use too many steroids, they can actually cause your body to stop producing testosterone.

Essentially, you are pumping so much artificial testosterone into your body that your body responds by not bothering to produce any of its own. This is how people become addicted to steroids. As soon as you stop taking them you will notice the terrible side effects of a lack of testosterone such as ED, testicle shrinkage and low libido.

5. Trying Too Hard Can Have the Opposite Effect

It can be easy to fall into the trap of trying too hard to get an erection or perform well in bed.

The media bombards us with ideas of how good we need to be at sex, making many men and women can feel anxious about this issue.

Guys tend to indulge in this process almost every time they have sex.They keep questioning themselves and wondering how satisfied their partner really is. This process is normal, but it’s not helping you. If you spend too much time worrying about whether or not you are doing well, you won’t have any time to actually enjoy having sex. Eventually, your arousal levels will plummet.

The same is true for erections. If you spend too much time focusing on getting an erection at all costs, you won’t be in the right frame of mind to actually have one. An erection won’t occur just because you try really hard to have it, adding to feelings of anxiety and tension.You need to be patient, let yourself go, enjoy the moment and then the magic will happen.

6. Gum Diseases Cause Erectile Troubles

You wouldn’t think that our gums and sexual organs could be connected, butstudies have linked gum disease and ED in laboratory mice.

The same relation for humans is still unknown, since we are vastly different to mice in terms of genetics and anatomy.Still, the possibility is still there.

Essentially, gum disease is usually a sign of a bad diet and poor health overall. It is caused by poor blood flow in and around the gums. Since the process of having an erection relies on a regular blood flow, it’s easy to see that someone with gum disease might struggle in the bedroom, too.

7. High Blood Pressure Makes Arousal Difficult

Blood PressureAs previously mentioned, erections are all about a sufficient amount of blood making its way to our sexual organs and engorging the tissue in the penis to make it hard.

High blood pressure is an indicator of a damaged or weakened circulatory system. It means the body is struggling to pump enough blood around the body at a healthy rate.

This is already bad enough, but unfortunately it gets worse. Some of the pills used to treat high blood pressure can actually lead to ED. So, overall, you need to do your best to eat healthily, get plenty of exercise, avoid all that nasty junk food, and keep your heart and lungs healthy to avoid any issues down below.

8. Stress At Work Can Interfere In The Bedroom

A lot of sexual troubles begin in the mind and ED is no different.

Modern lifestyles can be hectic and stressful, and this can all have a negative effect on a man’s performance in the bedroom.

If you spend too much time and energy focusing on your job or troubles in your career then you won’t be able to relax and enjoy some sexy time with your partner. To have an erection, you need to be in the right state of mind.

Additionally, a lot of people these days tend to turn to dangerous solutions to deal with stress. Men who have problems at work might end up drinking more, smoking regularly or even taking antidepressant medications. All of these things will boost their chances of developing ED.

Overcoming stress can be difficult, but not impossible. Everyone needs to find the things that works for them, so they can take time out for relaxation and mutual physical enjoyment.

9. Condom Issues Ruin A Sexy Moment

CondomIt’s a silly thing, but putting on a condom can easily break the mood and make an erection disappear.

You might have been enjoying a session of foreplay and then have to break away from the action to slide on the condom.

This act, albeit brief, involves a little moment where your penis is not being stimulated and your brain is distracted with the task at hand.So, it’s easy to let your arousal levels drop.

10. Excessive And Aggressive Masturbation Isn’t Good For You

watching pornYou can have too much of a good thing, and masturbation is no different.

On its own, masturbation won’t hurt you and is perfectly natural, but too much of it can have some negative effects. This is especially true when it comes to watching porn.

If you spend too much time living out your fantasies through online videos, you will desensitize yourself to real sexual encounters. Things that once excited you will become boring. You’ll find it harder to become aroused with your lover, which can be terribly damaging for your relationship.

11. Cellphone RadiationMay Damage Your Sexual Organs

CellphoneThe effects of cellphones on our bodies have been debated and studied for many years now, with all sorts of contrasting discoveries being made along the way.

These studies aren’t definitive, but some have shown that there is a link between regular cellphone usage and ED.

It might be the radio waves that phones have to emit to connect to satellites, or it might just be the heat they produce in your pocket all day long.Either way they may be damaging your sexual organs, making it harder for you to have erections.

Some Effective Solutions For Erectile Dysfunction

With so many potential causes for ED, it’s significant to be aware of the solutions to the problem, so all men can be prepared and take action when the time comes.

If you are struggling with ED, the first thing to do is calm down. The condition can be treated and cured, just like everything else. The best way to begin your treatment is to stop panicking. If you stress about the problem and develop too much anxiety, you will only make it worse.

If you start believing in these solutions, then you will get better much more quickly. Let’s take a look at some of the effective ways to deal with ED.

  • Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy is an all-natural treatment, used for centuries in Eastern countries. It is now becoming more and more popular in the West.

The process involves the use of soothing natural scents to relax your mind, ease your tensions and get you in the mood for love. Some of the products used in aromatherapy are specially designed to boost a man’s libido and improve blood flow to the sexual organs.

  • Kegels: This is an effective way you can deal with ED all by yourself from the comfort of your own home. Kegel exercises work to strengthen the muscles responsible for maintaining strong erections.

These muscles are also involved in holding in urine when you need to pee. So, to do a Kegel, you need to act as though you are holding in your urine. You should tighten these muscles for about 10 seconds and then relax for the same amount of time. You should repeat the exercise about 10 times each day.

  • Positive Living: Looking better, feeling better and enjoying better relationships with others will all help you when it comes to sexual troubles.
    To free your mind of any performance anxiety or stress, it’s imperative to change your outlook and start living in a more positive manner.

Change your diet to include some healthy fruits and vegetables rather than junk food that can lower your mood. Start doing some yoga or regular exercise to look and feel better about yourself and have more confidence. Take time out each day to relax and enjoy yourself.

  • Natural Supplements: Various natural remedies for ED do exist and many men have been using them for centuries. However, only recently, experts have combined several of these miraculous herbs and plant extracts into the effective male enhancement pills offered by products like ProSolutionPills.com.

These pills work by boosting the blood flow to the sexual organs. They help to give you longer and stronger erections to ensure some long-lasting and enjoyable sexual sessions. The pills are all-natural and have no nasty side effects, unlike other chemical-based supplements you can buy elsewhere. For a safe and easy way to boost your performance in bed and recover your vitality, live a healthy lifestyle and try herbal male enhancement pills.

These natural remedies can be amazingly effective. But, it’s always important to visit a doctor, too.

If you are struggling in terms of having or maintaining erections on a regular basis, then make an appointment with a health care provider.

They will examine you to ensure you don’t have something serious, and then they can recommend treatment to address the problem.

As we grow older, sexual problems can easily occur. This is a natural process and happens to almost everyone.You don’t have to suffer with it in silence and you can fight back. Make use of these natural solutions today and recover your youthful sex drive, so you can enjoy a happy and fulfilling sex life, even in your old age.

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