10 Ways to Make Sure Your First Lover Isn’t Your Last

10 Ways to Make Sure Your First Lover Isn't Your Last

Here’s the truth: It could be challenging to make everything right the first time you have sex with someone. Believe it or not, even the most experienced men in bed do rookie mistakes from time to time, especially when it involves a new woman. This is because every woman is different, which means its preferences and choices in bed are different, too.

More importantly, it is hard to decipher a woman’s preferences in bed. Even the guys with the most brilliant minds can’t even figure them out and how their minds work. Still, this does not give you a license to mess it up; especially on the first time you decide to do the deed. After all, almost two-thirds of women who answered a survey from Men’s Health said that they consider first time sex as an indicator of a relationship’s potential.

The truth is women are not exactly complicated creatures. You just have to do these 10 tricks and for sure, she will be it to win it.

1. Don’t Rush It

womenThis is the first and most important rule you need to remember. Apparently, the three-date rule is not applicable in most cases.

Surprisingly, women are willing to wait longer before they decide to do it with you. Hence, the best way to go about this is to wait for her. If she’s not ready, then don’t push it.

Keep in mind that women are emotional creatures. You need to establish an emotional connection before she does it with you. You have to be observant on this one, because a woman will drop hints if she wants to do it right then and there, or not. If she starts to create some total privacy for you two, inviting you for dinner while her parents are away, then take the hint. You know what she wants.

2. Clean Up

Fine, your apartment needs to be somewhat clean and a bit more organized, since you’ll never know if you’ll do it in your place.

Aside from your pad, keeping yourself clean is also important – not just up there but also in the area down south.

Brazilian waxes may be out of your option, but at least trim your area down there. A little manscaping goes a long way, since you’ll never know if she decides to pay a visit to your lower region.

Taking a shower and allowing your pheromones to work will turn her on. However, it won’t hurt if you clean the area down there – and other areas where body hair is uncontrollable. A woman will appreciate it if you pay attention to yourself, too.

3. Dress To Impress

DressPeople will always tell you to dress comfortably and according to your own style. True. When it comes to dating and women, you need to set aside some of your personal choices of clothes to make sure you look decent and more presentable.

Think of clothes as an investment. If you dress looking like trash, then women will treat you the same way, since you don’t even bother checking yourself in front of the mirror.

On the other hand, if you take time to pick your clothes, then you can get someone’s attention. Don’t underestimate your undergarments, too, since women pay attention to it, as well. Briefs are okay, but the words “little boy” may be written all over your forehead. Boxers are fine, too, but they’re laid back and not a perfect undergarment, especially for your first time.

Try boxer-briefs. They are sexier and more sophisticated than boxers or briefs.

4. Treat Her Like A Queen

They say chivalry is dead these days. Unfortunately, most men forget the importance of opening doors, giving flowers and staying on the danger side while crossing the street.

If you are one of those dudes who think that being a gentleman is dead, then there is still time to fix it – and you need to fix it now.

Always remember this: Thoughtfulness goes a long way. It’s not too late to plan a terrific first date or do something special for her, and it’s doing more than just flowers and chocolates.

Women want to see that you take extra effort to do things for her. Don’t underestimate the power of making her feel special, since it really goes a long way, which could lead to the bedroom.

5. Be Friends With The Lip Service

Lip ServiceDid you know that one to none in seven women is willing to have sex with you without any make out session first?

She may be willing to jump in with you and snuggle, but you need to assure her that you are more than just a one-night stand kind of guy.

The best way to do this is to spend some time in the kissing department. Before you go down on her, take time to explore her lips and give them the royal treatment they deserve. Don’t forget to alternate soft,  with gentle sucking. Your tongue is also crucial in this process, so make sure to take advantage of it as well – just don’t go overboard.

6. Pay Attention To Nonverbal Cues

Here’s the truth: Women say what they don’t really mean and feel,so they won’t hurt your feelings. Even if they say they are fine or not bored, you have to look into their eyes, body movements, and even their feet to find out if they are telling the truth.

Nonverbal cues are quite powerful. If you don’t pay attention to them, and get caught up in the excitement, then you might find yourself thrown out of the door and called a pervert.

Read her signs; hence the need to go back to tip number one, which is don’t rush sex. You will be able to prevent awkward moments if you take time to observe how she responds to your moves.

7. Remember The Warm Up

You decided to be friends with the lip service and you pay extra attention to her body movements and nonverbal cues. Fortunately, she is dropping some hints that she’s ready to take it to the next level.

If that is the case, don’t jump right into her for some action. Relax, breathe and remember this important word: foreplay.

It is understandable that you want to fast-forward it to the main event. However, foreplay is important, because most women need something that will help them warm up and get ready for what is about to happen. Women reach climax slower than men, and believe it or not, women sometimes fake the big O, since they don’t want to exhaust you from all that humping.

If you want to give her the best sex of her life, make her body tingle to rev up her sex drive.

8. Don’t Forget The Condom

Birth control is something you don’t often discuss on the first date. Still, this doesn’t mean you can just have sex anytime without even considering protection.

In this case, take the lead. Asking her if she prefers sex with or without a condom can make her uncomfortable and a surefire way to get her out of the bedroom. Therefore, make sure that you always have a condom on hand. Being prepared in this department is a must, since no women would want to get pregnant the first time she has sex with you.

Just make sure to take note of how long your condom is sitting on your wallet. They do have a short shelf life.

9. Tickle Her Senses

Let’s say you are getting an encouragement for her. That is great news. Now, kiss your way down and spend more than five minutes exploring the inner beauty of her area down south.

Make a first full stroke from her perineum all the way to her inner labia without touching her clitoris. Kiss her inner thighs and listen to the way she breathes. Then repeat the process.

Once she’s in the mood, ace the main event. If you can hold the next 20 minutes of your life doing her, then you’ll be fine. Start with a tame position such as missionary. Women want to meet your eyes first before you go for the rough, naughty actions. If you are able to establish an emotional and physical connection, then move on to the next position in the phonebook, or rather the sex book.

10. Have A Post-Coital Plan

Here’s the problem with most men: once you let out all of those juices, cuddling is out of the vocabulary.

If you head straight to the shower after the main event, she’ll think that you are only after sex – and nothing else. Don’t be one of those guys and be the better man.

Reassure her that you are not just after getting laid. Start with cuddling. Holding her hand, lying down with your hand on her stomach or her head resting on her arm is exactly what she needs in terms of reassurance. The following day, give her a call or send her a non-personal text message. A warm follow-up makes her feel wanted, which is what she wants to get from serious-worthy dudes like you.

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