10 Ways to Ease Yourself Through the Back Door

Are you an adventurous person in the bedroom? Do you feel like you have to try out everything there is in the sex department, so that you feel satisfied and pleasured sexually?

special ladyAlthough it seems fairly simple to get your special lady to try out all kinds of things in bed, you might get the facts wrong.

Getting her to do oral sex on you could take little effort, because she wants to find things that pleasure you and make you feel more like a man, right?

Asking her to reenact sexual fantasies that you both have doesn’t take too much work, either. However, have you tried asking her about anal sex and how she feels about it? If you have, then you know that a majority of women will not even entertain the thought of being penetrated from the back door for various reasons.

If you’ve always wanted to see what the fuss is all about concerning anal sex, and you and your special lady have discussed trying it, but you still don’t know how to start, what you really need are some helpful pointers. Put yourself in her position, since you aren’t the one being penetrated through a tight hole, you probably don’t know exactly how she feels about it. Here are the 10 ways you could ease yourself through her back door.

1. Talk About It

talking about personal issuesAnal sex isn’t the most favored topic by women. If you two have never talked about anal, then you first need to find out if she is even at all interested in doing this with you.

The best way to go about this is as you two are talking about personal issues, especially if the sex topic opens up randomly one evening, go ahead and bring up the idea. Let her know that you’ve been thinking about it and get her thoughts about it.

Let her rant as much as she wants about it and get to the bottom line, which is, is she interested in trying it out with you or not?

You also need to reassure her that you aren’t trying to force her into it and you were just thinking about it, since you two are at the next level in the relationship and you wouldn’t want to enjoy that activity with anyone else except her. Let her know you’ll be gentle and do everything she wants you to do. Be as cheesy as you want because anal sex really does take guts and understanding for any woman to try out.

2. Make Sure You Aren’t Pressuring Her Into It

her back doorLike mentioned before, since you’re the man, you have no idea how she is feeling, because you aren’t the one being penetrated. So, unless you’re also willing to have something up your anus, then don’t force her.

This is one of the biggest no-no’s, because if she feels uncomfortable with the thought all together, then your chances of getting her to open up her back door for your is mighty slim.

Even if she is open to the thought of letting your penetrate her from behind, once you two are in the actual moment, try to make her feel comfortable. Try to turn her on much more, so that her trust in you being with her both physically and mentally is there. Be slow with her and let her feel sexy as you introduce the entire experience to her.

3. Use The Lube Wisely

You have to realize that a person’s anus doesn’t produce natural lubrication. In other words, a woman’s butthole doesn’t get wet to make penetration easy.

That is the reason you have to use the lube wisely. You should make sure you have enough lube for the entire sexual encounter, so you don’t have to make a quick run to find some during sex.

It depends on the two of you what you kind of lube you want to buy, it is probably best to ask her what kind she wants, since she is the one who needs it way more than you. Try out a silicone-based lube, since they are extra slippery. Remember, the more lube you use, the better it will be for the two of you.

4. Make Sure That She Is Relaxed From The Beginning

Something you have to remember is that you have to relax her from the very beginning of foreplay.

Turn her on like you have never turned her on before and let her lay there for a couple minutes or so, just so she could enjoy you pleasuring her. If a woman isn’t relaxed, the more painful anal sex with become, because her anal sphincter will tense up.

Try to prevent her from getting nervous as you two ease into anal sex, because it could all stress her out and be conscious of the act all along the way. You will realize that the slower you ease into anal sex, the more sensual the entire experience will be for the both of you. Do all the things that she likes. Go down on her and give her a massage just to let the tension and nervousness out.

5. Have The Anus Clean And Heathy

Once you talk have decided on trying out this new sexually adventure, go ahead and clean her anus. This is the best way to getting the journey started for the two of you.

You could use an anal enema or anal douche to clean the passageways of the anus. This is healthy for both of you so that you two don’t have to worry about feces being stuck in the anus during penetration.

To set the mood right, you could also set up a long, romantic bath together. Wash one another and stimulate your lady’s back and buttocks to help her feel relaxed. Warm her anus up, so that she is more than willing to let you insert her back door.

6. Start Massaging Her Buttocks

Before you two start with anal sex, go ahead and massage her buttocks externally. By caressing her body, you could create a more intimate and romantic connection with her.

Have your lady kneel on her hands and knees, so that you have access to her behind. Spread over yummy-smelling lotion or oil on her backside and lower back. This could help her unwind and de-stress before you two proceed with this new deed.

7. Finger Her

Behinds fingering her vagina to turn her on, try introducing your fingering skills to her anus. This will ease into the entire anus sexual experience.

Ask her if she is ready and if it would be okay if you started touching her anus. Make sure you have enough lube on your fingers. Play around with her hole gently, so that it feels good to her.

As you start to insert your finger, ask her how she is feeling. Does it hurt or feel some discomfort? Remind her to slowly and deeply breathe in and out, so that she could feel relaxed. Check in with your lady as much as you can, so that she knows that you are interested in how she is feeling. As she starts feeling more comfortable, you could slowly introduce more fingers inside.

8. Use A Condom

CondomNo matter how safe and clean your lady is, using a condom is the best for the both of you. It will keep the both of you clean and away from sexually transmitted diseases.

Since the anus is a tight orifice, if you choose to insert anything in there, the linings around the anus or passage ways could rip and cause bleeding. By wearing a condom, you are protecting not only yourself but also your lady from certain conditions that could arise.

9. Make Sure Your Lady Is Always In Control Of Anal Penetration

Any woman alive likes to know that you, as a man, respect her boundaries and limits and that you will not go faster or deeper when she is not ready for it.

Go gentle, go slow and allow her to call the shots with the next level of insertion. Remember, the more she trusts you, the more relaxed she will be with letting you penetrate her from behind.

Make sure to keep good communication during anal sex, so that she knows you’re interested in everything she has to say, and how she is feeling. If she wants to stop because it’s hurting her, then understand her wants and needs.

10. Relax And Have Fun

Just because anal sex is a new experience, it doesn’t mean that you two shouldn’t have fun along the way. Do all the sexual activities that you used to do together, so that you two are both comfortable and relaxed. It should not be fun for just you, it should be an amazing and fun-filled experience for the both of you.

If you have problems with lasting the whole night through or getting an erection, you should consider trying out male enhancement supplements such as ProSolutionPills.

You could last as many rounds as your special lady wants. Who knows, she might even want more anal sex, so you have to be ready.

Anal sex is no joke, and you have to consider all the factors that go into it. Your number one priority is to let your lady know that she is the most important aspect. Without her trust and cooperation, this entire experience will never occur. Keep these tips in mind, so that you two could have a hot and sexy anal experience.

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