10 Things Guys Can Learn From Fifty Shades of Grey

You probably have heard about a certain Christian Grey. You know, the 27-year-old, handsome, sensitive, successful, self-made billionaire who drives a helicopter to take his girlfriend, Anastasia Steele, on a date.

Every woman just wants to be Ana and have a Christian Grey as their own. Ooh, sounds like a rival, right? Well, that is, except for one thing – Christian Grey is a fictional character from the book and movie series, Fifty Shades of Grey.

The story is about a man who had a dark and traumatic childhood, yet despite everything, he was able to make good for himself and became this young and successful CEO and the most eligible bachelor in the United States – at least he is in the books.

There’s just one hitch: Christian Grey’s love-making style is rather interesting. He’s a dominant man who has a fetish for BDSM. Yet he falls in love with the innocent, yet daring Anastasia Steele and they learn to meet halfway eventually.

He sounds like an interesting guy, is he not? You probably would like to meet him, too, if he were not a product of E.L. James’s very active and wild imagination. But the good news is, you can be him. You can be him to your woman and even beat his hearts-and-flowers techniques. You just have to know how Mr. Grey works.

So, without further ado, here are 10 things you can learn from the protagonist of the Fifty Shades series – the man with fifty shades himself – Christian Grey.

1. Christian Grey Is Faithful

being faithful to your partnerChristian has a strict policy and is particular with loyalty and faithfulness to his partner. He even has a contract to bind his oath.

As it should be for all men – and even for women – being faithful to your partner is the number one requirement for trust and for a relationship to work harmoniously. That means no sidelines, no other third parties and no breaking of trust.

As Christian Grey has taught many men and inspired many women with his loyalty to Ana, this is something that all men should mirror. Stay faithful to your partner to make her secure and deeply happy. Remember this: A happy wife is a happy life.

2. Christian Grey Is sensitive

Women love their men to be sensitiveMost men find being sensitive is a display of weakness. Well, guess what – Christian has proven you otherwise. Women love their men to be sensitive to their emotions and feelings.

It has been a common norm that men really are not sensitive and in truth, women are really a lot more sensitive than men. But Christian Grey displays sensitivity like a woman, without jeopardizing his manliness.

Being sensitive to your partner’s emotions and feelings will not lead her to think that you’re acting like a girl. If you consider how she feels, she will appreciate you and even confide more in you, just like how open Ana was to Christian.

3. Christian Grey Pampers His Woman

look goodChristian Grey knows the needs of a woman. You don’t have to be a woman to know that fact. Every woman wants to look good, feel good and there is one ultimate thing that women just love to do – shopping.

You may not give her a sky-is-the-limit budget if you give her a pamper day, but it’s always the thought that counts.

So treat your girlfriend to a couple’s massage, or buy her some new shoes or jewelry. Dine out at a fancy restaurant and let her eat all the dessert she wants. A small amount swiped through your credit card wouldn’t hurt, especially if what you will have in return is a happy woman who is willing to pay you back in bed.

4. Christian Grey Is Driven By Success

Driven By SuccessHe’s not hungry for success, that’s different. Mr. Grey is just driven, and being driven is enough to get him to the top.

Christian Grey likes to have control in many aspects of his life, and for him, success is something that he can definitely control.

You don’t have to be the CEO or the head of your department in your company. You just have to be driven and someone with clear direction. Your lady loves to see you in control with your life knowing that whatever work or life throws at you, you can still steer in the clear.

5. Christian Grey Is Decisive And Firm

Decisive And FirmWell, you probably make big decisions of your own, too. Are you firm enough to stand by these decisions? One thing to learn from Christian Grey is his decisiveness and firmness when making his decisions.

Once he sets his eyes on a specific target, he makes a decision and consistently gives whatever it takes to get to that target.

This is why he got the love of his life, Ms. Anastasia Steele.Your woman would love to see you be the same way. Be decisive and firm in making your choices and stand up for these choices. Nothing says “man” better than a man who can keep his word.

6. Christian Grey Is Cheesy

helicopterChristian takes Ana on extreme dates – a helicopter ride, an air glider ride, a ride on his yacht and he gives her what she wants, even if she doesn’t know that she wants it yet.

That’s Christian, he’s a billionaire. It doesn’t mean that you do the same and spend thousands to have these extreme dates.

Be creative. Be resourceful in planning your dates. It doesn’t have to always be a dinner at your favorite restaurant or anything expensive. Plan out a hike together; go on a long drive; kiss her senseless in the middle of a busy street. Being cheesy means what you give her and do to her is from the heart. She’ll love that.

7. Christian Grey Asks His Woman What She Is Thinking

Ask her what she is thinkingA woman’s brain is a sea of complex and complicated thoughts – women are just like that and your woman is no different.

She thinks of things thoroughly and it sometimes makes her weary and a little stressed. Ask her what she is thinking once in awhile.

The heavy load of the hundreds of thoughts swarming her brain will be lighter if she has someone to confide these thoughts to. Listen to her and allow her to share what she is thinking.

She will be so extremely grateful for your thoughtfulness and sensitivity to her thoughts, that she may start being completely open with you and confide anything with you. That’s establishes a strong and intimate connection with your woman that will lead more intimacy.

8. Christian Grey Gives His Woman Time For Herself

friendsJust like how you want time for yourself, for your thoughts and even for your friends, your woman would also appreciate if you give her time for herself.

Christian Grey may be very possessive of Ana, but he has always given her time so she can think, make decisions and even catch up on her reading.

Your woman will appreciate it if you give her a window of time for herself once in a while. It would and should not really take long; women don’t take a lot of time composing themselves. When she’s done, you can bet she come back to your arms right away.

9. Christian Grey Is A Master Of Seduction

Master Of SeductionYou probably don’t have any problems seducing your lady into your bed to make love. But the same old routines can have her yawning sometime in the future.

So, just like Christian Grey, work up some new seduction tricks to get her hot and ready every time.

You don’t have to go all BDSM on her – that would require her approval first for that kind of love-making. But you can whip up a seduction magic that is new and fresh for her.

The anticipation will make her hot and ready, each new technique will be a surprise for her. The best way to seduce her is to slow down and focus on her responses to your every move. She will notice your attention to detail and love you for it.

10. Christian Grey Makes Love Like There’s No Tomorrow

If you don’t already know, the Fifty Shades trilogy has about 75 percent love-making scenes by Christian and Ana. You can only imagine how each scene is described carefully and intricately. But just as every scene is different from the other, so does Christian Grey makes love to Ana in a different way each time – and every time he does, it’s intense like there’s no tomorrow.

love-making sceneYour woman wants exactly that each time, and that is what the hype is mainly about when it comes to Fifty Shades and Christian Grey.

It’s time to level up your lovemaking skills and make love to your woman like she’s your goddess.

Now you can see how Christian Grey works his way to winning Ana’s heart and probably every other woman’s heart who has read the books and seen the movie. It’s not so hard, though.

He just knew that he wanted Ana and he pursued her, not stopping even after she finally had her. But what the book really teaches is that courtship is a never ending cycle in a relationship.

Basically, it all boils down to one thing – as it should always be – to love your lady intensely, so that she will not have time to look for excitement from any other men or from romance novels. This way, you can be her Christian Grey or you can even be a greater lover than him, so she will not have to or even want to compare you to anyone.

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