10 Things About Sex He Doesn’t Want You to Know

Some men usually avoid sex, not because they don’t want it, but because of other issues, such as premature ejaculation and erection problems. When a man starts experiencing sexual health issues, it damages his self-esteem and he cultivates a fear of failing in sex. Then, when it comes to lovemaking, he keeps thinking of attaining an erection and fails to impress his woman. What are the other fears that plague men? Here’s the detailed list.

1. Will I Be Able To Sustain Erection?

One of the biggest sexual fears of men is that they will not be able to hold on for the long haul. He might worry about his addictions, alcohol and age affecting his erection potency.

Moreover, with constant anxiety to sustain an erection, he will find the task even tougher.

Experts indicate that more than ninety percent of men who believe they are impotent suffer from psychological fear. Only the remaining ten percent of cases are biological.

There is no way any man can force themself to have an erection. Erections will only happen in response to sexual stimulation. Indulging in foreplay without thinking much about the organ will help men achieve an effective erection. Your partner understanding your fears and cooperating also plays an important role in helping getting over this psychological impotence.

2. What If I Come Early?

Another great sexual fear of men is premature ejaculation. If a man suffers from premature ejaculation, he may not be able to last very long in bed and satisfy his woman.

In order to remain on the safe side, such men declare that they have no intentions to please their women in bed and they are just doing the deed to please themselves.

They act like they don’t care about women, but the fact is they have performance anxiety. This ignorance leads to a one-sided relationship and loss of the valuable opportunity to please their women sexually. Although ejaculation anxiety is common, there are simple and yet effective ways to tackle it.

Men can last longer in bed by making use of techniques, such as imagining their penis to be a power tool during sex. Focusing on the physical act, rather than their organ will also work wonders in bed. It will also calm their nerves and make them perform better.

3. Is My Size Big Enough?

sex and womenThis is the oldest debate going on concerning sex and women- Does size really matter? Well, many men secretly fear that their member is not big enough for successful intercourse.

But, the truth is that size only matters if you are really worried about it or your size is below what is considered average. If you are confident about your lovemaking skills, you can easily give your girl the ultimate orgasm.

4. Is She Faking It?

fake orgasmsMany women do fake orgasms just to make their partner feel better. They scream, try making weird faces and move their body up and down to assure their partner that they are experiencing real ecstasy.

Men are really worried about whether or not their women are faking it or really experiencing a real orgasm.

Very often, women who fake it cheat on their men in order to look for other partners who can give them real orgasms. If you want to check if your woman is experiencing a real orgasm, insert a finger in her anus or vagina while she is coming. If it does not contract voluntarily, she is faking for real.

5. Does She Compare Me With Her Previous Partner?

Most men worry about this from time to time. Just to make things a bit tougher for you – yes, women do compare.

But, come on, you need to face it. What can you do to make her feel exultant that you are her best partner? Learn the right skills to give her great sex.

One of the sexiest things you can do to your woman is to give her an oral orgasm during lovemaking. Just flip some pages of “Kama sutra”to learn some effective sexual positions to try on your lady. She will definitely boast about how incredible you are in bed, and she will never once think of sleeping with any other men.

6. What About My Pot Belly?

gymLike women that are worried about how they look or are perceived by their men, men are also worried about their physical appearance.

Men do have their own set of fears regarding their protruding potbelly or too thin of a body frame.

If you are too conscious of your physique, hit the gym, cut back on your fat intake and yes, have more sex. Research indicates that sex is a great way to shed those stubborn pounds.

7. Is My Woman Cheating?

It’s not only men, but women, too, who cheat on their men. Women usually cheat when they are stressed out by a strained relationship.

It can be related to personal conflicts, difference in opinion, absence of emotional connection, not feeling appreciated and last but not least, dissatisfaction in bed.

With that said, figures indicate that more than fifty percent of women admit on cheating on their men on at least a couple of occasions. Some simply do it for revenge. So, if you are one of those that think you are not able to create magic in bed, learn some creative sexual skills to surprise her and completely blow her mind.

8. What If She Got Pregnant?

PregnantMost men who are not ready to become fathers are worried about making their woman pregnant.

It is important to get over the fear of getting your woman pregnant or you won’t be able to enjoy having sex. You can also discuss your fears with your woman.

Your best bet is using birth control measures, such as condoms. Condoms are a hundred percent effective when you use them right.  She can start taking birth control pills if you are not happy with the idea of wearing a condom.

9. Does My Dirty Talk Turn Her Off?

Usually guys are termed ‘rough’ about all things related to sex, but when it comes to talking dirty, shyness becomes their biggest obstacle.

Talking dirty with your woman can take your sex to another passionate level. Most men try being dirty with their women, but their lack of communication skills sometimes ends up making them look stupid.

Most men are also afraid that they are going to cross the line and go overboard enough to offend her. A simple way to get over a fear of talking dirty is to start the conversation like this: “Hey, I was thinking about talking dirty, but I’m not sure if you are really comfortable with this.” If she seems excited, proceed slowly.

10. She May Not Like My Dragon Breath?

kissesIt is difficult to enjoy those passionate kisses when you are worried about your dragon breath. The only way to avoid bad breath is by practicing healthy oral habits.

A clean mouth will limit your chances of turning off your woman. Try drinking plenty of water throughout the day to prevent bad breath caused by dehydration.

Cut back on the consumption of pungent foods, like garlic or onion. You may also brush your teeth before sexual encounters. Pop some mints in your mouth to refresh your breath.

Sex is one of the ingredients in any relationship that keeps partners bonded-emotionally, as well as physically. If you think you are unable to impress your woman with your sexual skills, try natural male enhancement pills from prosolutionpills.com.

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