10 Surprising Ways Sex Benefits Your Body

If, for some reason, you are looking for one more reason to have sex, then you have come to the right place. While many of us will be at our significant other’s sexual beck and call at the drop of a hat, some may need more coercing than others.

Intercourse has been scientifically proven to help our bodies in a multitude of different ways. From helping to relieve pain, to even preventing cancer, sex does the body good. We guarantee you will like what you hear from this list of ten surprising ways sex benefits your body.

1. Make Love to Boost Your Mood Naturally

Sexual intercourse has been directly linked to a decrease in anxiety, paranoia and depression. Don’t believe us?

Let’s get scientific – endorphins are hormones within our bodies that have the ability to affect the body’s nervous system.

When these hormones are released into the central nervous system, the body experiences an analgesic effect, which in turn causes you to feel great.

Intercourse, and orgasms in particular, release large quantities of endorphins into the body; so having that ultimate orgasm will make you one very happy person.

Ladies may benefit in more ways than one from a sexual encounter. While orgasms are indeed natural mood-boosters, semen also contains many hormones that help enhance mental and emotional health, as well. Just to list a few, semen can help reduce depression and levels of testosterone, oestrogen, and prolactin in the body.

Still not sold? Drops in these levels of hormones were noticed within hours of a woman’s exposure to semen. Please note that these studies were conducted on monogamous couples, so it is important to note that a one-night stand may not do the trick.

2. Hook Up for Lustrous Hair and That Rosy Glow

skin and hairAs previously mentioned, you will be mentally and emotionally satisfied after having sex, but who would have thought your body can physically benefit from intercourse, too?

It’s true. Having sex is proven to help improve your skin and hair.

During intercourse, estrogen levels multiply, twice to be exact. An increase of estrogen within the body helps skin to become smoother, and hair to become softer and shinier.

Why is this? Well, the hormone we are talking about here is responsible for maintaining skin thickness, balancing fluids, and increasing the production of collagen.

When all of these jobs are completed effectively, the skin will have a more youthful and brightened appearance. Estrogen also helps hair grow longer and healthier, because it works on your hair follicles, similarly to the rest of your skin.

What’s even better is that vigorous sex that causes you to break out in a sweat can help even more. Sweat helps cleanse your pores and also reduces the risk of dermatitis, which is an inflammation of the skin. So, we find that the rougher the sex, the better.

Forget Biotin pills. Sex is exactly what the doctor ordered. Well, no – we are not doctors, but we still recommend that you get your groove on if you are looking for that radiant glow. It’s much cheaper than all of those skin creams and treatments, and much more fun, too.

3. Sexier Sex For A Longer Life

anxietyThat’s something we are all interested in, right? A longer, healthier life? Well then have more sex.

Sex has been scientifically proven to help increase lifespan. In fact, frequent orgasms help this number increase even more.

If you are looking for the scientific evidence to back up this claim then listen up: we have already discussed how sex decreases stress, right? Remember? Sex can help decrease depression, anxiety, and paranoia; that’s right, we have mentioned this already. Keep it up.

Chronic stress is one of the leading causes of death. Right up there with cancer, heart disease, and suicide – chronic stress is truly a killer. In correlation with sex decreasing stress, your body will in turn fulfill a longer, healthier life. So take our advice and have a healthier sex life. It will help calm you down and live longer.

4. Sexercise for a Toned Body

gymAre you one of those people who scoff at the thought of heading to the gym? Then head to the bedroom instead, or somewhere else for your sex session, if that’s what you are into. Sexual intercourse, even a quickie, helps burn calories and strengthens muscles.

Of course, the more aggressive, barbaric sex will burn more calories, but you might be surprised to hear how many calories your quickie can burn, as well.

On average, a quickie-a sexual intercourse for less than twenty minutes, can burn around 50 to 70 calories. Sex burns approximately 144 calories per half hour. These other sexual activities can burn calories as well:

  • Massaging – 80 calories per hour
  • Romantic Dancing – 100 calories per half hour
  • Making Out – 200 calories per half hour
  • Oral sex – 100 calories per half hour

As you can imagine, your own unique combination of sexual activities can burn quite the calories, so skip the gym, and have fun with your partner, instead.

5. Get Intimate for More Magnetism

Now hang in there with us on this one; it might sound crazy, but the more sex you have, the more you will attract the opposite sex. It sounds animalistic, but it’s scientifically proven.

Intercourse releases pheromones. What are pheromones exactly? Pheromones are chemicals within our bodies that activate outside of our body to attract others of the same species.

This is why so many companies are beginning to sell products, such as pheromone perfume, because adding the secretion of pheromones throughout your body will help attract others.

How exactly do pheromones work? Well, we all emit our own “brand” of pheromones. These pheromones attract other people who emit very different pheromones. This is why you are hopefully not attracting your sister. Yikes. Certain physical activities help release pheromones, such as ovulation, sweat, and of course, sex.

So, if you are looking to attract more lovers, then it is in your best interest to start boosting the secretion of these pheromones. We are not suggesting that you go out and sleep with everyone in sight, but maybe you could work up a good sweat in the gym. Or if you are in a monogamous relationship, simply have more sex.

6. Skip Pain Relievers: Sex  is a Healer

painkillersIntercourse has been proven to naturally relive pain, and surprisingly, sex is ten times more effective than painkillers alone.

Upon orgasm the levels of oxytocin, a hormone in the body, increase which causes a larger amount of endorphins to be released. Endorphins calm the body and allow for a euphoric state, so any pain prior to the orgasm will be alleviated.

Particularly, sex can help relieve migraines. Migraines cause a buildup of pressure in the blood vessels of the brain, and during sex this pressure is lowered naturally. So, the next time your significant other tells you that they have a headache, playfully remind them that sex will actually help heal their headache.

And, well if that doesn’t work, then maybe you should bring up the other reasons why sex is healthy for you – you know, since you will be an expert and all, once you have finished this article.

7. Sexy Night for Sleeping Tight

Ever wonder why you feel sleepy after a great sex session? Well, there’s scientific reasoning to explain why.

We have already explained in a section above how sex helps boost the production of oxytocin, but in case you skipped it here’s the shortened version: oxytocin helps you relax, and by increasing this hormone during sex you feel more at ease.

Simultaneously, cortisol production is decreased during sex, which paired with the increase in oxytocin really helps you relax. Cortisol induces stress, so you do the math. Relaxation + decrease in stress = Goodnight, sweet prince.

Not only does this hormonal equation help anyone, but women in particular may experience the ultimate snooze after sex. Since estrogen levels increase during intercourse, a woman is likelier to experience a REM cycle, which will in turn allow for a deeper, sounder sleep.

So, if you find that you’re having trouble sleeping, then let your partner know. What better way to hit the hay then to fool around with your significant other? It’s got to be better than counting sheep any day of the week.

8. Do It for a Healthier You

Sexual intercourse is proven to help naturally relieve many of your ailments.

We have already discussed how a great sex session can help relieve you of your migraine pain, but did you know that sex can help with many other ailments, as well?

Sex can act as a natural antihistaminic, so if you are suffering from asthma, a fever, or a runny nose, then a quickie can help alleviate these symptoms.

Doctors have proven that sexual intercourse reduces your chances of getting sick. We are not just talking about the run-of-the-mill flu here, either. Sex helps lower the risk of getting colds and cancer.

That’s right – scientists have found that men who frequently ejaculate have a lower risk of prostate cancer in their later years. One study in particular cites that men who, on average, ejaculate around 15 times per month were at a significantly lower risk of prostate cancer than men who ejaculate less than 10 times per month.

Hormones released for both men and women help prevent against an array of diseases. For women, the release of estrogen helps protect he heart and effectively help against Alzheimer’s disease and osteoporosis. For men, testosterone helps strengthen muscle and bone.

9. Get Busy in Bed for Less Heart Disease Risk

Heart DiseaseWe are not talking about how love fills the heart with joy and all of that babble. We are saying that scientifically speaking, sex helps reduce the risk of heart disease.

Sex helps blood flow effectively throughout the body, so it is no wonder that doctors have linked healthy sex lives to lower risks of cardiovascular disease.

Doctors have conducted studies of men: healthy men, unhealthy men, men in relationships, single men, basically any guy they could find. Results of these many different studies have unanimously proven that men who partake in frequent, healthy sex have a lower chance of heart disease. Doctors claim the overall health of the man has something to do with these findings: healthy men who have the ability to have sex are more than likely going to have higher libido.

Men with higher libido are more than likely going to have a healthier sex life. So, if you find that you or your loved one suffers from erectile dysfunction, or another inability to have sex, then it is in your best interest to see a physician and become physically healthier – this will help you lead a healthier sex life.

10. Get Down for Lighter Periods and Fewer Cramps

Men just don’t seem to understand the pain that women endure during their “time of the month.”

Bloating, moodiness, and worst of all the stomach-churning cramps that fill the lives of women during those 5 to 7 days can leave them in a state of agony.

While sex may be the last thing on a woman’s mind during menses, doctors are beginning to say that sex can help reduce the pain caused by menstruation.

Similarly to a section above, sex releases endorphins and simply makes you happy. In addition to feeling “happy,” this release of hormones also acts as a natural a type of anesthetic that helps alleviate pain.

It is important to note that doctors also mention that this may not work for every woman. It is estimated that one in every ten females will find their menstrual cramps are soothed by sex, and with those odds we can’t see why it wouldn’t be worth trying.

We truly hope this article has given you even more reasons to have a healthier sex life. From curing the common headache to lowering your risk of cancer, sex has many surprising health benefits for your body. So what are you waiting for? Go grab your partner and help yourselves become healthier together.

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