10 Scientifically Proven and Powerful Aphrodisiacs in Your Kitchen

There is so much buzz going on about aphrodisiacs. According to stories, French King Henry VI drinks cognac with egg yolk every morning to give him a boost. The Kama Sutra also advised men to eat a meal with rice before having sex. If it’s not enough to convince you, even ancient Italians ate caviar, chocolate, chili peppers and oysters to boost their potency.

Well, at least that’s what people tell and pass on from generation to generation.

However, there is nothing wrong with going the natural way, in case you want some help in bed. Despite the availability of many male enhancement pills that promise you an instant boost, natural aphrodisiacs are cheaper, safer and yes, even effective.

If you are planning a romantic night with your girl, then you better make sure that these 10 proven and powerful aphrodisiacs are part of the menu.

1. Oysters

Oysters Okay, you have to get your green mind working here. What do oysters and women have in common?

The appearance, of course. If you noticed, the look of the oyster and that thing that women can offer down south has a resemblance.

Oysters are probably the most famous aphrodisiac ever known to man. Even Casanova, also known as the lover boy, reportedly ate oysters by dozen to give him a boost in bed. Aside from its similarity with the female genitalia, oysters are rich in zinc.

Zinc is an important mineral to pump up your sperm count and testosterone levels. It also aids in prostate health and fertility to make sure that overall sexual health is doing well. It also has iron, which can help you get in the mood for some action in bed.

2. Carrots

CarrotsIt turns out that carrots are not only for your eyes. Believe it or not, carrots offer more than just vitamin A, which is probably the reason why Bugs Bunny loves them so much.

Kidding aside, carrots are phallic symbols, which mean it can trick your mind to think about sex and put it into action. And that’s not all.

Together with its equally considered phallic symbols such as tomato and cucumber, carrots and the rest of the gang in the salad bar can do good things for you in the bedroom.

At the same time, carrots help you feel full and more energetic – and you know what happens when you have that extra energy. You need an activity that you can use it for, and the bedroom might be a good idea.

3. Animal Penises

tigerHmm, this one might not be pleasing to your eyes, but hey, there is a reason why people believe that certain herbs and foods are part of the aphrodisiacs list.

The natural ingredients either look like penis or, okay, be ready for this one, are actual penises.

No, not a human penis but animal penis. Breathe.

In certain cultures, eating the penis of an animal is highly encouraged. If you want to have that masculine power like a tiger, then you have to kill a tiger, get his penis out and eat it. If you want to have sex just like how dogs do it, then eat a dog penis.

In other words, you take some of the powers of certain animals when you eat their sex organs. If you can’t handle animal genitalia, then try snake’s blood. It somehow looks like a penis and used as an aphrodisiac for centuries.

4. Chocolate

ChocolateThere is an ongoing debate whether chocolate should be in the list of aphrodisiacs. For many, how the chocolate works and affects your mood in bed is all in the mind.

Since there is something sexy about licking your girl’s chocolate-covered nipples, you instantly get turned on.

On the other hand, many others believe that chocolates deserve a spot in the list. After all, it will always be part of hot picks during Valentine’s Day, right?

Here’s Why

The truth is chocolate has a certain effect on the brain to help you get in the mood. It has serotonin, or a chemical that makes you happy. Once you’re happy, your mood changes and makes you more inclined to be sweet to your partner.

However, the ultimate ingredient of chocolates is phenylethylamine. It is a natural neurotransmitter that works like a drug – in a good, harmless way – to boost those love emotions. Still, you have to be careful on eating too much. You don’t want that toothache, right?

5. Ginseng

Go to the nearest drugstore and ask for samples of male enhancement pills. The brand names may be different, but there is one common ingredient included in all pills: ginseng, or also known as “man root.”

Asian cultures are addicted to ginseng, not just because of what it can do to your man down there, but also because it can amplify your overall health.

Of course, there are many experts who still doubt ginseng’s capability inside the bedroom. There are a number of animal studies that prove ginseng do give a boost in sex however, the effects on humans are still unknown.

Still, there is no doubt that ginseng can amp up your energy. After all, one of the reasons why you’re probably having problems in the bedroom is because of a lack of energy. The good news is ginseng can help you with that.

6. Garlic

garlicFine, you may hate the smell when your girl is whipping up something in the kitchen. However, garlic can do a lot for your man down there.

You already know that blood flow is important to make sure your man can stand up and sustain it for the next few hours.

The good news is garlic can help regulate blood flow in your body, particularly the area down south to make sure it will happen. That’s not all. You must have heard that Italians are good lovers. Well, it may be because of garlic, which is an indispensable ingredient for them in the kitchen.

Don’t worry about your breath. You can always incorporate garlic in your favorite meals or even whip up simple dishes, such as eggs or pasta cooked in garlic and butter. And yes, garlic is good for your body too, thanks to its natural antibiotic properties.

7. Avocado

AvocadoDid you know that avocado in the Aztec language actually means testicles? Yes, you read that right. This is because avocado really looks like male testicles when hanging on the tree, hence its name.

Even if it looks like your set of twins down south, avocado can also do a lot of you inside the bedroom.

To start with, this nutritious fruit is rich in vitamin A, protein and potassium, or the essential nutrients needed by your body for better health. Aside from this, it is rich in non-essential fatty acids that help your body produce testosterone.

And if that’s not good enough for you, the combination of these nutrients can actually give you a strong boost for a better sex life. Remember, a healthy body means a healthy sex life, too.

8. Hot Peppers

Hot PeppersOkay, fine. This is taking the phrase “spicing things up” literally.

The truth is there are no studies to show that hot peppers or anything that can add spiciness to whatever dish are aphrodisiacs. The question now is why do hot peppers deserve a spot in the aphrodisiacs list?

The answer is simple. Spicy foods mimic the sexual response when you get too hot for someone. You can’t help but get the blood rushing in your entire body, whether it’s the pretty girl heading straight to you or your girl taking off her clothes.

In case you want a boost, hot peppers or anything spicy can help. Just make sure you don’t eat too much spicy foods, since it can ruin the mood, too.

9. Pumpkin Pie

What is your favorite time of the year? If you answered “Thanksgiving,” then you better read this.

Based on a study conducted by the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, the scent given out during Thanksgiving can increase penile blood flow by 40 percent.

And yes, even women get giddy, too. In case you smelled that fresh pumpkin pie from the kitchen, don’t be surprised when you also find yourself horny and looking for some action.

But it’s not just about the pumpkin pie. Other ingredients, such as vanilla and cinnamon can also contribute to your happy and horny mood.

10. Almonds

Did you know that the almonds, the King of Nuts, could help shift your sex drive up a notch? No kidding.

AlmondsBelieve it or not, the ancient Chinese, Indians and Arabs ate almonds to increase their sexual powers. Even Ayurveda, or the traditional Indian medicine notes that almonds help awaken one’s sexual desire.

Tim Ferris, author of The Four Hour Body, also said in his book that almonds helps boost his libido and sperm count four hours before he has sex.

Whether or not this is true, well, it’s for you to find out.

Here’s another fact: there are many other foods out there that work as aphrodisiacs. It may be due to tradition, social culture or a story passed on to your grandmother by her grandmother’s mother. Still, one thing remains – natural means for sex enhancement is always better than those pills made from processed ingredients.

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