10 Ridiculously Strange Fetishes Around the World

Here’s the truth: people are getting weirder and weirder day by day. But hey, so what, right? After all, being normal in today’s world is an understatement and slowly, people are starting to accept the weirdness in one another.

However, there are certain characteristics that are too hard for anyone to accept. Take the case of women who kill their own kids.

Although these individuals are suffering from mental conditions that could somehow mitigate their penalty, still, would you want these people moving freely? Of course not, right? Public safety comes first.

However, there are other strange individuals with weird, yet acceptable characteristics. Yes, they may have fetishes that may sound out of this world, but hey, who are we to judge them? Every person has their own weirdness in them, including you, and it only happens they have one – or more – of these strange inclinations on things.

1. Spectrophilia 

GhostYou start to think of Patrick Swayze as a super hot and sexy supernatural porn star when you first saw Ghost and watched it several times after until you memorized the lines. That’s fine – until you start to imagine being raped by a ghost and liking it.

Because of your fascination for ghosts, you found out that there actually people who were either raped by demons or having a romantic relationship with ghosts.

This is called spectrophilia or a type of sexual attraction to ghosts. It is also characterized by sexual arousal from images in mirrors, which also means you can get sexual satisfaction simply by looking at yourself in front of the mirror.

On the bright side, all you need to have is your imagination and belief that ghosts are following you just to get some, you know, action in bed.

2. Forniphilia

Can you imagine a house without any furniture? Aside from being dull and less functional, just think about how difficult it is to do everything on the floor.

Well, not until you are forniphilic.

By definition, forniphilia is the art of human furniture or the act of turning a woman into a functional piece of furniture. Need a table for your food? Then ask your girl to position herself as a table. Want a chair? Then tell your girl to transform her body into a chair. Need a bed, then tell her to act as a bed, so you can lie down comfortably.

In other words, forniphilia is the ultimate goal for any bondage enthusiast, since the woman is completely immobile while exposing all the possible holes in her body. Okay, now that is strange.

3. Sacofricosis

earningWhat do you think is one of best ways to make this world a better place? Well, aside from earning without doing anything, the ability to get pleasure anywhere they want to is the ultimate goal of some dudes.

Of course, humans are programmed to be resourceful and think of ways to make lives easier. Hence, the term sacofricosis is born.

Sacofricosis is a type of sexual paraphilia that describes people who make holes in their pants pocket so they can masturbate and jerk off anytime, anywhere, without getting caught. This means every time you feel horny while in a meeting, on a date, watching movies, eating in a restaurant and anywhere in public, you can touch yourself with ease – and people won’t even notice it.

4. Trichophilia

girl with a beautiful hairWho doesn’t want a girl with a beautiful hair? After all, it’s their crowning glory, right? Apparently, some guys take this hair obsession to the next level. And by next level, this means even caressing and kissing a woman’s locks.

No, they are not hairstylists and they are definitely not Zohan. Tricophilia is the correct term to describe these people with a bizarre obsession with hair. In fact, they simply find hair, particularly head hair erotic that they are willing to make out with it than actually kissing the girl on the lips.

If you are wondering if there are guys who also get turned on with a woman’s hair down there, well yes, there are. Although this one is quite acceptable since it is closer to a woman’s most prized possession down there.

5. Hierophilia

Blasphemy is a sin. In fact, it is part of the Ten Commandments. However, there are some dudes, or even women, who use Jackhammer Jesus as a sex toy to make their sexual experience even more exciting.

No, they are not some sickos. These people are called hierophile.

Hierophilia is a type of sexual fetish that involves sexual urges, fantasies or preferences involving religious and sacred objects. Believe it or not, hierophiles are religious people and entirely dedicated to their beliefs and faith. And by religious, yes, they pray all the time and have a kind of faith that can move mountains.

The problem is they have difficulty drawing a line between being religious and getting aroused with a picture of Jesus on the cross. They are so much into their religion to the point where it is hard to determine whether they love the sacred icons too much, or they simply want to make love to them.

6. Sitophilia 

bananasFood is meant to be eaten to make you full. Heck, where else would you use it unless it goes inside your stomach?

Well, things are different in the case of sitophiles.

Sitophilia is a form of sexual fetish wherein a person gets aroused by erotic situations that involves food including decorative food displays, preparing food itself, and even play about food.

In other words, picture that scene in Sex and the City where Samantha was lying down naked, with sushi on her body.

In case you met a girl who loves bananas, cucumbers, zucchinis, and any processed meat, well, you know what to do. The next time you have sex, make sure to get those aphrodisiac foods ready.

7. Agalmatophilia

There is a reason why people visit museums or see places with statues such as the Statue of Liberty or Lincoln Memorial. They want to see a glimpse of history and what happened thousands of years ago.

Well, agalmatophilies take things differently.

dollFirst of all, statues, dolls, mannequins and any other human-looking, figurative objects give them a certain kind of sexual urge.

Second, they want to have sex with that object and actually find pleasure from it, whether doing it in actual or simply a product of their imagination. Third, just imagine Lars in The Real Girl if you can’t picture how agalmatophilies really function.

Is it weird? Definitely, since statues can’t reciprocate your kisses. But, if you happen to have this kind of urge, then go ahead, no one is stopping you. Just make sure no one sees you butt-naked and actually trying to put yourself inside her, uhh, vagina – if the doll happens to have one.

8. Dendrophilia

treesEnvironmentalists love trees. It helps save Mother Earth from further destruction and at the same time, helps this world become a better place to live in especially for future generation.

Hence, you have to commend them for doing a great job in encouraging people to plant trees.

However, there is another group of tree lovers who look at these brown, giant trunks differently. They are called dendrophilies.

These tree lovers are so much into trees, they are willing to have sex with them – and like it. Or in case they are not in the mood for some action, these people have veneration towards trees and look at these as phallic symbols.

Not convinced that these kind of people do exists? Well, go ahead and type in “sexual interest in trees.” You’ll find tons of hippy pervs with their pants down and actually humping or kissing these trees. Well, good luck to their manhood. Ouch.

9. Zoosadism

AnimalOkay, this one is quite brutal. For sure, you’ve seen tons of heartless humans who find pleasure in killing or mutating animals. It probably makes you want to lock behind bars forever.

Prior to social media exposure, tons of animal rights groups were established here and there to promote animal rights, not just against abusive humans, but also on those who find sexual pleasure from mutilating animals.

Hence, the term zoosadism was born. This refers to bunch of a-holes who can orgasm after slitting animal throats and taking their eyes out. As to why they are doing it, well, maybe they are really psychos to begin with.

Research studies show that people who engage in mutilating animals eventually move on to humans. These sickos need to be taken right out of society for good.

10. Necrophilia 

NecrophiliaTwilight may be a success, but did you know that what Bella Swan felt for Edward Cullen is actually one of the strangest fetishes ever known to man?

This is called necrophilia, aka the sexual attraction to corpses. An example of this is Jeffrey Dahmer who kills his victims first before having sex with them. Disturbing? Definitely.

Can you imagine kissing a dead body and find pleasure from it? Eww. Unless they are member of the Cullens, go ahead and have sex with them.

Bizarre? Definitely? It only shows that humans are unpredictable and yes, definitely weird – or worse.

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