10 Reasons To Fire Your Left Hand

Masturbation is a favorite pastime of many guys. Why? The answer is simple. It’s free, safe (as believed by masturbators), and can be done in private with the only consent of the masturbator. What these guys don’t realize is that this favorite pastime can become an addiction. Guys spend a large portion of their day thinking about bashing their bishop and searching for all sorts of accessories to make this activity more pleasurable.

pastime of many guysLet’s face it, it feels good. Then, why do experts claim that addiction to masturbation can cause all sorts of problems? It is because masturbation is unhealthy for sexual life as well as the personal development of the individual. If guys are busy pleasuring themselves, then they will not be able to contribute to the greater good. And, moreover, sex for producing children may never happen. Here’s what else can be the after effect of masturbation:

1.    Debilitates You Of Vital Energy: You may not know it, but excessive masturbation drains your vital energy. Gradually, it makes you weak, dull and lifeless.

Giving up those endless masturbation sessions will fill you with loads of energy. You will want to take care of your job and family.

You will find yourself more concentrated on making money and fulfilling your dreams. You may want to hit the gym more, and you may want to spend more time with your girlfriend or wife.

2.    Leads To Erectile Dysfunction: Guys in their twenties and even those in their teens are constantly indulging in masturbation. They watch dirty porn movies to get sexually aroused.

Moreover, with an every-day masturbating habit, they find it hard to get an effective erection without watching hard-core pornographic movies.

They have to keep searching for dirtier porn clips to satisfy their masturbation habit, and this makes them stoop to any limit to fulfill their desire of masturbating, such as watching porn where men have sex with animals. Gradually, they become affected with erectile dysfunction. Also, ejaculating frequently through masturbation lowers sperm count.

3.    Stop You From Having Sex: Why would any guy bother to have sex with a woman when they have an easy way to satisfy their lust?

Easy availability of porn movies and adult magazines help arouse their sexual hormones and get them churning their butter.

Nowadays, the majority of young guys have no desire for sex. They don’t need girls since they are happy having sex with their hand or dolls.

4.    Makes You Look Feminine: Masturbation decreases the level of a male hormone, testosterone.

feminine facial structureCharacteristics of low testosterone level indicate feminine facial structure and a very high pitch voice.

It has been found that guys who refrain from masturbating more often during the age of puberty will have more testosterone to grow their facial bones and make their voice hoarse. High levels of testosterone also help to make men more attractive and increase their sex drive.

5.    Deteriorates Your Love Life: Guys who masturbate do not prefer having sex with a real girl. Instead, they love having sex with their hand while watching porn or fantasizing from dirty images.

The level of testosterone increases when abstaining from an orgasm. It does raise slightly sexual activity as well before returning to normal.

Experts indicate having sex with a girl increases your testosterone level and masturbation decreases it.

6.    Increases Anxiety: Guys who masturbate regularly suffer from terrible panic attacks, anxiety and high stress on a daily basis.

Watching porn and indulging in a self-deed clouds their mind and drastically inhibits their ability to think and act.

Chronic masturbation causes an imbalance of chemicals or hormones in the brain that causes bouts of panic attacks and anxiety.

7.  Cannot Make Eye Contact: Are you one of those guys who spend most of their time in the dark, jacking off to endless dirty clips?

If yes, then you will find it difficult to even look in the eye of any attractive woman. Masturbation drastically reduces the self-confidence of guys.

On the other hand, guys who spend most of their time in creative work and have not spilled their precious energy twice that day by playing with themselves are full of testosterone, have a manly voice and have the ability to make eye contact.

Feel Guilty8.    Makes You Feel Guilty: Masturbation always involves lustful sexual fantasies about imagined or real people. Eventually, it makes guys feel guilty and more irritable.

It makes them isolated from others, as well as creates a distance from God. This heightened sense of shame leads them to only darkness and cause downfall in their career and life.

9.    Inhibits Emotional And Sexual Development: Masturbation has a physical as well as psychological impact on masturbators. They consider this awful habit as a quick fix to manage their stress and anger.

Instead of finding effective ways to fight stress and irritability, they watch porn and masturbate to feel better mentally as well as physical.

This in long run leads to seclusion and resentment rather than true heart to heart connection that one finds in healthy sexual relationships with a partner.

10.    Damage To Penis: Guys who masturbate think they can spank as often they like, as long as they are not losing their job or getting into trouble because of their actions. This may be true because masturbation is not harming others, but excessive masturbation can bring about some nasty side effects. Harsh pulling and squeezing that takes place during masturbation can lead to painful sex, chafing and bruising of the penis.

Masturbation is definitely a sexual health addiction that can affect you negatively. It’s time you take charge of your health and adopt appropriate measures to come out of this gloom.

You just need to believe in yourself. If you have resorted to masturbation because you think you are unable to make love to your woman, you are damaging your self-confidence and your relationship with your partner.

woman in bedThere is no one-way to please your woman in bed. Things like kissing, small talk, and foreplay can make a woman truly satisfied. You can begin by making her excited all day regarding your plans for the evening. You can send her flowers with a personal love note. This will make her wait for you and she will be excited for the surprise you have in store for her.

Make love to a real partner instead of indulging in harmful addiction. Making use of safe sexual health supplements from prosolutionpills will only work to make things a bit more steamy for you and your partner. Get back to living a satisfying life again, not by yourself, but with your special someone.

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