10 Reasons for Catching Casual Sex in the Wild

There are a million and one reasons why you should not have casual sex. Aside from putting yourself at a higher risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases, sleeping around and trying one girl after another is, well, it’s so wrong. Breaking hearts and playing with other’s emotions just to have lots of hot sex is pretty selfish, after all.

On the other hand, new studies show that casual sex is actually good for you. That’s right people.

higher self-esteemDespite the calls against casual sex and one-night stands by conservative people who grew up in the 1920’s era, experts are suggesting that there’s good things you can get from casual sex, too.

According to a study conducted by NYU researchers, casual sex has a positive effect on one’s psychological well-being. After surveying 371 undergraduate students in a span of nine months, results showed that those who stick to having casual sex are less stressed out, but they also have a higher self-esteem than those who do not.

So, before you nod your head and give that disapproving look, here are 10 reasons why no-strings attached kind of relationships can be good.

1. Casual Sex Can Be Empowering

There’s always something about men and power. Or women and power for that matter. The same goes for inside the bedroom.

sexual desiresYou need to have that sense of control in order to fulfill your deepest sexual desires.

However, society and traditions dictate that you have to be in a relationship before you can enjoy these things. Culture tells you that an emotional connection is important to establish intimacy and without that, you can’t fully enjoy sex.

Not anymore. The good thing about casual sex is you can use it help you understand your sexuality better and your needs in bed. At times, the old stereotypes are no longer useful to help you navigate your needs. In fact, this is one of the major reasons why even women have sex outside of their relationships.

2. Casual Sex Helps You Learn More About Your Sexuality

Here’s a fact: being in a long-term relationship can be quite a bore, especially when you’re doing the same things over and over.

What’s even more problematic is when your partner is not even up for a challenge or not in the mood to bring something new on the table.

That’s the good thing about casual sex. Since it’s no strings attached, there is an unwritten rule that both parties should be at their best to make sure the sexual encounter will happen again. At the same time, it allows you to explore without worrying too much about how she’ll feel about it – although you need to ask if she’s willing to do this or not.

3. Casual Sex Helps You Connect With Your Emotional Self

Yes guys, apparently, you have that too. A lot of people think that since it is casual sex, there are no emotions involved.

long-term relationshipOf course not. You may not feel any emotional connection with your fuck buddy, but you definitely brew something for yourself deep down.

Just think about this. When you are in a relationship where lies, miscommunication and unmet expectations are taking over, you allow a part of yourself to be exploited. On the other hand, a series of hookups will tell you that a long-term relationship is out of the question and single life is the best way to do it – until you start to realize the pattern and is no longer up for it.

Whatever situation you are in, you will be able to test yourself out and find out on your own what works for you best. Plus, you’ll learn something along the way, which you can use to build a better you.

4. Casual Sex Allows You To Let Go Of Your Inhibitions

Admit it. Every time you court a girl, you make sure to put your best foot forward to make her fall in love with you.

Well, aside from being pretentious, new relationships are full of anxieties and worries, since there will always be a need to impress the girl and make sure she continues to love who you really are.

Well, not in the case of casual sex partners. Since there are minimal emotions involved, there is no need to talk about hopes and dreams and even financial issues.

You have sex, make sure to give her the best sex of her life, and you’re good to go. You allow some authenticity to flow, because you’re not out to impress someone.

5. Casual Sex Can Be a Good Venue To Help You Learn More About Sex

tongueUnfortunately, your sex education class will not tell you what the best positions are for you, or how to work out with your tongue while you give her an oral.

Relationships can help you learn about that and in fact, it is a good training ground. Since you’re in the best foot forward mode, you tend to worry that you might not satisfy her or you won’t be able to perform, thus forgetting what sex is supposed to be about.   

They say the best form of learning is through experience. How will you know if you haven’t tried anything yet? The good news is casual sex can help you with that.

You can try out new and sometimes unconventional things, because you can let go of your inhibitions. You open up yourself to possibilities of doing something different, because you’re not out there just to impress someone.

At the end of the day, you’re happy, she’s happy; you tried something different, you’re good.

6. Casual Sex Actually Helps You Become A Better Partner

Both in and out of bed that is. Contrary to popular belief and what your grandmother always tells you, casual sex has nothing to do with depression, or emotional or mental distress.

The problem with monogamous relationships is that couples tend to view sex as an obligation, something you have to do in order to get something in return.

Where Is The Fun In That?

Casual sex allows you to explore, to let go of your inhibitions, to provide pleasure without worrying about having to amaze someone. Once you get the hang of things, apply that in case you decide to stop fooling around and look for a serious relationship. You will see the difference.

7. Casual Sex Reduces Stress Associated With Long-Term Relationships

StressOkay, there is no intention to advocate casual sex here. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a long-term relationship, either. However, you can’t deny the fact that relationships and a nagging partner can be stressful.

There will always be days when you just want to get away from her, while there are days you are so in love with her, mainly because she agreed to do it on the stairs.

Kidding aside, you don’t have to deal with stress and drama in relationships. As soon you’re done with your business, you can bid your sex partner goodbye and go on with your lives. Of course, things are different when one falls for the other.

8. Casual Sex Has Lesser Expectations

Do you discuss your personal life with your sex buddy? Of course not, right? That means you’re stepping out of the line if you do that. That’s the beauty of casual sex.

moneyAside from minimal stress and worries that comes with relationships, there are fewer expectations, too. Your partner doesn’t care about how much money you make an hour.

They won’t make fun of your job or expect you to do this and that. Since your relationship is built purely on the physical side of things, that’s all you have to worry about.

There is no need to pretend because who you are is who you are – and she doesn’t have to live with it.

9. Casual Sex Is Not A Commitment

Many people believe that casual sex is for those who are scared of relationships and commitments. Well, probably, although there are others who do this for fun or out of boredom.

Still, there are fewer expectations with casual sex. You have a timeframe, meaning the relationship is only good for one to six months.

You limit your time together, and there is no pressure to go out and see you hand in hand in public. There is no need to introduce her to your friends and family and yes, you can dispense the cuddling and pillow talk, too.

10.Casual Sex Is Fun

broken heartAs long as you do it for the right reasons. If you’re having casual sex just to mend a broken heart, to get even with an ex to make her feel sorry for letting you go, or you’re looking for a rebound relationship, then casual sex is not for you.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a place where you can have fun and try out new things in bed minus the fear and worries, then casual sex is a good place to stay.

However, this doesn’t mean you can sleep around with whoever girl you want. There are still rules to follow and restrictions to remember to make sure you won’t end up acting like a jerk, just like the last guy she dated. Sure, there are benefits, but always remember these three things:

  1. Use protection at all times.
  2. Give her the best night of her life.
  3. Be nice and respectful.

Once you are able to do these three things, that’s the time you can surely enjoy all of these benefits.

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