10 Positions That Hit The G-Spot

10 positions that hit the g spot

When women discuss sex, they never miss a chance to talk about the popular G-spot. Although most men are clueless about the female’s G-spot, others spend hours to explore that spongy and velvety spot. If you feel as though you’ve tried every way to reach this pinnacle of pleasure and it is just not happening, fear not. Stimulating the G-spot is not as complicated as you think.

What exactly is the G-spot? The G-spot is a bean shaped spot that is situated approximately one to three inches inside the upper wall of the vagina.

During sexual arousal, the G-spot becomes sensitive and wet. And, at this point, most women need G-spot simulation to experience a fulfilling orgasm.

First, it is also important to stimulate your woman’s G-spot during foreplay before indulging in sexual intimacy. After all, you won’t like to get tired exploring her G-spot without preparing her for lovemaking, do you?

Start by passionately kissing her and caressing her breasts. Then, gently let your middle two fingers make their way into her vagina, and allow them to rub against the front vaginal wall just above her vulva.

You will find her asking for more. Her body language will change and she will cling more towards your body to experience that climax.

But wait, foreplay is just not enough. If you want to see your woman moan in excitement and crave more of you, it’s time to try different sex positions that allow your member to rub her G-spot. Continue reading to explore those passionate love making positions:

1.   Missionary Position With Pillow

pillowUsually, the typical missionary man on top of woman does not allow for effective stimulation of the G-spot. However, you can modify the normal missionary position for more G-spot contact.

Let her put a pillow under her bum with her legs straight up in the air. When a woman lies on her back with a pillow under her bottom, it props her butt up and brings the front wall of her vagina closer. This position also tilts the G-spot upward for maximum penis penetration during sex.

Tips:  Be gentle and slow when you enter her, so that she can enjoy the sensations and focus on your movement. Put her feet on your chest for deep penetration. The pillow placed under her bottom alters the angle of penetration and aligns the G-spot for every movement.

2.   Women-On-Top Or Cow Girl Position

Women-on-top is undoubtedly one of the most effective G-spot positions.

During this sex position, the woman is facing her men while leaning back at a slight angle. She has a total control over the angle of penetration and depth.

Tips: To maximize the stimulation of G-spot, have your woman lean back slightly and let her knees rest on the bed. This will allow the head of the penis to rub the G-spot directly.

3.   Posterior Or Doggy Style Position

Doggy style position is a successful sexual position to let your woman enjoy those passionate moments.

Let her bend over and gently penetrate your member from behind. It is a great sex position that allows for very deep penetration with direct G-spot stimulation.

Tips: To further intensify the sexual ambience and to get her in the mood, encourage her to slowly rub her clitoris. Ensure that you don’t insert too deeply and quickly, as this will lose your touch with her G-spot. Have a look at her beautiful body and do slow and shallow moves for fiery results.

 4.   Spooning Position

Spooning is a very simple, yet sensuous sexual position to stimulate the G-spot. Both man and woman lie on their sides, with the man behind his woman.

The man gently pulls his partner’s upper leg up and enters her from behind. During the spooning sex position, the head of the penis is in perfect alignment with the G-spot and allows for direct stimulation.

Tips: Hold her lovingly and slowly rock your way to a sensuous orgasm. When spooning is performed effectively, you will find your woman experiencing intense orgasm early and often.

 5.   On The Edge

tableYour woman should lie on her back by the edge of a bed, dock, table, pool or just about any flat surface where you want your woman to lay.

Ensure that her hips just hang over the edge. You should stand facing your woman. Gently, lift her legs and rest them on your shoulders. Allow your member to enter her while holding the edge for more support.

Tips: When a woman is on the edge and man is standing, he can have a full glimpse of her naked body. It enhances his pleasure and makes him more excited. Meanwhile, caressing the breasts and tummy of your woman makes her feel more wanted and eager.

 6.   Legs Over Shoulder

In this sex position, a man is on the top of his woman with her feet on his shoulders or chest. Placing a few cushions under her bottom works great here as this makes the penetration easier.

He can also take support of his woman’s thighs for deeper thrust as well as for hitting the G-spot. The angle of the woman’s hips in this position makes it easy for men to rub the G-spot with every stroke.

Tips: Men should be careful during penetration as his penis can harm her cervix if thrust too roughly. So, it is recommended to proceed with caution.

 7.   Reverse Cow Girl Position

bellyThe man should sit comfortably on the floor with his legs stretched out in front of him.  He should use his arms to support his back while leaning back slightly.

The woman should face away from the man and slowly allow for penetration. Now, gently rock on him in small circular motions and enjoy the constant rubbing of your G-spot without putting too much effort.

Tips: While your woman is on you with her back, you can excite her by kissing her neck, caressing her inner thighs and sensuously rub her belly. Meanwhile, your woman can also turn her back with an erotic look to make things hotter.

 8.   Backstairs Love Making Position

As you are on your way home, a passionate thought crosses your mind and you want to have immediate sex with your woman.

Take her to the stairs and let her sit with her knees resting on the step. You should be behind her, but facing the stairs.

This is a very intimate position since both of you are constantly touching each other closely. Penetrate your woman from behind while holding her hips. It is an amazing position that provides an upward tilt to hit the G-spot easily.

Tips: For more passionate sex, the woman can bear down her hips on man’s groin. This will provide a super sexy snug position that will only help to make things more intense.

 9.   Lotus Position

breastsIt is undoubtedly one of the most intense, intimate, loving and tender sex positions to hit the G-spot.

However, this position needs the man to be flexible as he sits cross-legged with his woman on him with her legs enfolded around his belly.

Tips: During the lotus position, man can use his hands to help his woman sway her hips in excitement. He can also caress her breasts, lick them, or stroke her bottom.

 10.   Drill Sex Position

Drill sex position is easy to perform and feels great, too.

To perform drill sex, you and your woman should be in the missionary position, which means that the woman should be on her back with her legs open while her man should be on top facing her.

When performing a normal missionary, the woman raises and wraps her legs on her man’s waist, instead of resting them on the bed. This will allow the woman to pull more of him inside her and feel the penetration.

Tips: The woman can gently pull her man during each stroke to make the feeling stronger. Also, wrapping your arms around your man’s neck will help him feel more close to you.

Learning these 10 best sex positions to hit the G-spot can help make your woman experience more intense orgasms and really make your sex life spicier.

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