10 Interesting Facts About Sheets for Your Sex Sword

Truth: the transfer of sexually transmitted infections is easier when you don’t use protection before, during and after hump time. Although there are still a number of conservative groups who advocate abstinence and advise to “wait for the right time before you submit yourself to someone,” the truth remains that the condom does reduce the spread of unwanted diseases.

Even Pope Benedict XVI acknowledged this, which shows that people are starting to open up their minds towards using contraceptives.

When it comes to looking for contraceptives, one thing will always come to mind: condoms. In fact, it is the easiest, simplest and cheapest way to prevent STDs. After all, prevention is better than the cure, right?

However, did you know that condoms are more than just a thin sheet of material you put on your thing before you have sex? Before you have that hot and steamy lovemaking session, read on to find some interesting things about this sheet for your special sex sword.

1. Condoms Come In Many Forms

latex condomYes, you read that right. Apparently, latex condoms, which are the most common type used these days, are only a part of the bigger condom family.

Latex may be 85 percent effective from preventing pregnancy and the spread of STDs, but other forms deserve the spotlight, too.

You can also go for the non-latex or polyurethane sheets in case you are allergic to latex, or lamb skin, which may not be as effective in protecting you against STDs.

You can try rubbers with spermicide, aka the sperm insecticide, since it kills the sperm with chemical-laced lube. If you want to increase stimulation, you can try the textured ones – be it ribbed, dotted or studded.

In case you don’t want to reduce sensation, you can always go for ultra thin. There are other variations like condoms that can intensify pleasure, flavored condoms, and yes, even glow in the dark should you not want to turn on the lights.

2. Condoms Were Made From Animal Intestines

intestinesAt least in the olden days. If condoms these days come in different forms and designs, back in the day, ancient Egyptians use cloth to protect themselves against disease.

Later on, they realized that using cloth is not as pleasurable as it seems, plus there is a possibility they might wound themselves from the friction created by the cloth.

Hence, the Chinese and Japanese came up with a brilliant idea. Instead of cloth, Chinese used lamb intestines or oiled silk paper, while the Japanese used animal horns or tortoise shells. Okay, that can be tough, too.
Eventually, condoms made from animal intestines were sold to the public starting from around the 1600’s and well, the rest is history.

3. Ever Heard Of Condomology?

You may not find it as part of the Harvard or Yale school curriculum across the world; however, there are people who specialize in a study called condomology.

pregnanciesFrom the name itself, you will know that this is a study of condoms. There are no diplomas or graduation rites here, rather a collection of fact-based information about condoms using simple and easy to understand language.

In fact, Condomology is a project launched by the American Sexual Health Association to educate more people and tell them to stop making excuses why men should not wear a rubber sheet. It has videos, enticing presentations and infographics to entice people to protect themselves, not just against unwanted diseases, but also unintended pregnancies.

4. Female Condoms Do Exist

Female CondomsIf men have it, then women can have it, too. Apparently, a female condom is not the prettiest thing you will ever see.

Aside from being more expensive at $18 for a box of five, a female condom actually looks like an elephant trunk, which is not exactly a turn on.

So, what is the difference between a male and female condom?

Well, aside from the appearance, a female condom or vaginal sheath goes inside a woman’s vagina and fits right in it. There is only one approved condom by the US Food and Drug Administration as of this writing.

In case your girl decides to use a female condom, then there is no need for you to use your own. However, female condoms are less effective compared to the male version.

5. Condoms Have Sizes, Too

condoms in varying sizesYes, you read that right. There is no such thing as “one size fits all,” since penises aren’t all the same size, which pretty much makes sense.

Because of this, condom manufacturers realized the importance of producing condoms in varying sizes.

This means that some condoms come with different lengths and widths. When it comes to width, some condoms have smaller widths to give you a closer fit, while there are wider condoms. Despite the varying sizes, condoms produced in different sizes may not be available in other countries.

Don’t worry. You can still wear a condom, even if your size is not the same as many dudes. Condoms these days are made of natural rubber, so they can easily stretch and adjust according to your size.

6. Condoms Can Make You Last Longer In Bed

Good news, one-minute man. Finally, you don’t have to worry about jerking off too early and going on fifth gear while your partner is still busy parking the car.

The truth is wearing a condom can make you less sensitive down there. That’s totally normal. Just think about what your hands or feet will feel if they are tied. Same goes with your member.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun in bed anymore and feel less pleasure. The truth is you can use it to your advantage, since it can make you last longer.

And, if you are worried about being less sensitive down there, then keep in mind that condoms come in different variations. You can go for textured condoms or those rubber sheets that come with different flavors to increase sensitivity down south. This can add some extra pleasure, too.

7. Condoms Are Readily Available

Here’s the good news: you’re not living in 1900’s anymore. This means that issues such as masturbation and contraceptives, although some are still against it, are acceptable these days.

And when it comes to rubber sheets, you don’t have to hide or feel about yourself anymore.

Thankfully, people are more open now towards condom use. In fact, sexual health and family planning clinics give out condoms for free as part of their services. If you are willing to pay, you can get them from grocery, convenience stores, drug stores and even gas stations.

At the same time, there is no age limit when it comes to buying condoms. Of course, having sex at a young age is not recommended, but come on, let’s face it. Rather than just restrict them, at least they have protection when they decide to have sex.

8. Condom Making Goes Through A Difficult Process

The truth is, condoms don’t break easily. It all depends on how you use them, and whether you are able to put it on properly or not.

Some tidbits to share: Condom making go through multiple tests during the manufacturing process. In fact, condoms are tested at each step to make sure they won’t break easily.

The even better news is that condoms only get better and better to provide an improved fit and feel, thanks to continuous innovations in condom technology.

Aside from making sure it won’t break easily, condoms now come with lubricants to add more pleasure and sensation. All that and more for a better sexual experience.

9. Not Everyone Knows How To Use A Condom Properly

How To Use A CondomHave you seen the movie, “The Girl Next Door?” There was a scene where porn stars were teaching how to wear a condom properly using a real person.

This is because despite its availability, not everyone knows how to put one on the right way.

In fact, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that only 39 percent of American high school students know how to wear a condom. Advocating abstinence or delaying sex is effective. However, youth will always be youth, making it difficult for them to say no due to pressure.

10. There Are Many Reasons Why You Should Use A Condom

moneyThe primary purposes of condoms are to prevent unwanted pregnancies and transfer of sexually transmitted diseases. Aside from these two, did you know that condoms have other uses, too?

Condoms help make sex less messy since your juices won’t be all over the place when you go off. At the same time, there are no medical side effects that prove condom use can lead to birth defects.

More importantly, you don’t need a prescription to avail of a condom. All you need is your money and to choose the type of condom you want, and then you just pay for it.

As a guy, it is part of your responsibility to make sure that you provide hot and steamy sex that’s also safe. Use a condom. It won’t hurt.

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