10 Health Benefits of Cinnamon That Will Shock You

Have you seen the movie “The Game Plan?” It stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, a quarterback who finds out eight years after the fact, that he had a child with his former wife. Well in that movie, there was a scene where he ate cookies and didn’t know they had cinnamon in them. Sadly for him, he was allergic to cinnamon, causing his tongue to swell and making it difficult for him to talk and, oh well, that part was a bit funny for anyone with twisted sense of humor.

The point is, it’s so unfortunate for him to be allergic to one of the most-loved spices in the world. Aside from its taste, which explains why it is often used on pies, pancakes, cakes and even your well-loved chai tea latte, there are so many health benefits cinnamon can bring.

Don’t act so surprised. Maybe you’ve heard about it, but you’re just too focused on how yummy a certain dish will be once you add cinnamon to it. Anyway, here are ten surprising benefits of cinnamon.

It Regulates Your Blood Sugar.

diabeticIf you are diabetic or hypoglycemic, then there’s good news for you. Did you know that cinnamon has properties that can help with insulin resistance?

In fact, several studies show that cinnamon can control blood sugar, thereby making it a popular choice among those with Type II diabetes.

But wait, it’s not just any cinnamon. There are actually two types which you can buy: Ceylon cinnamon and Cassia cinnamon, a variant that can be bought in your grocery store. Although these two are somewhat of the same composition, Ceylon cinnamon has lower levels of coumarin, a substance that can cause liver damage when taken in high dosages.

It Cures Candida Yeast Infections.

You must’ve heard your grandmother say to your sister to do vaginal douching in case yeast infections strike. Well that is an age-old myth and modern doctors would not advise that.

You may say yeast infections are only for women. Well, sorry to break it to you boys, but even men can get them.

In case you found yourself having a reddish rash, or the tip of your penis is itching or burning, then you have a yeast infection. And no, it’s not a sign of STD, so stop acting like a girl.

But don’t worry. Cinnamon can help you with that. Various studies show that cinnamon oil is effective in treating three strains of Candida infection. Again, the Ceylon variation of cinnamon is effective in getting rid of them.

It Is Anti-bacterial/Anti-microbial.

antimicrobial propertiesLysol may provide you with powerful disinfectants, but did you know that the spice with the label, “cinnamon,” can make a great natural disinfectant?

The Ceylon cinnamon leaf oil has one of the best antimicrobial properties, making it a powerful antibacterial solution.

Just in case you forgot to buy a disinfectant but was able to get cinnamon during your grocery shopping, at least you don’t have an excuse not to clean the house.

All you need is to dilute the cinnamon oil in water to clean your kitchen countertops, sinks, refrigerator and door knobs, among many other things. You can even use it as an odor neutralizer to kill bacteria that creates a bad smell. And, let’s face it, your girl will even be impressed to see your pad squeaky clean.

Plus, the last thing you need is to see a bunch of roaches and rats crawling on your bed while you are having some sexy time with your girl. Not cool.

It Helps You Lose Weight.

If you think only women should be concerned about their weight, then think again. First, being on the heavy side can cause various health complications and you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money paying for medical bills.

Second, while the girl may love you for who you are, it will be difficult for her to have sex with you and find your package which is hidden under your bulging stomach. And third, don’t you love yourself too much to be willing to “let it all go” just like that?

Thankfully, cinnamon is one of the most effective ways to help you lose weight. It has the effect of thinning your blood, which results to increased blood circulation. As a result of the increased blood flow, there is a boost in your metabolism, ultimately helping you in your weight loss goals.

It Is One Of The Best Antioxidants In The World.

cinnamon in your dietAntioxidants are needed to reduce the formation of free radicals that can cause cancer and other serious diseases.

With today’s living conditions, it is important to look for different ways to keep your body healthy. And believe it or not, adding cinnamon in your diet can help a lot, since it is one of the best antioxidants out there.

A number of studies show that cinnamon has sufficient antimicrobial – hello, benefit number 3 – and antioxidant properties to help repair damage in all parts of your body. Aside from this, cinnamon is known to prevent cancer and a promising treatment solution for tumors, gastric cancer and melanoma. Not bad for a little old spice, right?

It Promotes Optimal Bone Health.

boneAging is inevitable. As much as you want to be young, wild and free, sooner or later, you have to accept the fact that sitting on a bar with a scotch and soda in your hand is not cool when you’re approaching 50.

Plus, it might be difficult to get it up, and your 22-year old date would rather do it with herself to just go through the night.

Aside from the decreasing libido and testosterone levels, your bone health is likewise affected, too. The good news is cinnamon has high levels of manganese, which can be used to build bones, blood and other connective tissues. Just imagine yourself humping someone and suddenly you felt a sudden rush of joint pain in the middle of the act – and you’re not even 50 yet.

It Is A Natural Food Preservative.

Since cinnamon has sufficient antibacterial and antimicrobial properties It’s also considered one of the best natural food preservatives.

Aside from its natural flavor, it is also effective in inhibiting bacterial and insect growth, which explains why this spice is widely used in hot Asian countries such as Sri Lanka. Aside from that, studies also show that cinnamon oil is effective in developing insect resistant food packaging film.

If you really want your food to last longer even without refrigerating it, then combine cinnamon with turmeric and chili. Just make sure the flavors and spices blend well together if you want an edible dish.

It Helps Fight Alzheimer’s Disease.

Alzheimer’s diseaseAlzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia that can cause problems in one’s memory, thinking and behavior. There has been no definitive treatment – yet – but experts are continuously looking for options to treat Alzheimer’s.

In the meantime, several studies show that cinnamon can help with this condition. Based on a study conducted at the University of Tel Aviv, cinnamon has been found out to delay the effects of five aggressive strains of Alzheimer’s. A recent study also shows that cinnamaldehyde and epicatechin, two compounds found in cinnamon, are effective in fighting Alzheimer’s disease.

It Is An Effective Mood Enhancer.

depressionOld people will say that cinnamon is the best cure for the winter blues. A single whiff from this tasty and powerful spice can already affect your mood – in a good way.

Fast forward today, there are actual studies that show that this spice can reduce irritability and an excellent cure for depression. At the same time, cinnamon is an effective mood enhancer that can be useful when you want to spend an long, intimate night with your girl.

However, it is important to be careful with taking cinnamon. Yes, it can remove bad bacteria, but it can also remove the good, too. Hence, don’t forget to take a probiotic drink or eat fermented food after taking cinnamon.

It Is A Natural Cure For Sexual Dysfunction.

sexy timeAt least there’s some better news for you guys, right? There will come a point in your life when you can’t seem to get it up.

You can blame stress, fatigue and anxiety, and even your existing health problems, but the point is, you can still get over sexual dysfunction and get your groove back in bed.

The truth is ancient civilizations have been using cinnamon together with ginger and cloves to cure impotence and warm up their blood to get them ready for some sexy time. Since cinnamon is known to benefit men with cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, some people believe that adding cinnamon in their diet can be useful for men with sexual dysfunction, too.

But if you are looking for an easier way to get in the mood without actually combining different ingredients, or cooking isn’t your forte, then try ProSolution pills. This natural male enhancement formula is all you need for bigger and harder erections, impressive stamina in bed and increase in your sex drive.

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