10 Essential Strategies for Ending Premature Ejaculation

Ejaculating before you get to the good part of sex; getting off before she even gets to the brink; most men know that awkward moment when they reach orgasm too early. She probably says it’s fine because she doesn’t want to humiliate you further. But she could laugh about it, and worse is she might resent it – and you – if it happens too often. That’s just humiliating and it’s an insult to your manhood, too.

It’s probably because you are so turned on and so into the moment that you ejaculate prematurely or it could be your hormones.

It may be a compliment to the lady and make her feel that she’s too hot for you not to last long, but it definitely is a bruise to your ego. Men are supposed to last awhile.

They’re supposed to come after the lady does, with being a gentleman and all that. So premature ejaculation is your sworn enemy when it comes to sex.

As everything about your body, ejaculation is actually something that you can control. There are basic techniques that you can follow to make you last longer and avoid the proverbial awkward moment after the sex act when she did not finish. Avoid these embarrassing moments and learn to control your ejaculation with these 10 essential strategies.

1. Masturbate, And Often

Fellas sure are going to love this. Especially those who love to watch porn or love to have those daydreams and fantasies.

This is like giving you a free pass to masturbate all you want. Masturbating often will allow you to practice and control your ejaculations, because you can learn how to direct your muscles to react to being stimulated.

In a way, you are taming your penis to follow your orders – as funny as that sounds.

Masturbation is one way of knowing your power when it comes to sex. The more you masturbate, the more you learn how to control your ejaculations. But there’s a hitch: too much masturbation will tire you out and will affect the amount of semen that you produce. So you might want to rethink on the number of times you do it.

2. Masturbate Before Having Sex

It’s a common and popular technique used by men who want to last longer and make sure that their lady finishes before they do.

Studies have shown that an average male can have another ejaculation after about an hour from the first one and the stimulation will take more effort.

This means that you may feel the same pleasure, but the ejaculation and orgasm may take longer than the first time.

Masturbating before having sex can help you last longer in bed. That can give you a great list of ideas on what to do with that information, yes? So before meeting her for a date or a special night together, pull down your pants and pleasure yourself first. This can build your anticipation to get her alone with a guarantee that you don’t get off seconds after you’re inside her.

3. Avoid Or Reduce Your Stress

Stress is a killer, and that does not only mean to your body and your brain. It can also affect your sexual health and ruin your sex life little by little.

Like a domino effect, stress can make your body weak and tired. Weakness and tiredness are two enemies of your hormones and the health of your muscles. If the body is too weak, chances are your muscles will not be strong enough to learn to control your ejaculation.

So, avoid stress as much as possible. If you really are concerned about your sexual health, create a work-life balance. Make it work, play and sex – three priorities to keep a balanced lifestyle and sex life.

4. Relax And Breathe During Sex

RelaxYou can resolve many issues just by practicing deep breathing and relaxation. That includes sex and premature ejaculation.

Ever notice how you are always catching your breath and you seem a little restless during sex? That’s probably because you are too pressured with pleasuring your woman.

This causes a chain reaction where you fail to control your own and your ejaculate prematurely. See the effects?

Sex is not supposed to be stressful, so don’t stress yourself. Relax and breathe deep. Find a rhythm and follow it. Avoid being anxious. First, you would not want to let your woman feel that you’re fidgety, because that’s a turn off. Second, you would not want to lose control of yourself and ejaculate early, which is an even bigger turn off.

5. Use A Condom

condomThis may not exactly be ideal for your tastes, but wearing a condom can actually help you last longer in bed – or at least it has aspects that can do so – up until you will learn about how to control your ejaculation on your own.

Although using a condom decreases the sensation that you can get from skin to skin, but that is exactly the purpose.

The barrier between your skin and hers reduces the sensational feeling that you can get. There’s plastic between where your two organs meet, so that is a little less appealing if you really think about it, therefore making you last longer.

Plus, thinking about it and feeling the condom there will divert your attention, which will also make you last longer compared to focusing solely on the pleasure which can get you off easily. Still hate condoms?

6. Eat Healthy Foods. Really

Eat Healthy FoodsBelieve it or not, junk foods and other unhealthy aspects of your diet can affect your sexual health by attacking your hormones.

As you already know, semen and sperm are produced by your so-called hormones. That means if your hormones are healthy, there’s a bigger chance that they act normal inside you.

It’s another chain reaction that starts from your lifestyle. If you eat unhealthy foods, it could lead to unhealthy hormones, which can then lead to poor sexual health – yes, premature ejaculation included. If you eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle, your body remains healthy and you are able to control your organs.

7. Avoid Cigarettes And Alcohol

CigarettesVices that are not good for the body are not good for your sexual health, as well. Cigarettes attack and weaken the production of body cells, including your sperm.

Alcohol can do the same and make your sperm unhealthy. Your hormones and sexual organs become unhealthy and controlling your bodily functions may become a challenge.

Too much cigarette and alcohol can lead to poor sexual health, which includes a low sperm count, impotence and premature ejaculation. So, if you want to last longer during sex, you might want to cut back on the smoke and the booze. It’s a win-win, because you’ll look and feel better, you’ll enjoy sex more and you’ll live much longer, too.

8. Do Kegel Exercises

ExercisesKegel exercises are the best form of exercise to develop and relax your pelvic muscles, strengthening them and allowing you to control their functions and control your ejaculation. Do a set of Kegels regularly in the morning to maintain your muscles.

With Kegel exercises, you will be able to learn the methods of breathing during exercise and during sex, you will understand how orgasm works and be able to control it.

Kegel exercises are known to treat premature ejaculation and help you control your orgasms. They can also make your orgasms stronger and longer. What could be wrong with that?

9. Don’t Rush Your Love-Making

lovemakingIt’s as simple as this: if you don’t want it to end early, don’t speed up your movements. Hard and fast thrusts may feel intense, but there is also pleasure in making slow, unhurried love to your partner.

Instead of doing it fast, which can make you finish fast, work on a little foreplay for her, use slow and soft thrusts, feel every single moment that your body connects in that one spot.

This will also make your lovemaking more romantic and not rushing would definitely make you last longer.

10. Talk To Your Partner

If premature ejaculation has always been a problem, then it can also be solved exactly how you solve a problem – you talk it out. Don’t be shy to admit to your partner that you can get off too easily. Truth is, she is just too hot you can’t contain it every single time. Your partner will be willing to help you out.

Work together with your partner and pause in the middle of the deed if you have to, just so you can make yourself last longer. Let the romance take its natural course during these periods of rest. Kiss and cuddle and do more foreplay until you feel that you can go again.

Talk To Your PartnerSex is supposed to be fun and a pleasurable give and take activity. You should not have to worry about not giving her enough lovemaking just because your hormones decide to bail on you and let you get off early.

As what you have learned, ejaculation is something that you can control, and control it you must to make your love making sessions last longer and give you the chance to learn each other’s bodies more.

Worry no more about ejaculating prematurely and focus on pleasuring your partner. She will be pleased with your stamina and your endurance. She will also appreciate your gentlemanliness in making sure that she finishes first before you do. Because of that, that she’ll want to make love to you every chance she gets. That’s not so bad, is it?

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