10 Crucial Sex Talks to Save Your Sex Life   

10 Crucial Sex Talks to Save Your Sex Life

Sex is one of the most important parts of anyone’s life. It can happen at various ages, in different circumstances and in a myriad of ways, but it’s always significant. Whether it be with your partner of 20 years or someone you just met, the sexual experience is always unique.

Sexual attraction is something we all feel towards various people throughout our lives. It may be more common when we are young, but it can affect those of all ages. While this is an exciting feeling, and sex is a wonderful expression of desire, it remains crucial to communicate about the act before diving right in.

The way we understand ourselves and the sexual feelings and histories of others can shape our lives. Thus, it is imperative to learn about your partner before taking that all-important step with them.

Why Should You Communicate?

sex lifeCommunication is necessary to the survival of any couple’s sex life. And, even for those who are just looking for one night of fun, it can make the experience infinitely more enjoyable.

We all have different fantasies, triggers and things that turn us on. Moreover, we all have our own little flaws and problems, too. Talking about all of these things with your partner can make your sex life stay healthy and exciting for as long as you want it to be.

Unfortunately, a lot of people find it difficult or embarrassing to talk about sex, particular when they feel self-conscious or ashamed of something about themselves. However, suffering alone and keeping your thoughts to yourself won’t help move your relationship forward. Communication is vital in every part of a couple’s life, and sex is no different.

Be Aware Of Your Own Sexual Feelings

We all have a responsibility to inform our sexual partners of our own sexual histories. By engaging in sex, people are opening themselves up to each other,and this level of honesty needs to go both ways.

condomsHiding parts of your sexual history can lead to long-lasting effects for both you and your sexual partner. So, it’s always best to be clear.

To prepare yourself for these sorts of discussions, you need to have all the information necessary. If you have multiple sexual partners, you need to go for regular sexually transmitted disease (STD) checkups. It’s also crucial to learn about the ways in which you can minimize the risks of contracting an STD, and the treatments available.

Carrying condoms around at all times is also a useful habit to have. Most importantly, don’t wait until the two of you are undressing each other to finally talk about your history. Have the conversation in a mature manner, way ahead of time, so you both know the risks before anything happens.

What To Do When You Find Someone You Like

sexual history talkWhen you find someone for whom you feel some sexual attraction, it’s essential to approach them in the right way. You will need to have the sexual history talk with them at some point, but don’t dive right in.

First, find out if the chemistry is there. Tell them about your own feelings and see if the attraction is mutual.

If both of you feel the same way, you can proceed to the discussion. It’s best to have this sort of talk in a private and relaxed atmosphere. Make sure you also set aside a decent amount of time to get all of the info out in the open.

Before beginning the talk, it’s wise to set some boundaries. These boundaries allow you to feel safe to share your feelings and history.

An example of a boundary would be an agreement that the information you share stays between the two of you. Once this is done, you can go ahead. Make certain to take your time and also take turns, so that both of you can say all that you need to say. Below, we will cover 10 of the questions you might want to bring up.

1. Are You A Virgin?

VirginThis is a common question, particularly among younger people. We often make the mistake of assuming that people have experience when actually they don’t. People also often like to hide the fact that they are virgins, as they feel embarrassed about this.

It’s important to know that this isn’t a thing to be ashamed of, and it’s needed that you share it with a prospective sexual partner. Women can suffer with pain and bleeding during their first time, and the experience is an essential part of anyone’s life.

2. When Did You Last Get Checked?

This is a central part of any pre-sex discussion. Particularly if you have had multiple partners, getting yourself regularly checked for STDs is safe for your health.

Sexually active people who sleep with multiple partners need to get checked every six months, at least.

Both partners should be able to trust each other before engaging in any sexual act, and a huge part of this trust is built around revealing your histories. You should talk about when you last got tested, as well as the results. You don’t need to reveal who you had sex with, or how many partners you have had. Just stick to the health-related issues.

People are often too worried to bring this topic up, as they don’t want to reveal too much information about their past, particularly when they might be ashamed or regretful of certain sexual choices they made. However, the potential negative effects of not getting this information out in the open can be devastating.

As previously mentioned, there is no need to talk about numbers or individuals. Simply ask “Have you been checked since the last time you slept with someone?”

3. Have You Ever Had An STD?

potential partnerIf you have had an STD, you don’t have to feel ashamed or concerned about revealing it. It’s much better to tell someone than to hide it. Revealing this information won’t necessarily scare your potential partner away.

In fact, they’ll often be grateful for your honesty. If you have ever suffered with an STD, it’s your responsibility to talk about it with anyone you plan on sleeping with.

It is also necessary to share some details about any treatment you have followed, or are currently following. At that point, your prospective partner will have the information required to make an informed decision about whether to proceed or not.

4. Are You On The Pill?

PillThis is one of the key questions for men to ask any woman they plan on sleeping with. You should always carry condoms around as a precaution.

But, it’s worth asking if the lady is taking any other form of birth control herself.

Condoms aren’t 100 percent effective, so you need to be aware of the risks of sleeping with someone who isn’t taking any birth control pills.

5. Have You Got A Condom?

carry condomsAn obvious question, but an important one, nonetheless. The principles of safe sex begin with the presence of a condom.

It can help to avoid transmission of any STDs and is one of the most commonly-used methods of birth control.

Sometimes we can forget to carry condoms around. So, it’s beneficial to ask this question before any activity begins.

Also, if your partner seems to think that condoms aren’t necessary, then you might realize that they aren’t as concerned with safe sex as you had hoped.

6. What’s Your Magic Number?

more partnersThe more partners you have been with, the greater your chances of having an STD. The number of people we have slept with isn’t always something we’re especially proud of.

But, it’s significant to be honest about it and accept the choices we have made.

Most essentially, you need to know how many people you and your partner have slept with since your last STD checkup. As the saying goes, when you sleep with someone, you are sleeping with everyone else that person has been with. If any of those people had an STD of any variety, there is a chance of it being passed along.

7. How Often Do You Do It?

relationshipIn terms of frequency, it’s good to share our preferences right at the beginning of a relationship to avoid complications later on. It’s not a huge deal if the pair of you differs slightly on favored frequency.

But, if you want to do it twice a day and your partner is only interested in having sex once a month, then problems can easily arise.

To work around any differences you encounter, try and find a compromise. There are pros and cons to various frequencies, and as long as you communicate then you can find one that works for you.

You can also arrange specific sex dates. That idea might not sound particularly spontaneous. However, it can help people with hectic schedules enjoy healthy sex lives.

8. Tell Me About Your Fantasies

Sharing your fantasiesIt’s essential to talk to each other about what really turns you on. Sharing your fantasies can improve your sexual encounters enormously.

Moreover, you might even discover that your partner shares some of your secret desires that you can then enjoy together.

Each of you can try and make the other’s fantasies come true, and that can only be a good thing for your sex life and your relationship in general. If your fantasies are really different, you can always still try and find a compromise.

9. What Do You Think About Infidelity?

Some people are more open about the definition of fidelity than others. Others can get very jealous, at even the slightest hint of their partner being attracted to someone else.At the beginning of a relationship, in order to avoid problems later on, it’s extremely necessary to understand your respective definitions of cheating.

You have to learn what sort of thing your partner will not tolerate.

For instance, maybe your partner doesn’t mind dancing with someone else, but wouldn’t appreciate you holding another person’s hand.

Also talk about your ex-partners and see if your new partner would be comfortable meeting your ex or not. Don’t forget to talk about privacy matters, as well. Are you allowed to look at each other’s phones and email accounts, for example?

10. What Are Your Sexual Likes And Dislikes?

There are so many ways we can have sex, and so many different acts to enjoy. Thus, it is well worth talking to any prospective partner about the things you love doing, as well as the stuff that isn’t really your cup of tea.

Again, this can prevent all sorts of awkward moments and problems later on. If there is something you simply will not do, it’s best to make your partner aware of this, so that it doesn’t ruin your night.

bedYou can’t possibly know what your partner likes and doesn’t like without asking them. Thus, it’s much better to have the turn-ons and turn-offs talk, than just jump into bed and start doing things that you might not even enjoy.

Knowing what gets each of you excited will make your sexy sessions much more intense. As you can see, it’s imperative to communicate with your partner in order to have a healthy and enjoyable sex life. But, these discussions can be hard to initiate. Here are a few tips to help you along.

  • Most significantly, just be honest. The act you are about to perform involves you exposing yourself in more ways than one. If you tell your partner the absolute truth about your sexual history and needs, it will be worth it in the long-run.
  • Remember to be gentle. Particularly if you are talking about what turns you on and off. Don’t shout at your partner or tell them they are doing things wrong. Just calmly explain and suggest an alternative.
  • Find the right time to talk about certain things. Match the subject to the atmosphere. If you want to talk about your naughty fantasies, it’s perfectly fine to do this in the bedroom while making love. However, if you need to talk seriously about big issues, do so in a more relaxed environment.

Five Tips To Stay Safe

1. Whether you are enjoying vaginal, anal or oral sex, use a condom. Even with the use of other contraceptive methods, it’s still worth slipping on a condom for additional protection from STD transmission.

2. If you choose to go without a condom for whatever reason, communicate with your partner to make sure both of you are prepared to take the risk and that both of you understand the dangers.

3. Love yourself and respect your body enough to say no. If someone isn’t interested in using condoms or practicing safe sex, don’t let yourself get manipulated into going against your principles and putting your body in danger.

4. Avoid any sexual activity with someone who has a visible lump or sore on or around their genitals or mouth.

5. Similarly, used sex toys can transmit STDs. So, you need to look after them, as well. If multiple people are using a sex toy, use condoms and wash the toy thoroughly after use.

Tips And Tricks To Improve Your Sex Life

  • Use lubricants to avoid any problems of vaginal dryness or lack of arousal. Lubrication makes sex easier and more sensual.
  • Touch each other and communicate about the ideal pressures and movements that suit your body and feel good for you.
  • Use a variety of positions to keep your sexual encounters exciting and fresh. There are many different positions that offer different levels of pleasure and can help women to more easily achieve orgasms.
  • Talk about your fantasies to turn each other on. If you ever suffer from a lack of arousal, talking about your naughtiest thoughts with your partner can help you recover some sexual spark and give you some new ideas for the bedroom.
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Research has proven that these pills have no nasty side effects and are more than capable of helping men with sexual problems recover their lost libidos.

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