10 Big Reasons Why Men Love Little Women

10 Big Reasons Why Men Love Little Women

Let’s face it: not all men are born to be tall. This explains why not all dudes can play professional basketball. They stick to other sports with no height requirement, like hockey, football or baseball.


Okay, enough about balls. Did you know that sometime in 1980, Gillis and Avis conducted a study about men and their height preference? They found out that for every 100 couples, there are only two among the couples have taller woman and shorter man.

What Does This Mean?

shorter girlsGenerally, men prefer women who are shorter than they are and women prefer men who are taller.

Of course, there are exceptions, but overall, men prefer shorter girls because of a lot of reasons.

These reasons can range from their physical appearance to boosting their ego to even finding little women cute.

To be specific, here are 10 reasons why men are into smaller women.

1. Shorter Women Need More Protection

Okay, the truth is every woman in this planet needs protection, regardless of her height. However, the case is different for shorter women.

Since they appear daintier and more fragile and feminine compared to their taller counterparts, there is always the need for men to give them protection because, well, it is so easy to overpower a short girl.

Of course, this doesn’t mean shorter women can’t be tough and feisty. There are still short women who are capable of keeping a man down, thanks to a karate or judo background.

Between Ronda Roussey, a mixed martial artist, who is five feet and seven inches, and Eva Longoria, a famous actress, who only stands five feet and two inches, well, men will go for Eva, even if she’s in her 30s.

Plus, Ronda Roussey looks like she can protect herself, right?

2. Men Feel More Powerful

relationshipOf course, men and their egos are always a big thing. No one is allowed to mess with it, right, guys? And yes, there is something about dating shorter women that makes men feel more powerful.

Keep this in mind: relationship choices and psychological needs always go together as a team.

This means when you are taller than your girl is, it makes you more powerful and less intimidated because you have to look down on her – literally speaking.

Aside from this, traditional gender roles dictate that men are the dominating ones in the relationship. Apparently and even if she is a Victoria’s Secret Angel, if a girl is taller than you are, that masculinity is threatened. Plus, you don’t want her looking down on you, right?

3. There’s Something Sweet About Hugging Small Women

HuggingAdmit it guys. Don’t you just love it when you hug your girl and your chin is resting on her head?

There’s no intention to make fun of women here, but it’s really sweet when you hug your girl and she can no longer be seen because you are all around her.

And yes, it really feels nicer, too. The idea of her head resting on your chest is just, okay, this is going too mushy, but yes, it is sweet.

Apparently, hugging taller women is not only awkward-looking but also, it looks as if you are hugging yourself. Wouldn’t it be nice if you hug someone shorter than you?

4. Shorter Women Look More Fun And Adventurous To Be With

men are more drawn to shorter womenPicture this: can you imagine Katie Holmes or Mariah Carey playing and running around like a five year old? Of course, no one is stopping them from doing it, but it just looks so awkward.

Hence, taller women are expected to move with more maturity because, well, it’s not too nice to see a tall girl being playful.

This is why men are more drawn to shorter women. They look more fun and less serious, which means they can be up for a challenge. It is easier to pick them up and play with her. She’s like a doll you never get to play with because your mom won’t allow you.

Still, this doesn’t mean you can mess with her and toy with her feelings. This means it is cuter and looks less awkward to wrestle her in a flirty manner and run around with her.

5. Short Women Tend To Forget That They Are Amazing

girlWomen will always have tons of insecurities. After all, media depicts tall women and their long legs and slender bodies as sexier and more attractive.

And yes, there will always be girls who want their longs to be as long as those Victoria’s Secret angels. Believe it or not, if leg extensions were possible, a lot of women will go line up for them.

Because of these insecurities, shorter women tend to forget that they have amazing qualities, which tall women don’t have. They are so preoccupied with their height that they start to be unaware of their true charms.

This is where you come in. For reasons still unknown, humility and innocence can be very attractive. The good news is, the majority of shorter women have this charm.

6. Short women look more proportionate

big boobsHere’s the truth: disproportion is less obvious on shorter women, unless this girl has really big boobs that doesn’t fit her body well.

On the other hand, a tall woman with small boobs, but a big butt looks like there is something wrong somewhere.

Of course, there are acceptable situations in terms of women’s assets, but generally, a disproportional body looks more obvious on taller women than the shorter ones. Because of this, men favor shorter women.

7. Sex Is Fun, Period

Let’s face it: having sex is inevitable. Heck, even casual sex is becoming acceptable these days, with certain rules to follow to make sure you won’t eff this up, regardless of the height.

When it comes to sex, it turns out that shorter girls are even better in bed.

Well, for sure tall women have their fair share of experience and techniques when it comes to sex. However, tall women and their long legs can really get in the way, which can be hard to maneuver for guys.

On the other hand, shorter women are easier to handle. It is easier for them to move around, since their legs don’t have to be all over the place. At the same time, they weigh less compared to taller women, making it easier for men to experiment with in bed.

8. It Makes You Feel Less Inferior

Feel Less InferiorSorry guys, but again, it’s all about men and their fragile egos.

It is already established that men don’t want to be looked down on, both literally and figuratively speaking. Well, who would want that anyway?

Just think about this: growing up, your father will always tell you that men are the dominant ones and you shouldn’t let women control you.

Of course, equality is very much prevalent these days, but you still can’t deny the fact that there are instances when men should be in control. Apparently, dating a taller girl is not exactly your idea of control.

Tall women are more confident, which is often mixed with pride and arrogance. You can’t blame them. A lot of opportunities come knocking at their door because of their towering height. However, this can be problematic in a relationship. Most men, including you, have sensitive egos. The last thing you need is someone robbing you off that ego.

9. Short Women Are More Feminine

more feminineOkay, there is some science involved here. Believe it or not, short women have more estrogen hormones, aka the female hormones, in their body compared to taller women.

At the same time, taller women have more testosterone, or male hormones, inside them.

Because petite girls have more estrogen content, they are much more feminine, too. This means they are more sensitive, especially to a guy’s needs – and that makes them more attractive.

10. It’s The Stereotypical Norm

And sadly, it may be difficult to get away with it. Since time immemorial, society dictates that men should always go for women who are shorter than them. Again, it has something to do with boosting their ego or emphasizing their dominance in the society, or even the fact that not many women in the olden days are tall.

MenThat’s not all. How would you feel if your girl was taller than you? For sure, your guy friends will notice the height difference and even ask you about it.

Plus, isn’t it weird when a five feet, two inches dude, despite its good looks and physique, is dating a beauty queen or model?

You may not notice it but for sure, most of the girls you have dated are smaller than you, unless you’re one of the few men who are part of the “Tom Cruise likes tall girls club.”

Even if there is no preference, there will always be an inclination to go for shorter women.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should always date women who are shorter than you. At the end of the day, it’s all about personality, charm, mutual interests and of course, brains. It’s also about chemistry, and how connected you are, both in and out of bed. Height, well, it only comes as a bonus.

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