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Top Ten Ways to Increase Sexual Arousal

Couples should understand that sex doesn't only start when they take their clothes off. Sexual arousal is a tricky thing, there are many factors that contribute to a perfect night and hitting all the right buttons can help your partner warm up faster.

It is important to understand that there are basic differences when it comes to sexual arousal for both sexes. Men tend to go for visual and physical stimulation while women require intimacy before being sexually aroused. However, these ten tips can help couples get their sex engines revved up a little bit faster.

Dress Sexy

Some people may say that leaving some clothes on is better than having sex in the nude. This keeps your partners imagination running and anticipating for more. Sexy lingerie can help set the mood and helps you look different for each intimate encounter.

Visual Images

Watching pornographic movies or reading adult magazines together with your partner helps bring the temperature a few notches higher. It gives both partners ideas about the different ways they can please their partner making each intimate encounter different and special.


If your partner is a quiet person then performing sex in a secluded place can help her get aroused faster. Setting the right mood can be done by identifying what your partner wants and delivering on it.


Communication helps couples identify each other's hotspots. These are body parts which when touched gets them sexually stimulated. Everybody has their own hotspot. It might be surprising to know that even the most common body part can be a special lightning rod that gets your partner sexually stimulated. Some people have fetishes and targeting these areas can get them warmed up faster.


Wearing a sexy dress or a revealing swimsuit on the beach can start the flames of your partner's passion well before your reach home. Calling them up at the office and telling them what you're planning can drive them wild with anticipation.


Playing the right track can definitely set the mood for a great intimate encounter. Sweet music helps set the tone for a night of passionate sex. Strong rhythmic beats helps fill the air with a strong sense of urgency and emotion.

Role Play

The same type of sex can get boring after doing it for a few years. A simple way of keeping your sexual encounters more exciting is by doing role plays. Some couples cheat because they have become tired of sleeping with the same person. Letting your partner become a different person helps stimulate their imagination and increases sexual arousal.

Bed Talk

Telling your partner they look sexy and how much you want to be with them can fan the flames of sexual arousal. Some people get turned on when their partners talk to them dirty. Keep them hot with anticipation as you announce every move.

Be Adventurous

Keep every sexual encounter special by mixing them up. Not knowing when or where the next sexual encounter will happen can help your partner raise her <strong>sexual arousal</strong> levels a bit higher. Trying out new things like special wardrobes to help your partner get a different look at your body gives them a higher sense of anticipation.

Keeping fit

Having a fit body helps you fit better in a swimsuit or sexy lingerie. Being able to touch a perfectly sculpted body helps your partner rise to the occasion much faster. Seeing your partner physically fit also gives you the impression that they can last in bed longer.

Sex Supplements

There are a variety of sex supplements on the market today that helps men perform better in bed. Sometimes getting your partner sexually aroused is a matter of giving them the best sexual experience. This leaves them anticipating for the next intimate encounter with you.

Male enhancement pills are an excellent way for helping men having a hard time getting their partners sexually aroused. The best male enhancement pills like ProSolution male enhancement pills helps men achieve a bigger and harder erection. They can also give men longer staying power in bed making their partners anticipating for the next sexual encounter.

Sex enhancement products helps couples enjoy sex better. ProSolution pills give men that much needed edge in helping their partners get warmed up much faster and wanting to enjoy every second of their intimate encounter. 

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