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Herbal Male Enhancement vs. Other Techniques

Only a few widely accepted methods of male enhancement are available to us today, and of these, herbal male enhancement is in some ways the newest and in others the oldest, as many remedies have been practiced for centuries. This article aims to examine how herbal male enhancement stacks up against other techniques, including surgery, extender devices and exercise.

Herbal Male Enhancement vs. Surgery

Surgery is obviously the most drastic measure a man can take to achieve the desired measurements. Surgery is beneficial in that the results are guaranteed and are immediate, though there is of course a lengthy recovery time involved, and the surgery must be followed by a stretching program to ensure the penis doesn’t recede back into the body.

The drawbacks of surgery outweigh the positives, however. Most men see approximately one inch improvement – and the surgery does nothing to address width. After such a major undertaking, these results are disappointing to most men.

Then there is the lengthy recovery period, followed by the exercise program that must be undertaken to maintain the results of the surgery. It seems fair to question whether the surgery is necessary if you wind up having to do the exercises anyway.

Surgery is also risky, since the ligaments that attach the penis to the pubic bone are actually severed to allow the penis to protrude further out of the body. Complications can occur: numbness or lack of feeling, erection difficulties, downward pointing erections, scarring, and pain at the site of scarring.

Elective surgery such as this is also very expensive.

With herbal male enhancement, there is no painful surgery, minimal cost, no risk, no recovery period, and no side effects. The results, if you stick to your program, should be at least similar to what you can achieve with surgery, if not better.

The better choice: Herbal male enhancement

Herbal Male Enhancement vs. Extender Devices

Extender devices can be beneficial for men who simply want to see additional length. With consistency and dedication, extender devices can help in this quest for most men. They can also help to correct penile curvature (or Peyronie’s disease).

Unfortunately, they can also cause damage, including torn fascia, numbness, red spots, erection problems, and pain. The devices can also be uncomfortable and awkward to use, and many men find them embarrassing. Extender devices will not help men changes in width; nor will they help facilitate improved sexual function in men.

With herbal male enhancement, improved sexual function is one of the highlights of the remedy. The medicinal ingredients in herbal male enhancement supplements are proven to increase circulation and blood flow (and thus fullness of erections), as well as libido, or desire for sex. Erection control is also commonly cited as a benefit of herbal male enhancement – meaning greater control during intercourse and far fewer instances of premature ejaculation. The sexual experience is also more powerful (i.e., stronger orgasms) with herbal male enhancement.

The better choice: Herbal male enhancement

Herbal Male Enhancement vs. Exercises

Male enhancement exercises are safer than extenders since you have better control of the movements and can carefully ensure that you don’t hurt yourself. Many men complain that they feel numb while using an extender and are thus unable to be sure if they are causing bodily harm.

Male enhancement exercises require a high level of dedication and commitment before they are effective – but they can be truly effective. And unlike extender devices, male enhancement exercises target girth as well as length. Because of the type of manipulation involved with male enhancement exercises, most men also learn better control and stamina by way of the exercises.

Herbal male enhancement supplements are beneficial in that there is no effort on your part – rather than doing exercises every day, you simply take a small pill. However, by combing herbal male enhancement supplements with exercises, you will see far greater results than you would with either exercise or supplements alone. That’s because the supplements work on chemical processes in the brain and blood circulation in the body, while the exercises focus solely on the tissues of the penis. When you combine the two approaches you have the most effective approach possible to male enhancement.

The best choice: Combine herbal male enhancement with male enhancement exercises

A good combination program of herbal male enhancement plus exercises (such as will streamline the process for you and ensure you see measurable results by the end of your program. 

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