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Does Male Enhancement Work? You Tell Me!

This is the question that comes up again and again on men’s websites and forums around the world: does male enhancement work?

I’m so sick of answering this question that my response is now and forever: you tell me.

Think about it. Think about the methodology behind male enhancement and tell me if these methods work. And that will give you your answer.

Instead of asking "does male enhancement work," ask if these statements are true: 

Statement #1:

"When I go to the gym and lift weights consistently every day for three or four months, following a progressive program designed by experts, I see a remarkable, noticeable difference in my body’s size and strength."

Is this statement true or false? Of course it is true. Your body adapts to exercise programs: your muscles grow, your fascia expands, your ligaments lengthen, even your skin grows (yes, the cells actually divide and multiply) to allow for new muscle mass beneath its surface. The only thing incapable of growth is your bones (at full maturity, of course).

So. Does exercise change your body? Of course. Do male enhancement exercises change your body? Of course.

Does male enhancement work? You tell me.

Statement #2:

"When a man is healthy and fit, with low blood pressure, good metabolism, high energy levels, and high levels of testosterone, his sexual health benefits."

Well? True or false? Men with high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and heart problems are the guys with erectile dysfunction, nine times out of ten. A healthy heart is a healthy penis, they always say. So do you think taking clinically proven male enhancement herbal supplements to regulate metabolism, boost testosterone, promote healthy circulation and higher energy might help you have fuller, stronger erections? Of course it will.

Does male enhancement work? You tell me.   

Statement #3:

"When I’m really in the mood for sex and especially excited, I notice that I have fuller, firmer erections."

Have you ever experienced this? Of course you have. Because it happens to all men. Often, the problem with men (especially as we age) is that they just can’t get motivated for sex, or not motivated enough. Erections aren’t firm enough, or they just go away in the middle of sex.

But if you use a natural aphrodisiac (such as Curculigo; otherwise known as the "herbal Viagra") you can get that blood coursing through your veins again – and to all the right places. Put that together with herbs that stimulate dopamine production in the brain and you have all the motivation and desire you’ll ever need.

Does male enhancement work? You tell me.

Statement #4:

"If a balloon is filled with water repeatedly, that balloon will stretch, and will appear noticeably different in its inflated and deflated forms."

True or false? Well, of course it’s true. Now, think about your penis. The chambers of your penis fill with blood to create an erection, just like a balloon fills with air. With improved health and blood circulation, plus an amped up libido, the blood flow to your penis will be in greater volumes and more forceful. Over time, this causes the chambers to expand from the pressure, which leads to visible improvements in both the length and girth of the penis.

So. Does male enhancement work?

It works. It works if you do it right – that means an exercise program that is consistent and progressive, starting with a base and building upon it (like any workout program). It means a supplement program that is properly formulated and proven to work. A top-of-the-line product like ProSolution Pills combines exercise and supplements to ensure you see real results.

Now: does male enhancement work? Try it for yourself. Then, you tell me.

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