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The Science Behind the Best Male Enhancement Techniques

Some say male enhancement works; others say it doesn’t. But those who don’t believe it works are likely doing the wrong things to try to make it happen. In order to achieve success in this area, you simply need to be using the best male enhancement techniques available to you. Anything less simply won’t work. And anything less than total commitment to your program will get you nowhere.

So what are the best male enhancement options available to you today? Let’s look at the science behind male enhancement to understand exactly what is required to make this dream a reality.

Physiological Structures of the Penis

To start, it’s important that you understand the structures of the penis, and which structures are capable of expansion. The best male enhancement products – the ones that are most effective – will target each of these growth areas independently, adding up to visible, measurable change.

The following physiological structures of the penis are capable of change:

Corpus Cavernosa: The corpus cavernosa are the two largest chambers of the penis that fill with blood to create an erection. By forcing larger volumes of blood into these chambers with greater force, the chambers are caused to expand to accommodate the blood volume. To begin with, this creates harder erections that look and feel fuller. Over time, the corpus cavernosa will be literally stretched and result in erections that are visibly improved.

Best male enhancement technique to achieve expansion of the corpus cavernosa: Products that work to increase blood flow and circulation in the body, as well as libido, will contribute to greater blood flow and thus expansion of the corpus cavernosa.

Ligaments: The penis is attached to the body by a suspensory ligament, which anchors the penis to the pubic bone and supports it during an erection. In penis enhancement surgery, this ligament is cut to lengthen the penis. But with proper stretching and exercise, the ligaments can be stretched naturally.

Best male enhancement technique to achieve stretching of suspensory ligaments: A safe and well-executed male enhancement exercise program is the best method of stretching the ligaments of the penis and thus visibly changing the appearance of the penis.

Buck’s Fascia and Fascia of Colles: The deep and superficial fascia of the penis, Buck’s Fascia and the Fascia of Colles, are like any fascia elsewhere in the body: they are tough, fibrous connective tissue that bind muscles, blood vessels and nerves, acting as structural support. To achieve visible change in the penis, these structures must be stretched enough so that they relax and loosen without being damaged.

Best male enhancement technique to achieve loosening of fascia: Again, a male enhancement exercise program that involves gentle but persistent stretching will loosen the fascia of the penis.

Cells: Like any part of the body, the penis is made up of a network of cells. Through dedicated exercise and stretching, the cells of the penis are forced to divide and multiply, meaning that the penis itself is actually physically changing.

Best male enhancement technique to achieve multiplication of cells: A professionally created male enhancement exercise program that involves stretching will help promote cell division and multiplication in the penis.

Other Key Factors for Best Male Enhancement Results

The best male enhancement techniques for the physical aspects of the problem are nothing without the mental component. We are not merely physical creatures: we are driven to desire sex by a complex psychological and physiological matrix that involves chemical processes in the brain, as well as the physical ability to achieve and maintain an erection.

There are a number of other factors necessary to promote sexual wellness and ensure that both the size and function of your penis are at their best.

Nitric Oxide: An essential component in getting an erection, nitric oxide promotes the dilation of the blood vessels that allows for the penis to become erect. By increasing your body’s production of nitric oxide, you naturally increase the fullness and firmness of your erection.

Best male enhancement technique to produce greater amounts of nitric oxide: An all-natural supplement containing a compound called Drilizen is the best way to increase nitric oxide naturally.

Testosterone: It’s no surprise that higher levels of testosterone will help you achieve reliable, harder erections that appear fuller. As men age, hormone levels naturally drop (and it begins to happen early in life). A little extra testosterone goes a long way in keeping your sex drive and sexual ability healthy.

Best male enhancement technique to produce greater amounts of testosterone: Male enhancement supplements that include ingredients such as cordyceps, zinc oxide, protodioscin, and momordica will help naturally boost your body’s testosterone levels.

Dopamine: Dopamine is the pleasure-giving neurotransmitter in the brain, and is an important key to developing both the desire and the motivation for sex. Dopamine is extremely important for mood and happiness as well.

Best male enhancement technique to produce greater amounts of dopamine: A compound known as L-Dopa, which is the natural amino acid that’s used by your body to synthesize dopamine, can be found in some of the best male enhancement supplements on the market today.

The Best Male Enhancement Solution Combines All of These Elements

If you are trying to achieve measurable male enhancement plus improvement in sexual function, there’s no point in addressing only a few components of the total equation.

The best male enhancement technique is to combine everything you can – targeting physical structures in the penis, blood circulation, hormone levels, libido, and chemical processes in the brain... all at once. To do so, your best bet is to find both a male enhancement exercise program and a natural supplement that work for you.

The best male enhancement programs will combine the supplement and the exercise portions into one streamlined activity, designed to complement one another to achieve maximum results. One of the most respected combination products today, ProSolution Pills, combines all of these elements and more.

Don’t settle for less: put your best male enhancement foot forward with a program that includes everything you need for best results.

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